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January 28

Harrison & Hetherington held their weekly sale of calves, which were forward in fewer numbers than last week due to the snow, with all classes selling to exceed last week's trade.

Leading prices:

Limousin bulls

pounds 250 (x2) pounds 155, pounds 145, pounds 140 The Glebe, pounds 190, pounds 155 Stoneraise Place, pounds 170, pounds 150 Brecon Hill, pounds 158 Myers Farm.

Heifers pounds 140 Myers Farm, pounds 138 The Glebe.

pounds 135 Stoneraise Place.

Belgian Blue bulls

pounds 200 Brecon Hill, pounds 198, pounds 180, pounds 140 Slacks.

pounds 165, pounds 160, pounds 150 Myers Farm, pounds 152, pounds 145 Plumpton Head.

Heifers pounds 155 Berrier Head, pounds 140, pounds 115 Slacks, pounds 115 Myers Farm, pounds 115 Brecon Hill, Aberdeen Angus bulls

pounds 205, pounds 160 Bank House.

Heifers pounds 105, pounds 100 Drumlanrig Mains.

Simmental Bulls

pounds 110 Bolton Park.

Heifers pounds 80 Bolton Park.

Holstein Friesian bulls

pounds 105, pounds 100, pounds 95 (x2), pounds 92, pounds 90 Bank House, pounds 85, pounds 75 West Plenmeller Farm.

pounds 102, 8 Station Road, pounds 102, pounds 95 Berrier Head, pounds 95 Dockray Hall.

January 28

At their Borderway Mart, Harrison & Hetherington Ltd held their weekly sale of weaned calves.

A small show of calves were presented to the usual large ringside of buyers ensuring a great trade.

Leading prices:

Aberdeen Angus bulls pounds 410 Bulls Head Farm.

Holstein Friesian Bulls pounds 348 (x8) Bulls Head Farm.

Limousin bulls pounds 275 Cadgillfoot.

Belgian Blue heifers pounds 205 Mawbray Hayrigg.

January 28

At Borderway Harrison and Hetherington held their weekly store cattle sale.

A catalogued entry of 684 saw the sale slightly ruined by the wintry weather both locally and in Yorkshire, however cattle still maintained their recent fantastic rates.

With over 900 for next week hopefully the weather will be better.

Leading prices:

(all crosses) Charolais bullocks pounds 745 (x2) pounds 655 (x2) pounds 640 High Knells Farm, pounds 640 (x2) pounds 615 (x4) Easton Farm, heifers pounds 465, pounds 452 Kirkbampton.

Limousin bullocks pounds 692 Scotsbrig, pounds 690, pounds 678, pounds 612 High Knells, pounds 622 (x2) Thackwood, pounds 622 Leeshill Farm, pounds 622 (x2) Wilson Park Farm, pounds 618 Easton Farm, pounds 612 Leeshill Farm, bulls pounds 602, pounds 552 Fell View, pounds 485, pounds 478 (x3) Hunsonby.

Charolais, heifers pounds 618 (x3) Easton Farm, pounds 548 (x2) Kirkbampton Farm.

pounds 508 Winshields, pounds 500 Thackwood, pounds 500 Scotsbrig, pounds 498 (x2) Tercrosset.

Belgian Blue bullocks pounds 622, pounds 615 Glebelands, pounds 580 (x2) Chapel House, pounds 580 Easton Farm, pounds 538 Scalesmoor. Heifers pounds 520 (x2) Haining Farm, pounds 520 (x4) Kirkbampton Farm.

Holstein Friesian Bullocks pounds 602 Easton Farm pounds 528 Bongate Moor.

Simmental bullocks pounds 600, pounds 570 (x4) Easton Farm. Heifers pounds 478 Braithwaite Hall.

Blonde D'Aquitaine bullocks pounds 580 Easton Farm, bulls pounds 420 High Aketon. Heifers pounds 410 Croft House, pounds 398 (x2) Croftlands.

Aberdeen Angus bulls pounds 500 Green Gill, pounds 465 (x4) High Aketon, heifers pounds 442 (x2), pounds 418 Braithwaite Hall, pounds 400 (x4) Colene Croft, Meuse Rhine Isel pounds 438 (x4) High Aketon, Bazadaise heifer pounds 475 Easton Farm.

January 28

At their Borderway Mart, Harrison & Hetherington held their weekly dairy sale.

