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Matelots ahoy!

I get a number of interesting newsletters--one of the best is from the Canadian Naval Divers Association (CNDA). One item in particular aroused my interest. The year 2010 will see the centennial of the Royal Canadian Navy and CNDA President Norm Herd is interested in hearing suggestions for any project to commemorate this historic occasion. One example is HMCS Conestoga, a training base for the Women's Royal Naval Service (the Wrens) in Kitchener, Ontario. Norm would like a plaque to commemorate the 6,000 Wrens who served their country in the Second World War.

I hope that I'm not stealing Norm's thunder when I suggest that you contact any naval veterans association with your ideas or, failing this, I can pass any suggestions on--even though I'm a former pongo (Dave O'Flynn will agree with the last comment). I know that 2010 is quite a way in the future, but for many vets time seems to have a habit of passing far more swiftly than we expect!
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Title Annotation:THE OLD GUARD: Veterans' news & views; looking forward to the centennial of the Royal Canadian Navy on 2010
Author:Peate, Les
Publication:Esprit de Corps
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Date:Jul 1, 2008
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