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Massachusetts Solid Waste District may receive free senior help.

The Northern Berkshire Solid Waste Management District may utilize the senior worker program to ease the transition to a new program coordinator.

Program Coordinator Sandy Totter told the commissioners that the district may be able to hire a senior that she can teach before her retirement at the end of the year. This senior would still be on board when the district hires a new coordinator.

"If we could get such a person lined up to be in our office that person would be here when the new coordinator comes on," Totter said. "I could teach that senior worker how to do the paperwork and somewhat how to deal with the public so there will be some continuity in the office."

Totter said the program is federally funded and the district could have extra help for 20 hours a week. The worker could potential stay on for two years if the district can provide career education.

Totter said the senior citizen she has been in contact with has an office background but would have to be taught computer skills. She thinks this would fit the criteria.

This could potentially save consultant fees and the district may not have to bring her back as much to help the new coordinator.

With someone constantly in the office, Totter said she would be free to work out in the field more and take off saved up time she has acquired before her retirement.

As for the budget, Totter said towns should expect an increase in assessments by 50 cents per person. Adams, the largest town in the district, will see an increase from $21,551.90 to $25,794.40.

She said the bulk of this comes from the 14 percent increase in health insurance and that the district has to continue to fund her insurance as well as provide funding for a possible family plan for the new coordinator.

The commission will vote on the budget next meeting.

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Publication:Solid Waste Report
Date:Feb 23, 2016
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