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Mascon Restoration Answers Call for Urban Renovation.

COLLEGE POINT, N.Y., May 29, 2012 /PRNewswire/ --

In many big cities-including cities throughout New York-there is a desperate need for urban renewal, and more and more citizens are beginning to make demands for it. Mascon Restoration answers that call with a variety of construction services.

No matter how great a city is, it cannot sustain its beauty or its cleanliness all on its own, at least not forever. Eventually, the need for urban renovation projects always emerges. The need for such projects, and the benefits that stem from them, can become so significant that residents of a given city begin to call out for revitalization. In the New York area, a company called Mascon Restoration is answering that call, announcing a new array of services designed to beautify and altogether improve the quality of cities throughout the state.

Mascon Restoration is a company that knows full well the benefits of urban renewal. Some of these benefits are obvious, such as the fact that urban revitalization projects clean up blighted areas and make them more appealing, both in terms of aesthetics as well as overall quality of life. But there are other benefits, as well, that might be more difficult to pin down, such as the many commercial opportunities and developments that will only come about if a city looks its best. An investment in citywide renovation, or even the clean-up of a given neighborhood, is ultimately an investment in the area's future.

The professionals at Mascon Restoration believe in these myriad benefits strongly enough that they have recently unveiled a new series of services geared toward cities that find themselves in need of a facelift. Mascon Restoration is committed both to the beautification of New York's cities as well as the improvement of the quality of life enjoyed by the residents of these cities; in addition, the company is mindful of tight city budgets, and offers services that are designed to be sound investments, ultimately curbing the need for further renovation down the road.

Mascon Restoration provides a variety of services that relate to the basic cleaning of urban structures. The company offers thorough cleaning services for buildings made of stone, brick, marble, and granite.

Other services, such as roofing repair, waterproofing, and masonry restoration, help urban buildings to maintain high levels of quality and cleanliness, as well as overall aesthetic appeal, even as years pass. In fact, Mascon Restoration even offers graffiti cleaning and graffiti-proofing services, providing protection from common acts of vandalism.

The restoration company was initially founded to help struggling buildings meet rigid construction standards and building codes, through the most efficient means possible. Since then, Mascon Restoration has become well known to the New York area for the myriad services it offers in urban restoration and quality-of-life improvement.


Mascon Restoration is a New York company that offers reconstruction services such as roofing, waterproofing, masonry restoration and many other structural improvements. The company offers facade inspection services and Local Law 11 violation removal work. Through superior craftsmanship and stellar customer service, the company is dedicating to improving the aesthetics of urban neighborhoods. The company remains devoted to the many benefits that cities and individuals alike enjoy through processes of urban cleanup and renewal.

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Date:May 29, 2012
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