A small show was offered with trade seen to be sharper on the week.

Leading prices: pounds 700 Langrigg Hall, pounds 620 Blackwell Farm.

January 27

Limousin Heifers 114.5p, 103.5p Flotterton.

Charolais Heifers 107.5p, 100.5p Flotterton.

Hexham & Northern Marts had forward 3,190 prime hoggs.

An increased entry and good show of hoggs were forward with trade considerably dearer on the week.

Heavy hoggs sold to pounds 69 for Suffolk x from Palm Struthers.

Export hoggs sold to a top of 144.7p for Texel x hoggs from Palm Struthers (38kg) and 142.1p from Middle Dukesfield (38kg).

Suffolk x pounds 69 Palm Struthers, pounds 68.50 East Butsfield, pounds 67 Nunwick, pounds 64.60 Wallhouses, pounds 64.50 Aimshaugh, pounds 64.20 Newlands Haugh, pounds 64 Hard Riding, pounds 63.50 East Butsfield, pounds 63.20 Lunns House, pounds 63 Aimshaugh, pounds 61.80 Risehead, pounds 61.50 New Dotland, & Steel Hall, pounds 61.40 Humber Hill, pounds 61 Nunwick, pounds 60.80 Wall Fell, pounds 60.50 Black Hill, & Lingey Field, pounds 60.40 Bankfoot, pounds 60 Newlands, pounds 59.80 Aimshaugh, pounds 59 Aimshaugh, 138p Wallhouses, 136.9p Woodlands Hall, 135.4p Newlands Haugh, 134.5p Low Lane House, 132.8p Flotterton, 131.7p Durhamfield, 131.4p Black Hill, 131.1p Brandon Hall, 131p Low Fotherley, 130.7p Woodlands Hall, 130.2p Newlands Haugh, 130p Bankfoot, 129.7p Burnt House, & Low Fotherley, & Little Whittington, 129.5p Hawick Farm, 129.3p Little Whittington, 129.1p Woodlands Hall, & Bankfoot, 128.6p Whitchester, 128.2p Springwell Cottage, 127.9p Humber Hill, & Black Hill.

Texel x pounds 67.80 Thornton Tower, pounds 67.20 Hard Riding, pounds 65.80 Airey Hill, pounds 64.50 New Dotland, pounds 62.60 Burnt House, pounds 61.20 Airey hill, & Harwood Shield, pounds 60.80 Nilston Rigg, pounds 60.50 Corneyside, pounds 60.20 Low Farnham, pounds 60 Elfoot, & Thornton Towers, & Low Eshells, & High Fotherley, pounds 59.80 New Dotland, pounds 59.80 Lingeyfield, & Heddon Haugh.

pounds 59.50 Palm Struthers 144.7p Palm Struthers, 142.1 Middle Dukesfield, 139.5p Broom House, & Bankfoot, 139.3p Palm Struthers, 139p Airey Hill, 138.2p Broom House, 138.1p Watch Currock, 138p Little Swinburne, & Claywalls, 137.3p Hareshaw, 136.7p Errington Farm, 136.5p Low Eshells, 135.7p Middle Dukesfield, 135.4p Corneyside, 135.2p Low Lane House, 134.8p Lingey Field, 134.5p Palm Struthers, 134.4p Nilston Rigg, 134.2p Comb Hill.

Mule, pounds 68.50 Farneyshield, pounds 62 Risehead, pounds 60.80 New Dotland, pounds 60.20 Nilston Rigg, pounds 59.80 High Town, pounds 59.60 New Dotland, pounds 59.50 Harwood Shield, pounds 59.20 West Cocklaw, pounds 58.40 East Butsfield, pounds 58 Quarry House & New Dotland, pounds 56.80 Carry House, & Hammershield, pounds 56.20 High Town, pounds 56 Nunwick, pounds 55.80 Risehead, & Aimshaugh, pounds 55 Nilston Rigg, pounds 54.50 The Hott, pounds 54 Blakelaw, pounds 53.80 Harwood Shield, 130p Humber Hill, 127.3p High Edges Green, 127p Brandon Hall, 126.2p Brownleazes, 125p Nilston Rigg, 124.5p Elfoot, 123.7p Nilston Rigg, 123p Low Lane House, 122.9p Quarry House, 122.2p High Town, 122.1p Carry House, 121.3p Risehead, & Aimshaugh, 121.1p The Hott, 121p Lowfield, & Wayn Rigg, 120.7p Whiteside, 120.5p The Stobbs, 119.7p The Heugh, 119.6p Harwood Shield.

