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Materials put the finishing touch on products.

The following are some of the companies which offer finishing materials. Circle the corresponding number on the Reader's Service Card or consult your Red Book for more information.

Velco Inc. offers two new Wood-Tex environmentally-safe formulations. The solvent-free putty and N.F. (nonflammable) waterborne lacquer are designed to meet VOC and environmental regulations and clean up easily with water. The putty is stainable, offered in a variety of colors and is fast drying with minimal shrinkage. The lacquer can be applied with HVLP, air and airless applicators. It is durable, non-yellowing, and withstands water and various chemicals, the company says.

Paramount Paint & Lacquer Division, Surface Protection Ind., offers a variety of water-based finishes. Included in the product line are: 5112 line of clear sealers, 5111 line of topcoats, 9003 line of stains, 5490 line of pigmented primers and 5318 line of finishes. The company says it can provide color matching to nitrocellulose finishes.

Aexcel Corp. says its Uthane coatings can achieve a clarity and distinction of image equivalent to multi-coat rubbed lacquers or UV-cured coatings in a range of finishes from low to high gloss. They meet ANSI A-161.1 and KCMA performance standards. The coatings are supplied ready to spray and can be used with a range of ambient temperature and humidity conditions without blushing. The finishes are non-acidic, contain no formaldehyde and have low VOCs.

From Pierce & Stevens, Fabulon Crystal II wood finish is a multi-use waterborne clear finish for wood floors, furniture, paneling, etc. The company says the product offers excellent adhesion to properly prepared old surfaces and is resistant to chipping, peeling, yellowing, soaps, water, alcohol, etc. The product emits no odor, is nonflammable, and meets or exceeds all VOC requirements, the company says.

Aquaday International Ltd. offers a new generation of modified acrylic water-based clear sealer and topcoat in one. The product is reportedly nonflammable, low in VOC (0.40 lb/gal) and is high solid. It can be applied by spray, dip, wipe, Paint-O-Matic equipment or brush. It provides a clear film that is non-yellowing and mar resistant.

Abilene Research and Development Corp. offers a new service for Texturelac users. Abilene will put a company in touch with its designer manufacturing group that will make custom patterns to the client's approval. A company can get new texture patterns and color from leather, pebble, cobblestone, stucco, rough marble to the Southwest look, plus many other texture patterns.

Akzo Coatings Inc. is currently awaiting a trademark for its thermoset waterborne topcoat AQUAD PLAZ. It reportedly reduces VOC emissions by approximately 50% vs. conventional solvent-based catalyzed clear topcoats.

Randolph Products Co. offers a line of VOC compliant lacquers. The line includes: clear lacquer which is made of high solids to give it excellent build and good mar resistance; Super Lacquer with 42% high solids and is an excellent catalyzed lacquer for fine wood finishing while being EPA compliant; and, color lacquer which is VOC compliant, nontoxic and comes in 14 different tints.

Pro-Lac waterborne stains available from Compliance Coatings Inc. offer a new degree of safety in wood finishing. They are nonflammable, nontoxic and emit small amounts of solvent, the company says. Pro-Lac is designed for staining interior wood surfaces and shows excellent performance in penetration, grain enhancement, drying properties and clean up. The maximum VOC is 0.5 lbs/gal.

Crown Metro Inc. offers ELVOC (Extremely Low Volatile Organic Content) coatings, a line of high-solid finishes that comply with solvent emission standards, the company says. The ELVOC low VOC coatings are suitable for spraying, roll or curtain coating with gloss variation ranging from the European wet look to matte.

Hood Products' One-Step is reportedly environmentally safe. It can be applied by nylon brush, foam pad, spray gun or wiped on and is available in six wood tone colors.


Hydrocote Finishing Products offers the Hydrocote Clear Wood Finish. The finish is an environmentally safe, high build, water clear finish that simulates the lacquer look without any of the hazardous features of a nitrocellulose lacquer, the company says. It is nonflammable, nontoxic, non-yellowing and quick drying with exceptional clarity and depth, the company says. It is available in gloss, satin, flat and rubbed effect stain.

W.D. Lockwood offers a complete line of transparent, soluble, deep penetrating dyes for wood. They dissolve into hot water in five minutes and are applied by brushing, wiping or spraying methods. When completely dry, they are finished with almost any type of lacquer or varnish, including waterborne lacquers. The color remains clear and will not cloud or bloom into the coating, the company says. The line is available in 72 stock water soluble colors.

Kampel Enterprises offers Colorflex acrylic latex caulk with silicone. Applications include: repairing flooring, finishing between cabinet components, sealing backsplashes and countertops and caulking tubs and walls.

The Flecto Co. offers the Varathane One Day Professional Wood Finishing System. The system, which includes stains and other finishes, is available in five different colors. The Varathane One Day Professional system is oil based, cleans with water and the stain dries in one hour, according to the company. Other products include: Professional Clear Finish and National Oil Finish.


Bills are in committee in both the Senate and House of Representatives which could further affect the type of pigments used in consumer and industrial products.

Although still in the Environment and Public Works committee, bills co-sponsored by Sen. Harry Reid (D-Nev.) and Sen. Joe Lieberman (D-Conn.), as well as a bill sponsored by Rep. Al Swift (D-Wash.), would initiate a two-year phase-out of all lead-containing pigments, with no distinction made for their use, i.e., industrial or consumer.

According to John O'Brien at Daniel Products, a pigment dispersion company, this could result in higher cost finishing materials alternatives. "This has a tremendous impact because we now have to use pigments with an organic synthesis which are more expensive," O'Brien said.

Since 1977, pigments including chrome yellows and molybdenum oranges have been banned from consumer products due to lead contamination. However, according to Steve Sides of the National Paint & Coatings Ass., lead-containing pigments are currently allowed for industrial use as well as for model airplanes and metal furniture, providing it is not intended for children's use. "These limited uses do not pose any unreasonable risk to health. It's a type of |lead-mania.' They're pursuing it in anything. We've tried to be logical in the face of concerns," Sides said.
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