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March 22

Prime cattle 83 Young beef bulls 9 Prime hoggs 5350 Cast ewes & rams 3393 Prime lambs 0 OTM cattle 26 Prime steers to 139.5p for Limousin from Hallburn Prime heifers to 145.5p for Belgian Blue from Loughrigg Prime bulls to 125.5p for Limousin from Southlambhill.

Otm cows to 95.5p for Limousin from Mossband House Otm heifers to 110.5p for Limousin from Wyliehole Otm steers to 93.5p for Limousin from Brisco Hill Prime hoggs to pounds 69.00 for Texels from Clerkhill Light ewes to pounds 39.50 for Blackfaces from Burnside Heavy ewes to pounds 80.50 for Texels from No. 4 Woodside Rams to pounds 74.50 for Suffolks from Easthouse.

Steers Medium to 131.5p (131.5p) Heavy to 139.5p (122.5p) Heifers Medium to 129.5p (123.3p) Heavy to 145.5p (117.0p) Young Beef Bulls to 125.5p (110.5p) Hoggs Light to 131.2p (120.0p) Standard to 152.6p (121.0p) Medium to 144.4p (125.2p) Heavy to 127.6p (126.4p) Ewes Light to pounds 39.50 (pounds 28.43) Heavy to pounds 80.50 (pounds 46.02) Cast Rams pounds 74.50 (pounds 45.26).


Farm sale March 24

Harrison & Hetherington Ltd conducted a sale on behalf of PV Dobson the stock clearance sale was held at Levens with a large attendance from all parts north and south with all machinery selling to vendor's expectations.

Leading prices: Ford TM125 fwd pounds 15,500; MF365 4wd pounds 9,600; Case 4230 4wd c/w loader pounds 9,000; Moffet MFT handler pounds 8800; MF6150 4wd 16x16 pounds 7,900; MF 8110 4wd pounds 7,800; same Silver 80 4wd pounds 7,800; John Deere 6200 4wd pounds ,7600; MF8110 4wd Dynashift pounds 7,000; Ford 5610 4wd pounds 6,600; John Deere 578 baler pounds 6500; Hitachi Zax15 1.5T mini digger pounds 6,100; MF 6180 4wd pounds 6,000; Fermec 130 3.0T mini digger pounds 5,600; MF 3630 4wd pounds 5,100; MF 230 2wd Duncan cab with loader pounds 4,800; MF 3095 4wd pounds 4,700; Ford 4610 4wd with loader pounds 4,500; Gehl skid steer 4' pounds 4,100.


March 26

At Borderway Mart, Carlisle on Monday 26th March, Harrison & Hetherington held their weekly sale of Primestock. Once again an increased number of 340 prime cattle bulls and cows were forward with many new vendors returning to take advantage of Borderways flying trade. Mr Mcharrie of Duchra sold 11 Limousin bulls to average 133.6p which topped at 145.5p, purchased by Mr Mike Atkinson. Messrs Hunter's of Upper Brydekirk run of bulls averaged 133.5p which topped at 142.5p also bought by Mr Mike Atkinson. Messrs Winder & Son of Greenside Farm sold a Limousin cross bull for 138.5p purchased by Bowland Foods. Mr Ian Bell of Hallbankgate Farm sold the top priced Charolais bull for 875kg 119.5p pounds 1,045.63.

Leading bull prices: Limousin, 145.5p, 139.5p, 138.5p, 135.5p, 133.5p Duchra, 142.5p, 135.5p Upper Brydekirk, 138.5p Greenside Farm, 135.5p Old Rectory, 133.5p Park View.

Leading overall prices:- Charolais, pounds 1,046 Hallbankgate. Limousin, pounds 1,023 Ryal Westside Farm.

