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MasterMinds; Weekend Break.

1. Which star celebrated 55 years in show-business this week?

2. Which volcano destroyed Pompeii in AD79?

3. What do the initials UNESCO stand for?

4. How tall, to the nearest metre, is the Eiffel Tower?

5. Bombs exploded in Karachi as people celebrated the homecoming of which former Pakistani prime ministerthis week?

6. In which decade was The United Arab Emirates established?

7. Jake Shears is the lead vocalist with which pop band?

8. Who designed the cover for the 1967 album The Velvet Underground and Nico?

9. England face which team in tonight's Rugby World Cup final?

10. Who performed the theme tune to the Bond film Diamonds Are Forever?

11. What is the name of Dangermouse's amphibious nemesis?

12. How many Bell's 'Manager of the Month' awards did Bob Paisley win during his nine-year reign as Liverpool manager?

13. Who plays Jim Royle in the TV comedy the Royle Family?

14. What nationality is singer Charlotte Church?

15. Which darts player is nicknamed "Danger Scouse"?

16. Which rock group's hits include Immigrant Song, How Many More Times and Kashmir?

17. Battenburg, madeira and fairy are all types of what?

18. What is the first name of singer Morrissey?

19. Name the MP for Garston.

20. Who fronts the band The Good, The Bad And The Queen?

21. What was the name of Brad Pitt's character in the 1999 movie Fight Club?

22. Mexican drink horchata is made with which grain?

23. Where will tomorrow's F1 Grand Prix be held?

24. What is the third largest island in Europe?

25. In what year was the US space agency NASA established?

26. How long is a cricket pitch?

27. What is the capital of Nepal?

28. Who played Alf Garnett in the BBC sitcom Till Death Us Do Part?

29. Which berries are used in the distillation of gin?

20. Who is the gueen of Barbados?


1. Ken Dodd 2. Mount Vesuvius 3. United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization. 4.324 metres. 5. Benazir Bhutto 6. The 1970s (December 2, 1971). 7. Scissor Sisters. 8. Andy Warhol. 9. South Africa 10. Shirley Bassey. 11. Baron Greenback. 12.2213. Ricky Tomlinson. 14. Welsh. 15. Alan Green 16. Led Zeppelin. 17. Cake. 18. Steven 19. Maria Eagle. 20. Damon Albarn. 21. Tyler Durden 22. Rice 23. Sao Paulo, Brazil 24. Ireland. 25.1958 26.22 yards. 27. Kathmandu 28. Warren Mitchell. 29. Juniper. 30. Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom.


See Question 14
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Publication:Liverpool Echo (Liverpool, England)
Date:Oct 20, 2007
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