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Mastercard's new logo drops its name and introduces sound.

Mastercard's new logo drops its name and introduces sound !-- -- Mastercard is transforming the brand to keep pace with the changes that are already taking place in the consumer and commerce landscape.

It seems counter-intuitive for a brand to drop its own name in its logo, but for Mastercard, it's about getting with the (digital) times.

It's a brand evolution moving to a simplified and modernized logo that's optimized for use in digital contexts. The globally recognizable red and yellow interlocking circles, which have been the symbol of Mastercard for more than 50 years, remain but the name is no longer written across as the company is transitioning to a "symbol brand.

" Mastercard SVP and head of marketing and communications for Asia Pacific Rustom Dastoor says, "Mastercard is transforming the brand to keep pace with the changes in the consumer and commerce landscape. In a crowded digital space, symbols and sounds become universal and transcend languages and cultures.

" He points to the apps on his cellphone and says, "The real estate space on your mobile phone is tiny and these apps don't have their names written across their logos. Mastercard has one of the most recognizable brand logos in the world and people recognize it even without the name.

" Dastoor adds that Mastercard is transforming the brand to keep pace with the changes that are already taking place in the consumer and commerce landscape. Millennials are fast adopting new technologies and driving the evolution of mobile digital payment growth and behavior they're making purchases online, using conversational commerce such as Alexa or Google Assistant.

They're also more comfortable with digital transactions for everyday activities such as buying coffee or groceries, taking public transport and so on. Mastercard's interlocking circles symbolize the brand's promise to connect people to priceless possibilities.

"They are a powerful symbol that brings people closer to their passions and give them the confidence and trust that their transactions are secure." Evolution of a brand logo: The new flexible modern design will allow it to work seamlessly across the digital landscape.

In February, Mastercard debuted its sonic brand identity. You know those specific sounds that you hear whenever you send and receive a WhatsApp or Viber message or an iMessage? These sounds are so familiar to us that when we hear them we immediately know which app we're getting the message from even without seeing our phone screen.

Mastercard now has a similar sonic identity. Wherever consumers engage with Mastercard across the globe, whether it's a physical transaction or digital, the distinct Mastercard melody will sound off.

Dastoor says it will take some years for the sound to play when we use the card physically because card terminals, after all, do not come with a speaker but the evolution has started. To ensure the Mastercard melody would resonate with people the world over, it tapped musicians, artists and agencies from across the globe, including musical innovator Mike Shinoda of Linkin Park.

Dastoor plays the sound for me and says, "We had to make sure it's a pleasant sound, because imagine the number of times salespeople would be hearing it every day whenever they swipe a card." The result of Shinoda's collaboration with musicians is a distinct and memorable melody with adaptations across genres and cultures, making it locally relevant while maintaining a consistent global brand voice.

In addition, the use of varying instruments and tempos help to deliver the Mastercard melody in several unique styles such as operatic, cinematic and playful as well as a number of regional interpretations. "The Mastercard melody is the foundation of the company's sound architecture and will extend to many assets, from musical scores, sound logos and ringtones, to hold music and point-of-sale acceptance sounds.

" If your transaction is declined? Only the sound of silence. Visit the author's travel blog at www.

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Publication:Philippines Star (Manila, Philippines)
Date:Mar 31, 2019
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