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The Bradley Master Gunner School is responsible for three courses. The first course is the Bradley Fighting Vehicle (BFV) Master Gunner Course, a 13-week course which teaches a master gunner candidate common corps critical master gunner tasks and maintenance information for ODS models and below. The second course is the M2A3 BFV Master Gunner Course, a five-week add on course which teaches a master gunner graduate additional specific requirements and maintenance information for the M2A3. The third course is the Infantry Pre-Command Course-Bradley (IPCC-B), a one-week course associated with reintroducing field grade commanders and command sergeant majors to the BFV.

More information can be found on the school's website at

Master Gunner Train-up:

The Master Gunner Course cadre have developed an exportable CD to assist master gunners with candidate train-up. This master gunner job aid can be used in several applications in the field with BFV crew sustainment training as well. Due to the size of this CD, we are unable to make it available on our web page; however, it has been distributed to master gunners in each major command. If for some reason you are unable to get a copy of the disk through your unit's master gunner channels, you may contact the Master Gunner Branch through e-mail at Remember, you must be a graduate of the BFV MG course to receive this disk.

BFV Master Gunner Course (010-ASIJ3)

The purpose of the Master Gunner Course is to train noncommisioned officers in the rank of SGT(P) through SFC (11M, 12B, 13F, 14R, 19D and 03 USMC) to design and implement BFV gunnery and turret maintenance training programs.

Performance Outcome

* Maintenance and maintenance management of all Turret weapons systems and components.

* Establishment and conduct of BTI-XII.

* Development of a short-range training program for a battalion-size BFV unit from preliminary gunnery through platoon gunnery (BT XII).

* Turret gun system malfunction and troubleshooting management of COFT training programs (senior/instructor operator).


--SGT(P) thru SFC 11B, 11M, 12B, 13F, 14R, 19D w/D3 ASI or 03 (USMC).

--Certified on BGST within the last 6 months.

--Meet height and weight standards IAWAR 600-9 upon arrival.

--Meet APFT standards IAW FM 21-20 upon arrival.

--IO certified/recertified within the last year. To include the Bradley Advanced Matrix.

--Division BCE certified and recertified within 3 months of attendance of the course.

--BNCOC Graduate (waiverable by the BDE Commander).

--Bradley Table VIII qualified from either the BC's or Gunner's position meeting the following criteria: (Waiverable for MOS 12Bs only)

--AC within the last 9 months.

--NG within the last 12 months.

--RC within the last 18 months.

MOS 12B Alternate Requirement in lieu of BT VIII. Students who are waiving the BT VIII prerequisite, due to resource constraints, will be required to fire the Bradley Advanced matrix (BAM) exercise 204 and receive a rating of "P" as a crewmember (Gunner or Commander) in the Unit of Fire Trainer (UCOFT) prior to attending the Bradley MG Course. They will also be required to bring a printout of their BAM 204 session summary reflecting the passing score and a memorandum signed by the first 0-5 in their chain of command requesting waiver based on alternate requirement completion.

M2A3 BFV Master Gunner Course (010-F24)

This course trains selected NCOs to assist unit leaders in the planning and implementation of digital gunnery training programs and maintenance training (turret and fire control) in digital force units that have been or will be equipped with M2A3 BFVs.


This course is for master gunners who will be holding positions as master gunners in M2A3 equipped units. The course is five weeks in length and will generally be scheduled to begin the first Monday following the completion of the prerequisite 010-ASIJ3 course. NCOs who have previously attended the prerequisite Master Gunner Course and are already in A3 units will be afforded the opportunity to attend and receive the A3 add-on training.

Bradley Pre-Command Course (010-F21)

This course is designed to reintroduce field grade commanders and CSMs to the training, maintenance and training device systems for the BFV. The course is attended by those officers designated to command BFV units and by those CSMs to be assigned to BFV units.


--Active Army field grade officers who have been designated by Department of the Army to assume command of a BFV unit.

--Reserve Component field grade officers who are commanding or have been designated to assume command of a BFV unit.

--Active Army CSMs who have been designated to assume the position of CSMs in BFV units.

--Reserve Component CSMs who are presently serving as CSMs of BFV units or have been designated to assume the position of CSMs of BFV units.
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