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April 5

At Borderway Mart, Carlisle, Harrison & Hetherington held their weekly Primestock sale. A smaller show of 158 prime cattle and bulls were presented to a keen ringside of buyers, with trade being as good as last week. Mr Keith Harryman of Keskadale sold a Limousin cross heifer for 129.5p purchased by Mr John Bowling. Messrs Dodd of West View sold three Limousin cross bullocks to average 118.8p and topped at 124.5p and 120.5p purchased by Mr Maurice Wharton and Mr Jim Woodhead. Seymour Farms sold a Limousin cross heifer for 118.5p purchased by Mr John Bowling. Messrs Steel of The Ling sold three well finished heifers to average 112.8p and topped at 117.5p and 111.5p for Limousin crosses purchased by Mr John Bowling. Mr Gordon Wilson of Bankdale sold four bullocks to average 113.5p which topped at 115.5p (x2) and 113.5p purchased by Mr Maurice Wharton and Mr Jim Woodhead (x2). Mr Geoff Batey of High Knells Farm sold a run of bullocks which topped at 114.5p purchased by Mr Jim Woodhead. Messrs Horn & Co of North Dyke sold a Limousin cross bullock for 114.5p purchased by Mr Maurice Wharton. Leading heifer prices (all crosses): Limousin, 129.5p Keskadale, 118.5p Seymour Farms, 117.5p, 111.5p and 109.5p The Ling, 105.5p Windy Nook and Ryeclose. Charolais, 108.5p Byreburnside. Leading bullock prices (all crosses): Limousin, 124.5p, 120.5p & 111.5p West View, 115.5p (x2), 113.5p Bankdale, 114.5p & 109.5p High Knells Farm, 114.5p & 107.5p North Dyke Farm, 113.5p & 111.5p Keskadale, 109.5p & 107.5p High Field Farm, 107.5p & 104.5p Steeley Farm, 105.5p Home Farm. Belgian Blue, 109.5p Bankdale, 105.5p High Knells Farm. Charolais, 107.5p Byreburnside.

A larger show of 101 prime bulls were presented to the usual great trade. Mr Newall of Low Barns sold three Limousin bulls to average 118.5p which topped at 123.5p, 117.5p & 114.5p purchased by Rossendale Meats and Mr Mike Atkinson (x2). Messrs Howe of Dufton Hall Farm sold a Limoousin bull for 115.5p purchased by Mr Geoff Nutter. Messrs Wood of Waters Farm also sold a Limousin bull for 115.5p purchased by Mr Mike Atkinson. Messrs Blaylock & Son of Hallburn sold a run of seven bulls to average 106.3p and topped at 113.5p & 111.5p for Limousin crosses purchased by Mr Keith Tallentire and Mr Charles Kirkpatrick. Mr David Hewetson of Scales Hall sold two Limousin cross bulls for 113.5p purchased by Rossendale Meats and Mr Mike Atkinson. Mr Mews of Huntershield sold the top priced Charolais bull for 109.5p purchased by Mr Keith Tallentire. Claremont Properties sold a run of five well finished bulls to average 107.1p which topped at 109.5p for a Limousin cross purchased by Rossendale Meats.

Leading bull prices (all crosses) :- Limousin, 123.5p, 117.5p & 114.5p Low Barns, 115.5p Dufton Hall Farm, 115.5p Waters Farm, 113.5p, 111.5p, 106.5p & 103.5p Hallburn, 113.5p (x2) Scales Hall, 109.5p, 107.5p (x2) & 105.5p Hayclose, 107.5p North Lodge, 107.5p & 103.5p Thorncroft, 106.5p & 102.5p Low Farm (Wilson), 104.5p Justicetown Farm. Charolais, 109.5p Huntershields, 105.5p Hayclose. Belgian Blue, 107.5p & 105.5p North Lodge, 106.5p Middlesceugh. Simmental, 107.5p & 106.5p Hallburn. Blonde d' Aquitane, 102.5p North Charlton. Black & White, 97.5p, 93.5p, 92.5p (x2), 91.5p & 90.5p (x2) North Charlton, 97.5p, 92.5p & 91.5p Willows Farm, 96.5p, 95.5p & 94.5p Bridge Farm, 93.5p Grange Farm, 91.5p & 90.5p South View.