A larger show of 98 prime cattle were forward with well finished cattle in great demand. Messrs Hetherington of Old Hall Farm run of seven bullocks averaged 126.5p which topped at 133.5p & 131.5p (x2) purchased by Mr Milburn and Pioneer Foods (x2). Messrs Bousfield of Glaslyn House run of cattle topped at 129.5p (x2) for Limousin heifers bought by Mr Jim Mullholland (Butcher) Great Orton and Mr Mike Atkinson. Seymour Farms run of cattle topped at 129.5p for a Limousin cross heifer purchased by Mr Charles Kirkpatrick. Messrs Bousfield & Son sold a Belgian Blue cross bullock for 128.5p purchased by Pioneer Foods. Messrs Musgrave & Son of Cardew Hall bullocks topped at 128.5p for a Blonde cross purchased by Pioneer Foods. Messrs Smithson of Bloan Farm sold a Belgian Blue cross for 128.5p purchased by Mr Charles Kirkpatrick. Messrs Musgrave & Sons sold the top overall priced Limousin bullock for 855kg 124.5p pounds 1064.48 purchased by Pioneer Foods. Messrs Hetherington of Old Hall Farm run of bullocks topped at 790kg 133.5p pounds 1,054.65 bought by Mr Milburn.

Leading bullock prices:- Limousin, 133.5p, 131.5p (x2), 129.5p Old Hall Farm, 127.5p Highfield Farm, 126.5p (x2) Crossfell House. Belgian Blue, 128.5p Glaslyn House, 128.5p Bloan Farm, 126.5p Midtown Farm (Brown). Blonde, 128.5p Cardew Hall Farm.

Leading heifer prices:- Limousin, 129.5p (x2) Glaslyn House, 129.5p Seymour Farms.Leading overall prices:- Limousin, pounds 1,064 Cardew Hall Farm, pounds 1,055 & pounds 1,013 Old Hall Farm. Blonde, pounds 1,002 Cardew Hall Farm. Belgian Blue, pounds 989 Bloan Farm. 120 cast cows and OTM cattle were presented to the usual ringside of buyers. All classes were again excellent to sell with well fleshed cattle being particularly sought after. The top price of the day being 121.5p pounds 1083 for a magnificent Belgian Blue bull one of a marvellous consignment of cattle from Messrs Hall & Son of Inglewood Edge, Dalston the consignment of ten cows averaged 105.5p pounds 782, fifteen cattle made over 100p per kilos, Whilst black & white cows topped at 86.5p from Messrs Harrison of Down Hall, Aikton as a majority of the sale realized over 75p per kilo averaging pounds 600. Many more cows could have been sold to vendors' advantage with TB 1+2 area cows selling at excellent levels.

Leading prices per kilo:Limousin, 108.5p (x4), 107.5p (x2), 104.5p (x2) Inglewood Edge, 107.5p, 92.5p Low Meathop Farm, 106.5p Upper Brydekirk, 96.5p (x2) Stud Farm, 92.5p Cracrop, 86.5p Burn House, 84.5p Park View. Aberdeen Angus, 105.5p, 102.5p (x2), 99.5p Bush of Ewes. Belgian Blue, 103.5p Linstock Castle. Blonde, 102.5p, 94.5p Inglewood Edge. Charolais, 92.5p West Trailtrow. Holstein, 86.5p Down Hall, 84.5p Mainhill Farm, 81.5p West Trailtrow, 80.5p Lamplugh Hall, 78.5p, 77.5p Park House Farm, 77.5p High Oaks, 77.5p Balladoyle, 77.5p Cockley Bank, 77.5p, 76.5p East Cliff Farm, 77.5p High Bow, 76.5p Greenmoorside. Friesian, 85.5p Balladoyle, 83.5p, 81.5p, 76.5p West Trailtrow, 81.5p, 76.5p Bleabank Farm, 81.5p, 79.5p The Flatt, 79.5p Chalk Lodge. Shorthorn, 73.5p Parton Farm.

