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Marxism and communication studies; the point is to change it.


Marxism and communication studies; the point is to change it.

Ed. by Lee Artz et al.

Peter Lang Publishing Inc


258 pages



Media and culture; v.8


In selecting these 11 Marxist commentaries from and about the field of communication studies, Artz (media studies, Purdue U. Calumet), Macek (media and urban studies, North Central College in Indiana), and Cloud (communication studies, U. of Texas at Austin) sought to prepare a collection that identifies and assesses the appropriation or misappropriation of Marxist ideas in the field, explores issues and problems in communication studies that could gain from a Marxist perspective, provides Marxist analysis of particular case studies, and explains the significance of a Marxist communication critique of existing institutional practices and dominant cultural. The essays can be grouped in the topic areas of language and ideology; democracy and media; international communication and globalization; and social change, dialectics, and historical materialism as method.

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Date:Nov 1, 2006
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