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Masters of management.

John Kennedy helped to conceive it. Jimmy Carter, in a recent visit to Nicaragua, spent time there. U.S. President George Bush knows of its major contribution to the region. In 1988 its Costa Rica campus was the site of a "summit" meeting of the heads of states of the five Central American countries.

Derek Bok, president of Harvard University, said on the occasion of its twenty-fifth anniversary in 1989, "All of us in Cambridge feel tremendously proud of what you have achieved."

The Instituto Centro-americano de Administracion de Empresas (INCAE), known in English as the Central American Institute of Business Administration, is widely recognized as the premiere business and management school in Latin America.

Located in Alajuela, Costa Rica, with a sister campus in Managua, Nicaragua, INCAE had awarded the MBA degree to 1,245 students by the end of the 1988 academic year. At the same time, nearly 2,500 executives had participated in its advanced management course and more than 50,000 persons had attended INCAE seminars and special management courses. Harvard University assisted in the development of INCAE's academic programs and the school has adopted the case method as the keystone of its education methodology.

INCAE is currently engaged in a campaign to raise $3 million to provide scholarship support to low-income Central American students pursuing studies leading to the MBA degree.

Established as a private, non-profit institution in 1964 with support from the Central American banking commmunity and the U.S. Agency for International Development, INCAE presently has seven member countries, including the five Central American republics, Panama and Ecuador. However, programs are offered in, and students are drawn from, virtually every Western Hemisphere country, including the U.S.

Melvyn R. Copen, INCAE recotr, notes that the school "is promoting a concept of regional cooperation to make the area more competitive and developing the skills required by new democracies which are struggling to achieve economic and social development under very trying circumstances. INCAE is a major force in attempting to reverse the economic decline that has plagued much of the region during the last decade or more."
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Title Annotation:Americas !Ojo!; Instituto Centro Americano de Administracion de Empresas,INCAE, of Costa Rica providing Masters in Business Administration education to Latin American students
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Date:Sep 1, 1990
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