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Master automobile seats.

Master Automobile Seats

MASTER Enterprises (Pvt.) Limited are pioneers in the foam industry. Their story begins in 1963, when in technical collaboration with BAYER of Germany, MOLTYFOAM was introduced in Pakistan successfully. Since then, foam has replaced the orthodox jute and cotton stuffed mattresses, cushions and automobile seats.

MASTER showed the market just how versatile an item of daily comfort, foam can be. Today with almost three decades of experience, international award and numerous innovations under their belt, MASTER produces high quality moulded foam seats to cater to the automobile sector. This technology was developed using totally imported components, as in steel sheets for the basic seat framework and put together under foreign expertise, using the best materials possible. Seats made by MASTER fill in essential requirements of the local markets, saving the nation valuable foreign exchange. From car, van and pick-up. Seats to tractor, truck and bus seats and seats for motorcycles and bicycles, along with their crush pads, MASTER's technology, especially developed for the automotive seat industry, covers all aspects of manufacturing, in house: The polyurethane moulded foam, the complete metal framework of the seat, designed to international standards and the PVC artificial leather for upholstery. The research and development has successfully designed and produced specialized seats for the bicycle industry using integral skin technology. This is an advanced process in which the support foam and covering are moulded together in one move.

The resulting product is far superior in quality and durability than previously used manufacturing techniques. Seats for Shahsawar, Hino Park and Al-Ghazi Tractors were specially designed and produced with a unique PVC foam compression technique, to create a product of extremely high durability. These seats have been appreciated to the extent that bus seats made for Hino Park are also being exported, earning the country millions in foreign exchange.

Due to the heavy demand for these high quality seats, MASTER built its own independent engineering company, which includes total metal fabrication capabilities, a completely equipped paint section, and is capable of taking on any job requiring the facilities of a press shop with maximum press capacity of 350 tons.

This independent engineering facility allows MASTER, freedom from sub-contractors and the resultant quality control problems inherent in such arrangements. Every step in the manufacturing process is scrutinised and checked thoroughly by a team of quality control experts and no product is allowed out of the factory without the quality seal that guarantees superior craftsmanship. At MASTER, the quality goes in before the name goes on. Master caters for the following clients:
Pak Suzuki Car, Van and Pick-up seats
Al-Ghazi Tractor Seats
Fecto Tractor seats
Millat Tractor seats
Hino Pak Truck and Bus seats
T.D.C. Bus seats
Honda Motorcycle seats
Yamaha Motorcycle seats
Kawasaki Motorcycle seats
Suzuki Motorcycle seats
Sohrab Bicycle saddles & Crush Pads
Leader Bicycle saddles & Crush Pads
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Date:Jun 1, 1991
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