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Maternal mortality high in counties with strong ethnic stand.

Ethnicity hinders the use of contraceptives among women of reproductive age.

Traditions, values, attitudes and perceptions about childbearing affect sexual behaviour. A study by UNFPA and the Ministry of Health last year revealed low contraceptive use in Northeastern at 2.3 per cent and high in Nairobi (63 per cent).

Beliefs many children are a source of wealth and using contraceptives goes against set traditions affect the uptake of contraceptives in communities with strong ethnic backgrounds.

Poor reproductive health services where ethnicity is strong increases maternal mortality. We must increase literacy levels in ethnic communities and make contraceptives available.

Educating marginalised counties would also increase contraceptive use.

Naya Kenya

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Publication:The Star (Nairobi, Kenya)
Date:Jul 4, 2019
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