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Materials, processes, integration and reliability in advanced interconnects for micro- and nanoelectronics; proceedings.


Materials, processes, integration and reliability in advanced interconnects for micro- and nanoelectronics; proceedings.

Materials, Processes, Integration and Reliability in Advanced Iinterconnects for Micro- and Nanoelectronics Symposium (April 2007, San Franc

Materials Research Society


338 pages



Materials Research Society Symposium Proceedings; v.990


Proceedings from an international symposium held in San Francisco, California, in April 2007. Fifty-one contributions are organized into sections on dielectric materials, metallization and atomic layer deposition, interconnect reliability and packaging, and novel interconnect concepts and materials. A sampling of topics: formation of porous organosilicate glasses produced by PECVD and UV treatment, requirements and constraints on optimizing UV processing of low-k dielectrics, interface stability of metal barrier and low-k dielectrics, chemical routes to ultra thin films for copper barriers and liners, charging and aging effects in porous ULK dielectrics, influence of interfacial delamination on channel cracking of brittle thin films, assembly of fine-pitch carbon nanotube bundles for electrical interconnect applications, and dielectrophoresis-based assembly and high-frequency characterization of carbon nanotube bundles.

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Date:Dec 1, 2007
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