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Mary Turnbull.

Born in British Columbia, Canada, Mary Turnbull has been drawing and painting since early childhood. Because of her interest in nature, including her love of plant life, she majored in plant genetics and minored in fine art at the University of California in Berkeley. After moving to San Luis Obispo, she resumed her studio art studies and began teaching painting through the local community college.

In 1982, Turnbull moved to Los Angeles to further pursue her art career. By 1985, to enrich her creative spirit, Turnbull accepted the position of art specialist for the Culver City unified school district. The job called for the implementation of the J. Paul Getty Museum's seven-year pilot program on elementary art education. During this time, Turnbull obtained her master's degree in fine arts.

"Looking back over the years, I have come to realize that art, be it drawing, painting, music, or the theater, has always been a part of my life," says Turnbull. "Art has been the motivating force that has guided my actions. Today, the process of creating a painting, in and of itself, gives me complete satisfaction. Maturity has its own rewards, and in painting my goal has always been to keep challenging myself to explore new and innovative ways to present that which inspires me to render in paint. These artworks convey my love for nature--its ever-changing, ever-expressive energy of itself. My intent is to interpret these elusive appearances through color, movement and composition." For more information, call 805-438-3084; e-mail; visit

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Title Annotation:Emerging Artists
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Date:Jun 1, 2005
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