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Mass spectrometry.

Mass spectrometry introductions at Pittcon this year focused primarily on ionization sources, although there were still a handful of new instruments as well. Agilent and Bruker both showcased ionization sources that combined ionization techniques into a single source, while JEOL demonstrated a completely new ionization technique on the floor of the show. But new instrument introductions were relatively few, as vendors may now be more interested in unveiling their new wares at ASMS instead.

Bruker Daltonics, in contrast to its numerous high-end MS offerings, introduced the microflex LT MS, a bench-top linear MALDI-TOF instrument priced at under $100,000. The instrument is intended for large molecule applications such as clinical proteomics.

Bruker Daltonics also introduced the bench-top micrOTOF-Q (Quadrupole) MS, a Q-TOF system that offers 15,000 resolution at full sensitivity and has a mass accuracy of 3 ppm. The system has an acquisition rate of over 10 kHz, and utilizes Bruker's SigmaFit isotopic profile analysis technology for statistical analysis of isotopes. The micrOTOF-Q is configured with Bruker's new Apollo II ESI (Electrospray Ionization) source and starts at $350,000.

JEOL introduced the DART (Direct Analysis in Real Time) API source that can directly sample liquid, solids and gases in open air without any sample preparation. The configuration allows for true continuous monitoring via MS. The system began shipping in March, but is only available with JEOL's AccuTOF LC-TOF MS, or as an upgrade to the system. An AccuTOF with the DART installed is priced at $208,000 and is available for shipment. DART technology has been licensed by IonSense, and other applications are just beginning to be explored.

Thermo Electron's Finnigan Element GD builds on the successful Element product line, adding glow discharge for solid samples. Designed for elemental determination of high-purity metals, it combines a glow discharge ionization source with a magnetic sector MS. The instrument can perform elemental determination of over 60 elements per run, and can run more than five analyses per hour. This introduction is significant since there are few, if any, GD-MS systems on the market. The Element GD sells for approximately $500,000 and should begin shipping around July.

Waters Introduced a vacuum MALDI source for its Micromass Q-TOF Premier MS. The new front end allows users to quickly and easily switch between API and MALDI. The MALDI is compatible with 96-and 384-sample microplates.
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Title Annotation:Pittcon 2005 new products: the first installation; Pittsburgh Conference and Exposition on Analytical Chemistry and Applied Spectroscopy
Comment:Mass spectrometry.(Pittcon 2005 new products: the first installation)(Pittsburgh Conference and Exposition on Analytical Chemistry and Applied Spectroscopy)
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Date:Mar 15, 2005
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