The largest show of prime sheep this year were forward. 3656 prime hoggs were present with trade slightly less on the week but with good quality cheviot hoggs still making pounds 10 to pounds 15 over the weights. Cheviot hoggs regularly exceeded 125p. An overall average of 118.65p was recorded. Top price per kilo was 167p for a pen of Beltex lambs from John Hall of Inglewood Edge, Dalston purchased by Mr Stephen Stoddart. Top price per head was pounds 70 for a pen of six quality Texel lambs from Jack Lawson of Kirkland Green, Mealsgate purchased by Mr Jim Mullholland (Butcher) Great Orton.

Leading prices per head: Texel, pounds 70 (x3), pounds 67 Kirkland Green, pounds 68 , pounds 66.50 (x2), pounds 64.80, pounds 64.30 Beck Farm, pounds 65 Wood Farm, pounds 64 Sunnygill Farm, pounds 63, pounds 62.50 Temon, pounds 63 Corriefield, pounds 62.40 Toppin Castle Farm, pounds 62.30 Haithwaite Farm. Beltex, pounds 69, pounds 57.50 Inglewood Edge, pounds 67, pounds 66.50, pounds 65.50, pounds 65 Lairdlaugh, pounds 66, pounds 59.90, pounds 58.40 Newton High House, pounds 64.50, pounds 64 Wood Farm, pounds 62, pounds 59.40 Grange Hall, pounds 61 Castlehill, pounds 57.90 Mealrigg House. Berrichon, pounds 67, pounds 61.50, pounds 54.50, pounds 51 Millerhill. Charollais, pounds 66 Wood Farm, pounds 63, pounds 54.50 Mirkbooths, pounds 54 East Cliff Farm, pounds 52.90 White House, pounds 52.90 Stoneraise Place, pounds 52.80, pounds 48.50 Bowscale, pounds 50.70 Cardewlees, pounds 48.20, pounds 47.40 Newby Hall. Suffolk, pounds 63, pounds 56 Sunnygill Farm, pounds 62 Broomhills, pounds 62 Mirkbooths, pounds 61, pounds 59, pounds 58.60, pounds 58.50, pounds 58.40 Old Hall Farm, pounds 60 Wetherhill, pounds 56 (x2) East Cliff Farm. North Country Cheviot, pounds 61.30 Kilnclose Farm, pounds 61, pounds 58, pounds 57 Broomhills, pounds 56.90, pounds 54.70 Croft Farm, pounds 56, pounds 52.50, pounds 52 Stone House, pounds 55.50, pounds 55 Sycamore Rise, pounds 55.50, pounds 54.50, pounds 53 Halket Leathes, pounds 54.70 Croft Farm. Blueface Leicester, pounds 55 West End. Zwartbles, pounds 54.60 Ash View. Hill Cheviot, pounds 54.50 Lonning Farm, pounds 54.40, pounds 53.90, pounds 53.10 East Curthwaite, pounds 53.50 Little Orton Farm, pounds 53.40 Parkhouse, pounds 53.10, pounds 53, pounds 52.80 Woodhousehill, pounds 53 (x2) Broomhills, pounds 52.70 Harrington Ling, pounds 52.50 (x2) Stone House, pounds 52.50 Sycamore Rise. Greyface, pounds 54 Wood Farm, pounds 52.40 Kilnclose Farm, pounds 50 White House, pounds 49.80, pounds 49, pounds 48.50 Leigh Croft, pounds 49, pounds 48.50 Upper Brydekirk, pounds 49 Stoneraise Place, pounds 48.70 Petteril Bank, pounds 48.50 Wallholme, pounds 48.50 Hayclose, pounds 48 Temon. Lleyn, pounds 53.20, pounds 53 Toppin Castle Farm. Halfbred, pounds 51.60 Stoneraise Place. Rouge, pounds 45.40 Latterford. Blackface, pounds 36 Haithwaite. Swaledale, pounds 34 Cumcrook Farm.

Cast ewes were forward in less numbers but trade was much dearer on the week.

