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Mashups will help solve business issues.

Serena Software recently announced the general availability of its Business Mashup solution, giving companies a faster way to build and deploy simple software applications that solve everyday business problems. More than 1,400 'Mashers' from over 50 countries have evaluated the trial version of Serena[R] Mashup Composer since September. Mashers are eager to build the real thing. "Business Mashups are here today, and they're here to stay," added Serena. Firstly Mashers can use Serena Mashup Composer, a point-and-click visual design tool, to connect applications and automate business processes--such as sales discount approvals--all without writing any code. Then, with the click of a button, Mashup Composer publishes Business Mashups to Serena Mashup Server, an enterprise-class engine that executes the Business Mashup while providing the high reliability, security, and compliance that IT requires. To get companies started with Business Mashups, Serena will be offering an initial set of 13 free, pre-built Business Mashups that can be deployed immediately to address some of the most simple yet time-consuming processes in business today.
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Title Annotation:IT News and Products
Publication:Database and Network Journal
Date:Dec 1, 2007
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