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Matched pair.

Matched Pair

A resume referral program serves individual and employer members.

Exec-u-Trak Career Network is a free resume referral service for members developed by the Healthcare Financial Management Association (HFMA), Westchester, Illinois. Market research showed that members sought career development support.

HFMA designed its program to use the expertise and staffing of an external program administrator. Four HFMA staff, on a partial basis, fulfill client and member inquiries, process enrollments, bill, ship materials to the program administrator, and conduct marketing and follow-up.

When a member inquiries, he or she receives a brochure about participating in the free Exec-u-Trak data base. All requests are routed to the program administrator to protect confidentiality. Members enroll by completing a six-page data form, submitting a resume, and responding to a confidential compensation survey. All communication is directed to the member's home address. If a member's qualifications match the criteria of a client employer, the member is called by the outside administrator to ensure interest.

Members who are potential employer clients receive the same brochure and a client data form to specify required job candidate skills. Upon subscription to the service, an employer is offered up to three "dips" into the data base pool over a 45-day period.

Of the association's 28,000 members, Exec-u-Trak is marketed to 10,000 senior-level executives with compensation above $50,000. Promotions target those actively looking on the job market and others who use the service to monitor opportunities and assess which skills are in demand. The second audience is subscribing institutions pursuing qualified health care professionals.

Special concerns and solutions HFMA encountered included these: * Legal issues were raised at many unexpected crossroads. Various states impose regulations on job referral or job listing services to protect consumers when the job seeker is directly or indirectly charged a fee for the service. HFMA's program is exempt from such an Illinois statute because the resume referral service is free to members. Naming the resume referral service, with the appropriate trademark searched through the Federal Registry, also requires support of association counsel. * Pricing applied only to employer clients. Prices were set to be competitive with both executive recruitment firms and major newspaper display advertising; the business plan projected a break-even point between the program's second and third year. * Technology also played a role in product development. We use the external program administrator's personal computer hardware, which can optically scan a resume and record it in a file for future printing. Voice mail at HFMA enables confidential member inquiries about the service. Members call an 800 number, punch a three-digit extension, and leave a home address to receive mail materials.

Significant benefits for HFMA include meeting identified needs, aiding member retention and attracting new members, and providing a national alternative for chapters without resources to conduct similar job referral services at the local level.

Michael Kulczycki, CAE, is director of marketing, and Albert J. Sunseri, CAE, is vice president of education and member services for the Healthcare Financial Management Association, Westchester, Illinois.
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Title Annotation:resume referral program serves individual and employer members
Author:Sunseri, Albert J.
Publication:Association Management
Article Type:column
Date:Mar 1, 1991
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