Cast ewes and rams: Beltex, pounds 58.80 Middle Farm, pounds 51.50 Newton High House, pounds 47.50 Wood Farm. Texel, pounds 55.50 Newton High House, pounds 54.50 St Oswalds Farm, pounds 52.50 Middle Farm, pounds 50.50 Woodhead, pounds 50, pounds 47.50 Castlehill, pounds 48.50 Ash View, pounds 47.50 Wood Farm, pounds 47.50 Barracoomb, pounds 45.50 Mirkbooths, pounds 45.50 Allerby Hall. Suffolk, pounds 54.50 (x2) Low Moorhouse Farm, pounds 52.50 Fingland Rigg, pounds 50.50, pounds 49.50 Wavercroft Farm, pounds 48.50 Newtown Farm, pounds 43.50 Fingland Rigg. Greyface, pounds 49.50 Newtown Farm, pounds 42.50 Fingland Rigg, pounds 40.20 High Wreay Farm, pounds 39.50 Willows Farm. Blueface Leicester, pounds 48.50 Millerhill, pounds 41.50, pounds 38.50 West End, pounds 39.50 West Fenwick. Charollais, pounds 47.50 Mirkbboths. Hill Cheviot, pounds 25.50 Sycamore Rise. Swaledale, pounds 25.50 (x2) Willows Farm.


A larger show of ewes and lambs were presented with 300 plus units forward. Texel ewes and lambs were regularly over pounds 40 per life with a top of pounds 57 with mule ewes pounds 30 to pounds 40 per life depending on age and quality.

Leading Prices (Breeding Ewes ( Texel, pounds 78 Meikle Westland. Ewes with lambs at foot ( Texel, pounds 57 Meikle Westland, pounds 51, pounds 48.50, pounds 42.50 Bedlands Gate, pounds 47, pounds 39 Marina House, pounds 46, pounds 40, pounds 39 Ash View, pounds 39.50, pounds 39, pounds 38 Midtown Farm. Beltex, pounds 50 Bail Hill Farm. Suffolk, pounds 44, pounds 40 Low Struthers. Greyface, pounds 37 (x2) Faugh Beeches, pounds 35.50 High Wreay Farm. Lleyn, pounds 34.50 Bedlands Gate. Halfbred, pounds 33.50 Midtown Farm. Store sheep- Texel, pounds 42, pounds 41 Latterford, pounds 35 Broomhill, pounds 32, pounds 30 Fell View Farm. Greyface, pounds 34 96 Main Street, pounds 32 Broomhill. Zwartbles, pounds 32 Fell View Farm.

At the weekly sale of crop, silage in round bales sold topounds 9per bale. Barley straw mini hestons sold topounds 64 and round bales alsosold to pounds 14 per baleMini heston wheat straw sold to pounds 61 per tonne.

IMPLEMENT SALE ( The Spring sale of implements and machinery was well supported with vendors and purchasers from all parts of the country and Ireland. All lots selling very well.

Leading prices ( Implements pounds 5,450 (x2) Silage Trailer, pounds 3,650 Fraser Silage Trailer, pounds 3,100 McHale 991 B Bale Wrapper, pounds 2,300 IW Trailer. pounds 1,750 Graham Edwards Trailer, pounds 1,400 Flat Trailer, pounds 1,350 Livestock Trailer, pounds 1,250 SH40 Reco Forage Harvester, pounds 1150 Yamaha Quad, pounds 1,150 Marshall Dual Muckspreader, pounds 1,050 I W Cattle Trailer, pounds 950 Ride on Mover, pounds 850 Kverne TA337 Mower, pounds 800 Rotaspreader.

Tractors: pounds 1,880 MF 565 & Loader, pounds 1550 McCormick Int B275, pounds 1,400 MF 135, pounds 900 JCB, pounds 880 Tinsley 40ft Artic Trailer & Hiab.


March 27

Hexham and Northern marts had forward 45 cattle including 20 over thirty month animals.

