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Marvelous Marianne's[R] SavvySoap[R].

MARVELOUS MARIANNE'S[R] SAVVYSOAP[R] collection gets a nod from artists nationwide for her Brush and Hand Cleaner. The cleaner is packed with special botanicals to neutralize paints and ink fumes, quickly and easily removing the toughest oils, acrylics, pastels and inks from brushes while restoring bristles to their original pliability. It also cleans hands with the same kinds of paints and inks without cracking or drying skin, and contains no hazardous chemicals so artists with the most delicate skin feel safe using it. Made primarily from corn oil, the cleaner also contains renewable, environmentally friendly ingredients. Passing all industry specifications and standards, SavvySoap products deposit almost no VOC's (volatile organic compounds), the leading cause of ozone layer depletion, into the air. For more information visit or circle No. 393 on the Arts & Activities Reader Service Card.
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Title Annotation:shop talk
Publication:Arts & Activities
Date:Oct 1, 2003
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