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MathSoft Partners with International Thompson Publishing To Introduce Mathcad7 Student Edition to Europe and the Middle East.

CAMBRIDGE, Mass.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Oct. 14, 1997--

Agreement Establishes Bookstore Distribution Channel

for New International Markets

MathSoft, Inc. (NASDAQ:MATH), the provider of the broadest line of technical calculation and analytical software for business and academia, today announced that it has partnered with International Thompson Publishing (ITP) to introduce English, French and German versions of Mathcad(R) 7 Student Edition in Europe and the Middle East. Under the terms of the agreement, ITP will distribute the product through bookstores along with the Mathcad 7 Official User Guide in all three languages. This agreement broadens the availability and appeal of Mathcad for students and educators in many additional countries and expands MathSoft's role in technical education internationally.

MathSoft's European office developed the French and German versions of Mathcad 7 Student Edition to support expansion within these important markets. ITP is responsible for the translation of the Official User Guide.

"We are confident that our agreement with ITP will ensure the successful introduction of Mathcad 7 Student Edition to Europe and the Middle East," said Paul Sloane, MathSoft's vice president of international sales. "ITP's strong international presence and retail experience will enable us to provide MathSoft courseware and professional tools to students on a global scale."

"Together with MathSoft, we are crossing language barriers to offer students in Europe and the Middle East the advanced calculation tools essential to their future success as technical professionals," said Gunter Fuhrmeister, chief operating officer of ITP. "This is an important step in our plan to offer a complete educational solution to the marketplace."

About Mathcad 7 Student Edition

Mathcad 7 Student Edition is the latest version of the most popular technical calculation tool available for students, educators and professionals. Mathcad 7 Student Edition is an easy-to-use and powerful PC-based calculation tool that enables students to perform a wide range of numeric and symbolic calculations, integrate text and create graphs on its distinctive "live" scratchpad interface. Users can perform simple algebra to complex calculus and test different approaches by getting instant results as they change the equation's parameters.

Mathcad is also integrated for the Internet and allows students and professors to share and store information over the Web. They can also collaborate together and exchange ideas in MathSoft's Mathcad Collaboratory(TM), a unique interactive chat room where they can obtain help with problem sets, review lecture materials and submit homework assignments. Each copy of Mathcad 7 comes bundled with a free copy of the Microsoft Internet Explorer browser.

About International Thompson Publishing

ITP Europe is a leading provider of media-diverse information in the educational, professional and total educational solution.

About MathSoft

Founded in 1984, MathSoft is the provider of the broadest line of technical calculation and analytical software for business and academia. With MathSoft's products, users can deploy technical calculations and exploratory data analyses across their entire organizations. It has more than one million users of its Mathcad, StudyWorks(TM), S-PLUS(R), MathSoft StatServer(TM) and Axum(R) software worldwide. Users inclt logo, StatServer and StudyWorks are trademarks of MathSoft, Inc. All other names or marks may be registered trademarks or trademarks of their respective owners.

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Publication:Business Wire
Date:Oct 14, 1997
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