PRIME CATTLE. Sharper on the week and short of requirements. Limousin heifers; 128.5p Watch Currock, 120.5p & 117.5p Hard Riding, 117.5p Thockrington Charolais heifers; 125.5p, 121.5p & 120.5p Flotterton Blonde Steers; 120.5p Low Leam(x2) Blonde Steers; pounds 841.58 & pounds 783.25 Low Leam Limousin Steers; pounds 790.50 Hallington New Houses Limousin Heifers; pounds 796.70 Watch Currock Charolais Heifers; pounds 771.20 & pounds 765.55 Flotterton.

Over 30 month animals Smaller plainer show of OTM animals, a similar trade and short of requirements. Belgian Blue; 94.5p Low Leam, 82.5p Town Farm Limousin; 92.5p Frost Hall, 90.5p Leadgate, 88.5p Dunns Houses, 81.5p Allenshields, 80.5p Cawfields Charolais; 83.5p Beaumont House.

Simmental; 76.5p Town Farm Charolais; pounds 743.15 Beaumont House, pounds 676.20 Shield Hill Belgian Blue; pounds 590.63 Low Leam Limousin; pounds 586.80 Allenshields, pounds 584.10 Dunns Houses Holstien; pounds 521.95 Ashtrees Simmental; pounds 520.20 Town Farm.

PRIME HOGGS (1005). Again, very few quality hoggs on offer. However with more buyers operating all classes proved sharper on the week.

The sale was topped at pounds 62.50 by Texel hoggs from Shildon Hill and at 127.4 p/kg for a superb pen of 18 42 kilo Beltex cross hoggs from Nunwick Hall which were purchased by Cranstons Ltd Butchers, Priestpopple, Hexham. Texel x pounds 62.50, pounds 58.80 & pounds 58.50 Shildon Hill, pounds 56.80 Low Stokoe, Flotterton & Nunwick, pounds 56.50 Bridgeford, pounds 56.20 Longstruther, pounds 55.20 Colepike Home Farm, pounds 55 Old Town, pounds 54.80 Nunwick & Billerley 125p Old Town, 124.1p Whitehall, 121.9p Middle Heads, 119.5p Flotterton, 118.9p Nunwick, 117.8p Peacock House, 117.7p Billerley, 117.4p Colepike Home Farm, 117.1p Grange Farm, 117p Longstruther, 116.3p Meadow Flatt, 116p Longlea Beltex pounds 53.50, pounds 45.40, 127.4p & 119.7p Nunwick Suffolk x pounds 58.50 West Kirkheaton, pounds 56.80 Flotterton & Whins, pounds 56 West Kirkheaton, pounds 55.20 Low Struthers, pounds 55 Grange Farm & Colepike Home Farm, pounds 54.80 West Cocklaw(x2) & Colepike Home Farm, pounds 54.50 Whins

121.3p & 119.6p Nunwick, 117.4p Whins, 115.9p Middle Heads, 115.7p Grange Farm, 114.6p Whins, 114.5p West Cocklaw, 113p Grange Farm, 110.6p Billerley, 110.4p West Shields Mule pounds 52.20 Bridgeford, pounds 52 Peacock House, pounds 51.50 Meadow Flatt, pounds 51.20 Ravensworth Grange, pounds 51 & pounds 48.50 Flotterton, pounds 47 Ravensworth Grange, pounds 46.50 Low Stokoe 113P Peacock House, 112p Meadow Flatt, 111.1p Bridgeford, 110.9p & 110.2p Flotterton, 109.5p Bridgeford, 105.4p Landieu Cheviot x pounds 56 Flotterton, pounds 54.20, pounds 52 & pounds 51 Nunwick, pounds 48.80 Flotterton, pounds 47.50 Nunwick, pounds 44.50 Flotterton 121.8p Nunwick, 120.3p Flotterton, 118.6p Nunwick, 116.2p Flotterton, 115.6p Nunwick Charollais x pounds 55, pounds 54.20 & pounds 54 Whins, pounds 52 West Kirkheaton 119.4p Longlea, 112.5p & 107.8p Whins Leicester pounds 48.80 & 99.6p Low Struthers, pounds 39.80 & 102.1p West Cocklaw Blackface pounds 54.50, pounds 51.50 & pounds 50.50 Newbiggen, pounds 49.80 Bridgeford, pounds 47.80 Flotterton, pounds 44 Newbiggen, Bridgeford & Stewartshield, pounds 42 Bridgeford & Gleedlee 122.6p Flotterton, 115.8p Stewartshield, 114.8p Newbiggen, 113.7p Flotterton, 113.5p Gleedlee, 112.8p Bridgeford & Newbiggen, 111.8p Gleedlee, 109.2p Low Stokoe, 108.8p Cross House Swaledale pounds 47 Rawfoot(x2), pounds 45 Hollin Close, pounds 42.50 Baal Hill, pounds 41.20 Rawfoot, pounds 40.80 Longlea 111.9p & 111.4p Rawfoot, 110.3p Longlea, 108.8p Allenshields, 104.7p Hollin Close, 104.4p Rawfoot