Another large show of 2,800 prime sheep yet again met strong bidding from a keen ringside of buyers. Although the average was slightly down this mainly reflected the cheaper heavy hoggs trade, lighter hoggs were still a good trade. Top price per kilo was 202p for a pen of Beltex hoggets from JJ Lawson of Kirkland Green purchased by W Lindsay (Butcher) Station Street, Cockermouth. Top price per head was u91 for a pen of quality Texel hoggs from Mr T Todd of Tiffinthwaite purchased by Mr S Wilson (Butcher) Corby Hill. Also this day saw our first consignments of spring lambs when we held a special show & sale. The Champion pen was from Messrs Hewson of Parton Farm which sold for the top price per head u98 and per kilo 223p and were purchased by Mr R Harrison (Butcher) King St, Wigton. Lambs regularly topped 170p-180ppk.

Leading hoggets prices (all crosses): Beltex, u91, u90 Tiffinthwaite, u83, u80, u78, u65 Kirkland Green, u78 Parkgate Hall, u73 Nether Ernambrie, u67 Winterhope Farm, u64.80 West Micklethwaite, u60 Kilnclose Farm. Texel, u78, u74, u66.40 Dundraw Farm, u71 Kirkland Green, u68, u65.70 Sosegado, u66 Thornby Villa, u66, u65, u64 Mirkbooths, u65 New House. Suffolk, u68 New House, u64.10 Barrockend Farm, u64, u62, u59.20 Old Hall Farm, u60.50, u57.80 Hole Farm, u60 East Cliff Farm, u60 Thackmire, u59.50 Mirkbooths, u58.90 Street Head. Charollais, u68, u61.50, u59.50 Mirkbooths, u66.80, u65.40 Hall Bank, u64.20 Kirkland Green, u64 Thornby Villa, u63.20 Tiffinthwaite, u61 North Rigg Hill, u60.20, u60 Chapel Farm. Hill Cheviot, u63.50, u62.80, u59.50 High House, u63, u62.50, u60 Broomhills, u61.10 Setterah Park, u60.20 East Curthwaite, u60 Blackrigg, u60 Micklethwaite Farm, u59.10 nether Ernambrie. North Country Cheviot, u60 (x2), u57.20 Halket Leathes Farm, u58.40 Kirkbarrow Hall, u56.80 Broadmeadows Farm. Blackface, u57.80, u55.80, u54.40 Park House Farm, u55.50 Greystone House, u52.10, u46 Upper Brydekirk, u46 Street Head, u45 Crawfordjohnmill, u44.50 Raby Grange Farm. Greyface, u57.50 Justicetown Farm, u54, u51.80 Birk Bank, u52.40, u49.50, u49 (x2) Setterah Park, u50 Stoneraise Place, u50 Greystone House, u49.70 Buckabank Farm. Swaledale, u51.80 Stoneraise Place, u47.80 Hallmoor.

Leading lamb prices (all crosses):- Suffolk, u98 Parton Farm, u83, u80 (x2) Stoneraise Place, u82, u74 Beech Grove. Dorset, u76 (x2), u69, u67.80 Thornbank Farms.

Cast ewes and rams once more saw a roaring trade with an active ring of eight buyers bidding for all types. Leading ewe & ram prices (all crosses):- Suffolk, u79, u77 Gill Farm, u77.50 New House, u77.50, u69.50 East Cliff Farm, u75.50, u73.50 Seymour House, u73.50 Cardewlees, u73.50 Hall Bank, u69.50 Scotby Ghyll Farm, u69.50 Parkgate Hall. Texel, u77.50, u67.50 Haltcliffe Bridge, u74.50, u70.50 Home Farm, u71.50 Parton Farm, u61.50 Grapes Barn, u61.50 Chapel Farm. Continental, u67.50, u65.50, u58.50 Stoneraise Place. Halfbred, u64.50, u54.50 Scotby Ghyll Farm, u63.50, u56.50 Haltcliffe Bridge, u59.50 Grapes Barn, u57.50 New House. Greyface, u63.50 Old Hall Farm, u61.50 High House, u60.50, u58.50, u55.50 Park House Farm, u58.50 Isel Mill, u56.50 Little Beck, u55.50 Seymour House, u55.50 East Cliff, u54.50 Thornby Villa, u53.80 Waters Farm. Hill Cheviot, u58.50 Pine Grove, u49.50, u43.50 Home Farm.
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Publication:The Journal (Newcastle, England)
Date:Apr 7, 2004
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