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Marzoli new CM7-LP Comber and new FT60 and FT70 Series.

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Marzoli will present its new CM7 comber with automated Lap Piecing at hall 2 stand G118. In addition, the new roving frame: the FT60 and FT70 series will also be displayed at ITMA.

New CM7-LP comber

The new CM7-LP comber is the result of an extensive RandD with following features and benefits:

- Quality: Substantial reduction of neps and short fibers, perfect evenness of the sliver;

- Productivity: Mechanical speed up to 600 nips/min with production volumes up to 85 Kg/h;

- Efficiency: Reduction in energy consumption, better selection of fibers and reduction of noil percentage;

These results have been achieved thanks to a complete revision of the kinematics of the machine and in particular to the optimization of the following parts: driving head, nipper unit, feeding rollers, detaching rollers, circular comb, top comb and drafting system.

The outstanding energy saving is achievable due to most advanced electric motors available today on the market. In this context,the premium efficiency electric motors grant electric efficiency standards of more than 90% entailing almost no energy waste and much lower power consumption levels.

One of the greatest innovations introduced with the new CM7 comber is the automatic lap piecing technology. This technology automatically changes the empty tubes with full laps and restarts the machine without any operator intervention. This system allows increased efficiency of the machine thanks to the reduced machine downtime. Moreover, the automatic lap piecing system also has a positive influence on quality, as it entails the perfect overlapping of the two batts thereby increasing the regularity of the sliver also at the points, where lap change has occurred. The new CM7 comber will be presented at ITMA 2015.

New FT60 and FT70 Series

The FT60 and FT70 roving frames rely on multi-motor drive systems with modular design, allowing the spinner to instal upto 224 spindles. The complete electronic drafting system of Marzoli FT60 and FT70 series ensures the highest degree of flexibility: The draft can be changed by simply inserting the new draft parameter on the touch screen interface, no mechanical modification is required.

Thanks to Marzoli's end-to-end production management platform (YARNET), the draft can also be inserted remotely (e.g. from the production manager's computer).

FT60 and FT70 roving frames are fully integrated with Marzoli Bobbin Transport systems and ring frames through specific mechanic solutions (e.g. dedicated creel system for transport trains) and software production control platform (YARNET), thus realizing a superior and fully integrated Spinning Section, thereby maximizing overall coordination and effectiveness of roving and spinning operations through a constant and regular supply for the spinning frames, allowing full and enhanced productivity of the spindles.

The FT60 and FT70 roving frames represent outstanding machines also from the point of view of energy savings thanks to Marzoli most advanced on-board green technology. FT60 and FT70 roving frame will be presented at ITMA 2015: H2 G118.

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Publication:Pakistan Textile Journal
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Date:Nov 30, 2015
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