CAST EWES & RAMS (261). Much sharper on the week with Mules and hill ewes. A far better trade to pounds 45 for Mule ewes from Blossom Hill and pounds 30.50 for Scotch type Blackface ewes from Stewartshield. Cheviot ewes sold to pounds 52.50 from Shilmoor.

EWES Suffolk x pounds 53 Intake, pounds 50.50 Salmonswell, pounds 50 West Kirkheaton, pounds 47 West Cocklaw, pounds 46.80 Intake, pounds 45 Lodge Farm Texel x pounds 52 Salmonswell, pounds 47.50 Little Harle, pounds 47.20 High Baulk(x2) Mule pounds 45 Blossom Hill, pounds 44.20 Intake, pounds 43 Edges Green, pounds 42.80 West Cocklaw, pounds 42.50 Grange Farm, pounds 42 Hill Top, pounds 40.80 Jubilee Buildings, pounds 39 Lodge Farm & Rawfoot, pounds 38.80 Jubilee Buildings, pounds 38 West Wharmley Cheviot x pounds 52.50 Flotterton Leicester pounds 49 Longlea, pounds 46 Hawick Blackface pounds 30.50 Stewartshield, pounds 30 Toft House, pounds 28.20 Flotterton, pounds 27.50 Little Harle & Hawick, pounds 26.50 Cottonshope Swaledale pounds 28.20 & pounds 25.20 Rawfoot, pounds 22.50 Baal Hill, pounds 19.50 Allenshields, pounds 18 Ottercops

RAMS Suffolk pounds 42 Airy Holm Texel pounds 41.50 Hollin Close Cheviot pounds 28.50 Shildon Hill Leicester pounds 50 Rawfoot Cross pounds 36 Leadgate Blackface pounds 21 Stone House, pounds 20 Dunterley Swaledale pounds 33.50 Rawfoot, pounds 27.50 Landieu


March 27

John Swan Limited sold 94 Feeding Cattle. A small show of Cattle were easily cleared at similar extreme rates.

Leading Prices: Steers:- Lim.x pounds 760, pounds 702 Hillcrest, pounds 682, pounds 652, pounds 645 Ladykirk, pounds 630 Shotton. Sim.x:- pounds 655, pounds 650 Smeafield, pounds 620 Milfield Demesne. A.A.x:- pounds 550 Milfield Demesne. Char.x:- pounds 712, pounds 705, pounds 635 East Ditchburn. Blonde.x:- pounds 518 Shawdon Woodhouse. Heifers:-Lim.x:- pounds 500 Ingram, pounds 472 Puncherton. Sim.x:- pounds 440 Ingram. Char.x:- pounds 572, pounds 545 East Ditchburn, pounds 530 Smeafield. Blonde.x:- pounds 558, pounds 525 Smeafield.

Leading Prices Per Kilo:- Steers:- Lim.x:- 145.7p, 135.2p Puncherton, 138.8p Shotton. Sim.x:- 120.6p Smeafield. Char.x:- 140.6p, 136.6p, 134.3p East Ditchburn. Blonde.x:- 153.3p, 149.5p The Hagg. Overall Steers Average:- 126.7p/kg. Heifers:- Lim.x:- 124.4p Shotton. Char.x:- 131.6p, 126.6p East Ditchburn. Blonde.x:- 131p, 125.6p Smeafield. Overall Heifers averaged 117.3p/kg. Fallodon Grass Parks let to pounds 132 per acre and averaged pounds 103.20.

