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Maryland dealer organization gives tips.

Maryland Dealer Organization Gives Tips

* With gunshop break-ins growing, the Maryland Licensed Firearms Dealers Association has started tracking the crimes. In the last eight months, Maryland gun shops have suffered 33 robberies and over $550,000 in losses of firearms alone. The robberies consist of both smash and grab and professional jobs. Both groups case the stores prior to the robbery. They know where the alarms are, and what guns are where. They also know response times of the local police departments.

The MLFDA has featured speakers from BATF who made these suggestions for shop owners:

* Install a phone tap for

remote sound monitoring. * Check with alarm companies

to see if the alarm will

sound even if phone wires

are cut. * Install metal conduit around

phone/alarm wires outside

the store. * Install bars on windows and

place pipes (filled with concrete)

in front of your store.

(These criminals know

which ceilings/walls are not

alarmed). * Add alarm sensors to all

walls and ceilings. Do not

assume that criminals will

not break through a concrete

block exterior wall. They

have. * Consider changing to a monitored

"microphone" alarm

system. Microphones can

"hear" the attempted break-in

before the thieves actually

enter and set off your traditional

alarm. * Padlock your front door from

the outside. Many thiefs have

broken in through the roof

and simply opened the front

door from the inside and

walked away. * Keep an eye out for suspicious

"customers" inquiring

about your stores physical

attributes, security, etc.

Get a description and a

license number. * Protect your alar ms, bells,

sirens, etc. from being

reached with a sledge hammer.

Place them high off the

ground. * Get alarms installed in adjacent

stores. Otherwise, crooks

break in next door and come

in through your interior wall.

This was involved in 10 of

the 32 incidents.
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Title Annotation:Maryland Licensed Firearms Dealers Association's suggestions on preventing gun shop break-ins
Publication:Shooting Industry
Date:Sep 1, 1991
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