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Materials are ordinary, the results are surprising.

Materials are ordinary, the results are surprising

Bold, geometric shapes give this second-storystudio and stairway lots of visual impact at surprisingly low cost. A checkerboard covers the floor of the studio, oversize circles of window fill end walls, and the diagonal of the staircase brings angular drama to the living room below.

But the real innovation is in the unusualuse of rather ordinary materials. The studio's floor is inexpensive black and gray 12-inch vinyl tiles with a slate texture. On the stairs, the tiles alternate: gray treads, black risers.

The 9-foot-diameter circular windows inthe studio's end walls establish a curve that repeats in the ceiling, where plywood arches--joined with 2-by-4 joists and sheathed with sheets of plywood on the outside--form a dramatic-looking barrel vault. Its ribbed texture is created by lengths of 1 5/8-inch half-round molding that were bent and nailed to the joists. (A layer of black building felt runs between the half-rounds and the joists.)

Design: Craig Roland, Roland/Miller Associates,Santa Rosa, California.

Photo: Circles and squares add geometric flair to 15-foot-high,barrel-vaulted studio on second floor. Outside are roof decks

Photo: Built-in book recesses, each 14 1/2 inches highby 17 inches wide, give stairway saw-toothed design. Vinyl tiles neatly cover stairs' treads and risers. Rail--a 1 3/4-inch closet rod (one side cut flat) nailed to 4 3/4-inch-wide frame--tops panels of laminated safety glass
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Title Annotation:studio's design
Date:Jul 1, 1987
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