March 28

John Swan Limited sold 509 Hoggs and 100 Ewes at their weekly sale of Primestock. Hoggs sold to 117.7p/kg for a pen of 48kg Texels from South Ditchburn and to pounds 63for a Texel scaling 63kg also from South Ditchburn.

Heavy Hoggs sold above expectations, export weights fewer in numbers and slightly harder to cash due to excessive numbers throught the country.

Leading Prices Per Head:-Tex.x:- pounds 63 South Ditchburn, pounds 57 Kettleburn, pounds 56 Ford Westfield, pounds 55.50 Wandon, pounds 55 Eglingham Hall. Suff.x:- pounds 60 Eglingham Hall, pounds 59.50 Newstead, pounds 57.80 Wandon, pounds 55.80 Castlelaw, Titlington Mount. Chev:- pounds 48 Ford Westfield, pounds 47 Kettleburn. Mul:- pounds 53.20 Ladykirk, pounds 49 Titlington Mount. BFL:- pounds 52.50 Titlington Mount.

Leading Prices Per Kilo:- Tex.x:- 117.7p South Ditchburn, 116.2p Cockhall, 113.8p Barmoor South Moor. Suff.x:- 112p Pawston. Chev:- 116.7p Ford Westfield, 115p Kettleburn.

EWES:- More needed for buyers requirements. All classes in extreme demand to average pounds 46.

Leading Prices Per Head:- BL:- pounds 66 Mindrum Mill. BFL:- pounds 65.50 11 Lamberton. Suff.x:- pounds 64.50 Mindrum Mill, pounds 54.50 Gainslaw Hill, Titlington Mount, pounds 52 Low Middleton, pounds 50 South Doddington. Tex.x:- pounds 58.50 Eglingham Hall, pounds 55.50 Barmoor South Moor, Westhall, pounds 55 Gainslaw Hill. HB:- pounds 52.50 Barmoor South Moor. Chev:- pounds 43.50 Biddlestone Home Farm. BF:- pounds 33.50 11 Lamberton.


March 27

Hopes Auction Co, Wigton held their weekly sale of Primestock on Tuesday when there was an entry of 202 prime cattle, 34 bulls, 536 hoggs & ewes.

All classes of cattle met an outstanding trade and were short of buyers requirements.Heifers madetop price of 147.5p per kg for a Limousin shown by D Anderson, Crosby House Farm, Maryport whose run of 17 cattle averaged 135p. Top price of pounds 910.35per head was paid for a Limousin shown by HJ & JMD Blake, Halfway Well, Great Salkeld. Joint top price of141.5p per kg was paid for twoLimousin's Bulls one shown by Messrs Watson, Cunningarth, Westward and the other shown by L Clark, East House, Gilcrux, Aspatria. Top price per head for Bulls was pounds 1070.10 for a Limousin shown by Messrs M & MA Ridley, Lonning Head, Haltcliffe, Hesket New Market.

The top price for Steers was a joint top priceof 138.5p pr kgone for a Limousin shown by Ashburner Limited, High House, Sandwith and for a Blonde also shown by Ashburner Limited. Top price per head was pounds 981.83 for a Limousin shown by JJ & J Benson & Sons, Kirkland Hall, Wigton.

Averages: STEERS: MW 131.50 (119.44) HW 138.50 (120.13) HEIFERS LW 110.50 (110.50) MW 138.50 (119.93) HW 147.50 (125.59) BULLS MW 104.50 (91.99) HW 141.50 (118.88).