Blackface, pounds 59 Burnbank, pounds 58.60 New Dotland, pounds 57.20 Quarry House, pounds 57 Hareshaw, pounds 56 & pounds 54 Brownleazes, pounds 53.80 Nilston Rigg, pounds 53.50 The Hott, pounds 52 Quarry House, & Thornton Tower, pounds 51.50 Brieredge, pounds 49.60 New Dotland, pounds 49 Townshield, & Hawick Farm, pounds 48.80 Gleedlee, pounds 48.50 Nilston Rigg, pounds 46 Hawick Farms, pounds 45.50 Burnbank 127.2p New Dotland, 125.1p (2x) Gleedlee, 124.4p Nilston Rigg, 124.3p Hawick Farm, 123.8p Thornton Tower, 123p Burnbank, 122.7p Brownleazes, 121.6p The Hott, 119.6p Nilston Rigg, 119.2p Quarry House, 117.7p Broomhope, 116.7p Hawick Farm, 116.2p Bridgeford, 114.9p New Dotland, 114.7p Brieredge, 114.5p Lowfield, 114.4p Brieredge, 114.3p Brownleazes, 114.1p Townshields, 114p Hareshaw.

Swaledale, pounds 51 Round Meadows, pounds 49.50 Risehead, pounds 48 Round Meadows, pounds 47 High Edges Green, pounds 45.20 Aimshaugh, 126.3p Round Meadows, 123.7p High Edges Green, 122.2p Aimshaugh, 120.7p Risehead, 113.3p Round Meadows.

Chev x, pounds 58 Flotterton, pounds 54.40 Flotterton, pounds 47.50 Townshields, pounds 46.60 & pounds 41 Flotterton, 133.1p, 129.5p, 128.1p & 123.4p Flotterton, 115.9p Townshields.

Charollais x, pounds 60.20 Aimshaugh, pounds 57 Durhamfield, pounds 56.80 Aimshaugh, pounds 56.40 Mickley Moor, pounds 55.80 Woodlands Hall, pounds 55.60 Durhamfield, pounds 55 Durhamfield, pounds 54 Woodlands Hall, 138.5p Woodlands |Hall, 132.4p & 131p Durhamfield, 129.8p Woodlands Hall, 128.2p Mickley Moor, 126.7p Durhamfield, 126.2p Aimshaugh.

Leicester, pounds 43 & 116.2p Middle Dukesfield.

Cast sheep

Hexham & Northern Marts sold 541 head of cast ewes and rams to average pounds 39.09.

Quality considered, all classes were sharper by pounds 1.50-pounds 2.00 per head on the week.

The sale breakdown reads: 276 Blackface & Swaledale Ewes & Rams, average, pounds 34.84 and plainer entry of mules, Suffolk, Half Bred, Leicester and Continental x Ewes - 265 in number averaged pounds 43.52.

Texel x

pounds 76 Kiln Cottage, pounds 64 Low Ardley, pounds 58 Newbiggin.

pounds 66 Harewalls.

Half Bred

pounds 64, pounds 62 East Trewick.

pounds 58.50 Low Ardley, pounds 57.80 Dunns House, pounds 56 Low Lane House,m & Low Ardley, pounds 54.50 Palm Struthers, West Shield, pounds 50 West Cocklaw.

pounds 58.50 & pounds 53 Newton High House.

pounds 64.50 Quarry House (TQ).

pounds 56.50 Cowburnrigg, pounds 48.50 Dunns House, pounds 47 Cowburn Rigg, pounds 41.20 Monkridge Hall, pounds 40.50 West Cocklaw, pounds 39.20 Greencroft, pounds 38.80 Fallowfield, pounds 38.50 Wall Town, pounds 38 Paradise.

pounds 36.50 Paradise Farm, pounds 26.80 & pounds 25.80 Blackhalls.

Leicester Rams

pounds 52 Hareshaw, pounds 49.50 Brownleazes.

pounds 49, pounds 42 Dunns House, pounds 41 Hareshaw, pounds 40 Brieredge & Toft House, pounds 39.50 Monkridge Hill, pounds 38 Dudlees.
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Date:Jan 30, 2004
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