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Master brewers convene in Philly.

Master Brewers Convene in Philly

Technical papers, poster presentations and award-giving highlight annual meeting of MBAA.

Approximately 500 brewing and allied industry representatives were in attendance at the 102nd annual meeting of the Master Brewers Association of the Americas, held recently at The Wyndham Franklin Plaza Hotel. The three-day event featured technical presentations from experts in the brewing field, as well as the inauguration of the association's new slate of officers.

Thirty papers, mostly technical, were delivered during the meeting. The papers, presented by brewers and suppliers from around the globe, covered a range of topics including the history of malting barley and the development of the dry beer category. Panel discussions were also offered.

Inducted as the new MBAA president was Arnulfo Canales, director, special projects, Cerveceria Cuauhtemoc S.A., Monterrey, Mexico, succeeding Vince Bavisotto, vice president, brewing and research, Miller Brewing Co. John Britnell, Canada Malting Co., is the MBAA's new first vice president while Warren Peter, Anheuser-Busch, Inc., will serve as second vice president.

The MBAA's 1989 Award of Merit was bestowed upon Charles E. Lieberman, retired brewmaster yet active association member. The Award of Honor, meanwhile, was given to Paul H. Geddes, Desnoes & Geddes Ltd., Kingston, Jamaica. Finally, a lifetime MBAA membership was presented to John Hawley, Stroh Brewery Co., and outgoing association past president.

Presidential awards for outstanding papers were presented to K. Matsugawa (brewing), P.A. Wilks (quality control) and W.J. Forsythe (packaging). The 1989 convention also featured a well-attended poster presentation area, president's reception, spouse program and post-convention trip to Atlantic City, NJ.

PHOTO : Charles E. Lieberman (left), retired brewmaster, was presented the MBAA's Award of Merit

PHOTO : by Vince Bavisotto, outgoing association president.

PHOTO : Arnulfo Canales (left), new association president, received the MBAA's gavel from outgoing

PHOTO : president Bavisotto.

PHOTO : Among the technical paper presenters and speakers at the 102nd anniversary meeting were

PHOTO : (first row, left to right): Hugo Patino, Coors Brewing Co; Bill Smulwitz, The Lion, Inc.;

PHOTO : Alan Sikora, South African Breweries; and Vincent Bavisotto, Miller Brewing Co. Second

PHOTO : row, left to right: Brian Richardson, ETI-TEC Machinery Inc.; Charles E. Lieberman, Award

PHOTO : of Merit recipient; Paul Stassi, Miller Brewing Co.; and Gary Collins, Specialty Process

PHOTO : Systems Ltd. Third row, left to right: John Coors, Coors Brewing Co.; Antolin Sierra,

PHOTO : Cerveceria Cuauhtemoc S.A.; and Jim Murray, Grand Metropolitan Brewing Ltd. Fourth row,

PHOTO : One panel discussion featured (left to right): David Hollows, Anheuser-Busch, Inc.

PHOTO : (moderator); Benjamin Hardwick, A-B; Esko Pajunen, Oy Sinebrychoff AB; Charlie Papazian,

PHOTO : Association of Brewers; and Kazao Kanagawa, Suntory Ltd.

PHOTO : Additional speakers at the Philadelphia meeting included (first row, left to right):

PHOTO : Joseph Hertrich, The Stroh Brewery Co., and president, MBAA District Philadelphia;

PHOTO : Hisashi Usuba, Asahi Breweries Ltd.; Ing. Wolfgang Stein, Leifield & Lemke; and Charles

PHOTO : Baker, Stroh. Second row, left to right: Bert Grant, S.S. Steiner Inc.; John Bergmann, APV

PHOTO : Rosista Inc.; Mick Stewart, South African Breweries Ltd.; and Karl Siebert, Stroh. Third

PHOTO : row, left to right: Bill Hipp, convention co-chairman; Arnulfo Canales, new MBAA

PHOTO : president; David Diffor, Pfizer Inc., and president, American Society of Brewing Chemists;

PHOTO : and Thomas Maier, Cerveceria Polar S.A.Fourth row, left to right: Inge Russell, Labatt

PHOTO : Brewing Co.; and Kazao Kanagawa, Suntory Ltd.

PHOTO : MBAA past presidents were awarded commemorative plaques by president Bavisotto. First row,

PHOTO : left to right: Peter Codd, Jack Ehmann and Tom Reap received their awards. Second row,

PHOTO : left to right: Giorgio Sega, Jack Hawley and Bill Hipp accepted their plaques. Below, a

PHOTO : technical paper presentation hosted by Fischer & Porter.
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Title Annotation:Master Brewers Association of the Americas 102nd annual conference
Author:Finnegan, Terri
Publication:Modern Brewery Age
Date:Nov 20, 1989
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