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Marzoli Green Innovation Project: A guarantee of growth and success.

For more than a decade the textile industry has been directed towards models with processes, technology and machinery which are energy-efficient and with a low environmental impact so as to guarantee a new growth spurt. The reduction in costs as a positive effect of the ap- plication of sustainable technology is an essential theme for the textile companies that wish to compete successfully.

MARZOLI SpA presents its green vision as a winning strategy, not only because it reduces the impact of production on the environment but also because it allows the management of economic resources and the constant innovative contributions to improve.

Marzoli Green Innovation is a continuous process based on the careful monitoring and analysis of the mechanical, electrical/electronic and technological aspects. Innovating the production processes in order to protect the environment is an important, continuous and difficult challenge.

It entails the need to combine innovation and the protection of environmental resources with the preservation and at the same time, constant improvement of the product.

Marzoli participates in the ACIMIT "Sustainable Technology" project and in 2012 renewed the Green Label certificate for the FT6/FT7 roving frame. Via a continuous analysis of technical rationalization it not only achieved a further reduction in the CO2 emissions per kg of processed material, but also a significant reduction in the environmental impact and energy saving. This is possible thanks to the choice of deep groove ball bearings with RSL lowfriction seals by the Marzoli Research and Development department.

These bearings provide greater precision, less noise, better sealing properties and an improved working life. The bearings used by Marzoli have the RSL seals on both sides, ensuring a better exclusion of contaminating substances and humidity; they have lifetime lubrication and consequently do not require maintenance operations. The deep groove ball bearings allow a considerable reduction of the friction.

In a single machine there are around 700 to 900 ball bearings of this type, according to the number of spindles with which the machine is equipped. Therefore, this mechanical variation saves at least 5 Percent on power. G reater precision and lower noise and vibration levels result in more silent bearings able to reach higher speeds.

Marzoli launched the new four logos and names of the new four types of yarn: KOMBED, KOMPACT, FANCY AND TECHNICAL. Numerous customers and potential clients are seeking for high quality, green environmental advanced developments, and eco friendly yarn solutions. Marzoli R and D department is continuouly improving their machinery concepts in a green and sustainable direction, in order to reduce consumption and waste. This is also why Marzoli has obtained the green label from ACIMIT three years consecutively.

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Date:Jun 30, 2013
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