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Mathcad 2000--Real Math for Everyone.

Imagine being able to handle any mathematical problem, quickly, accurately, with instant documentation (printout), no matter how complex the problem, even one requiring 2D or 3D graphing. You're working with equations, compilations, tables, or graphs--visually, the same way you do on paper.

If this sounds useful to you, you may be ready for Mathcad 2000. This software comes with tutorials providing guidance for working with all of its elements. You have hundreds of standard formulas that you can access or drag into your problem. There are over 300 QuickSheets (templates with built-in formulas) available to simplify common mathematical tasks.

If you get an error message for some reason, you have the capability to use the program's step-by-step error tracing to determine whatever variable you left out or entered improperly.

A built-in Web library connection provides access to unique online resources with updates available for downloading. The document-publishing feature lets you communicate problems and solutions to project groups or clients, create reports utilizing built-in tools and edit them with new variables (What-Ifs). You can utilize such features as templates, style sheets, headers and footers to improve document legibility.

Ever encounter a problem with mixed units (i.e., pounds per square inch and kilogram per centimeter squared)? You can make on-the-fly conversions and solve them in any unit set required (American Standard or metric).

The Mathcad style of presentation visually blends computations, text and-- where required--graphs. The toolbar on the edge of the screen reflects buttons for all kinds of functions. You can illustrate and annotate all of your calculations.

There are three products--Standard ($99.95), which is the entry-level edition for applied math at home, work or school; Professional ($499.95), providing complete solutions for engineers, scientists and technicians, and Premium ($999.95), a full suite of applications for the most complex problems.

You can add extension packs and electronic libraries that customize Mathcad for specific disciplines, including electrical, mechanical, civil, structural and process engineering.

For specific technical applications, there are add-on products to address problems for solving and optimization, wavelets, steam tables and signal and image processing.

Whether your area of need is statistics or data analysis, there is a function that will help you solve it. You can include in your capability a set of finance functions to perform a variety of calculations for making credit or investment decisions that include--but are not limited to--interest rates, period calculations, future or present value assessments and loan payments, to name just a few. There are even Boolean logical operators associated with toolbar buttons.

Functions are integrated with common computational applications, such as Microsoft Excel. You can rake a set of Excel data lists, create a visual curve and then prepare a graphic solution in 2D or 3D plots. An advanced feature called MathConnex provides a convenient way to integrate engineering graphics and computation. This would allow engineers to wire together diverse components to simulate data flow in a network or the dynamics of a machine part in operation.

Minimum System Requirements: PC with Pentium-90 or higher processor, Windows 95, 98 or NT 4.0 or higher, 48 MB RAM, 4X CD-ROM drive, SVGA or higher graphics card, 290 MB HD space, mouse or other pointing device. Compatible with Microsoft Office 2000.

Available from MathSoft, Inc., 101 Main Street, Cambridge, MA 02142. Tel: (800) 628-4223. Web site:

MathSoft also provides two other products. StudyWorks offers a comprehensive science-curriculum package entitled "Science Deluxe" ($39.95). It includes earth sciences, biology, chemistry, physics and statistics. "Mathematics Deluxe" ($39.95) is a skill-building resource of algebra, geometry, trigonometry, calculus, statistics and business math.

Dr. David LL. Silbergeld is a member of the Special Operations and Low-Intensity Conflict Division of the National Defense Industrial Association.
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Author:Silbergeld, David L. L.
Publication:National Defense
Article Type:Brief Article
Date:Mar 1, 2001
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