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Maryland Nurses Association's 16th annual convention poster session and Foundation's nursing excellence poster Awards.

Poster Presentation Sessions will be October 7, 2010

Deadline for Proposal--September 4, 2010

Submit a poster proposal on any aspect of your practice, research, or student activities. Share your creative nursing care approaches, research finds, clinical innovations, projects or models for change in healthcare with your colleagues. Convention attendees will judge your poster for excellence in evidence based practice or information sharing with your peers.

What is a poster?

* The poster should be a summarization of a creative activity.

* It should fit on a poster board measuring approximately 30" wide by 36" long.

* A poster should reflect an innovative aspect of nursing practice, education, or research

* It may be supplemented by handouts.

* It should fit easily on an easel.

* The poster's presenter must be available for the open poster session to address questions.

How to submit a poster proposal:

* Complete the submission form below

* Mail or Fax your proposal, no later than September 4, 2009, to:

Convention Posters

Maryland Nurses Association

21 Governor's Court, Suite 195

Baltimore, Maryland 21244-2721

Fax: 401-944-5802

You will be notified by September 18, 2010 regarding the acceptance of your poster. You do not have to be an MNA member to submit a poster, however all poster presenters must registered as a Convention participant.

Poster Policy

Posters must avoid commercialism. Posters that constitute promotion and advertising will not be accepted. Statements made in posters are the sole responsibility of the author or presenter. Statements should not be viewed as, or considered representative of, any formal stance or position taken on any subject, issue or product by MNA.

Selection Criteria

Each poster submission will be reviewed for the following elements.

* Quality

* Broad appeal to the nursing community

* Creativity

* Timeliness

* Uniqueness

Award Criteria

MNA Convention attendees will rate each eligible poster for the 2010 Mae Muhr Nursing Excellence Awards of $500 from the Nursing Foundation of Maryland, Inc. (NFM). Please contact MNA or the NFM for more information.

Maryland Nurses Association Poster Submission Form

Poster Title __

Brief Description:

Developers Name and Credentials __

Mailing Address __

City __State __ Zip __

Phone __ Fax__

Email __

Employer or Nursing School ______________

Reference name and contact information: __

I understand that representatives from the Nursing Foundation of Maryland, Inc., may contact me for more information if my poster is considered for a NFM Excellence Poster Award.

Signature: __

C: Convention Poster Criteria
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