Limousin 147.5 145.5 144.5 Crosby House Farm 145.5 West Farm (Miller) 144.5 Halfway Well Belgian Blue 143.5 Crosby House Farm Blonde 133.5 The Laurels 132.5 Sandwath Charolais 121.5 Midtown Gelbvieh 118.5 High Aketon Simmental 112.5 Clea Mire

BULLS Limousin141.5 Cunningarth 141.5 137.5 East House 140.5 High Plasketlands 130.5 Lonning Head Holstein Friesian 111.5 Calvo 104.5 Oulton Grange Blonde 108.5 & 107.5 Calvo Ayrshire 95.5 & 92.5 Plasketlands

STEERS Limousin 138.5 132.5 High House 137.5 132.5 Grassknop Farm 133.5 The Laythes 131.5 Jenkin Cross Blonde 138.5 High House 127.5 Crosby House Farm Belgian Blue 135.5 Lords Close Charolais 122.5 Midtown 117.5 & 116.5 Mawbray Farm 116.5 High Aketon Simmental 120.5 Allerby Hall Montbeliarde 113.5 Jenkin Cross Aberdeen Angus 106.5 Aikhead Shorthorn 96.5 Ireby Hall

HOGGS The top price per head was pounds 76.80paid for Homebred Beltex Hoggsshown by Messrs J W Rae, Greenah Villa, Langrigg. Top price of 165.00p pr kg was made for a pen of Texel hoggs shown by Messrs J Dixon & Son, Lesson Hall, Wigton.

AVERAGES: SW 125.00 (119.86) MW 165.00 (120.76) HW 156.00 (111.09) Per Head Beltex pounds 76.80 & pounds 72.80 Greenah Villa Texel pounds 74.80 pounds 72.80 Lessonhall (Dixon) pounds 73.80 The Laurels pounds 70.80 Greenah Villa Suffolk pounds 64.80 Jenkin Cross pounds 59.80 Lessonhall pounds 55.20 Oulton Hall Cheviot pounds 55.80 pounds 53.80 & pounds 52.80 Ericstane pounds 52.20 Roundhill pounds 51.80 Kirkland Green pounds 51.80 Stone House Charollais pounds 54.80 Mechi pounds 52.20 Kirkland Green pounds 46.80 the Heads Leicester pounds 54.80 Dockray Hall Mule pounds 49.80 Bridekirk Hall pounds 49.80 Kirkland Green pounds 49.20 & pounds 48.20 Roundhill Per Kg Texel 165.00 Lessonhall (Dixon) Beltex 156.00 Greenah Villa Charollais 127.00 Kirkland Green 110.00 Mechi Suffolk 122.00 Lessonhall (Dixon) 121.00 Kirkland Green Cheviot 121.00 Roundhill 120.00 Ericstane 118.00 Kirkland Green 113.00 Stone House Mule112.00 Roundhill 108.00 Kirkland Green 104.00 Bridekirk Hall Leicester 94.00 Dockray Hall

EWES Texel pounds 55.80 Mid Farm pounds 52.80 pounds 50.80 Mechi pounds 49.80 Dockray Hall pounds 49.80 Abbey Cowper pounds 49.20 East Farm Cheviot pounds 54.80 Ericstane Beltex pounds 52.80 Parkgate Hall Suffolk pounds 51.80 Mechi pounds 50.80 Parkgate Hall Half Bred pounds 47.80 Jenkin Cross Lleyn pounds 41.80 The Laurels


March 27


The Cumberland & Dumfriesshire Farmers Mart had forward 1,083 ewes with lambs at foot and store hoggs at their weekly sale at Longtown.

Ewe with lambs met a keen trade with store hoggs upholding recent high rates. Greyface and Texel shearlings with singles sold to pounds 37.50 from Henrys Hill. Suffolk ewes (3/4 shear) with singles pounds 36 Low Brooms and with twins to pounds 36 also Low Brooms. Greyface correct ewes with singles to pounds 36 Fourways and with twins to pounds 34 Fourways and pounds 33 Faugh Beeches.

Store hoggs to pounds 54.50, pounds 52.50 and pounds 48.80 for Texels from Muirhead; North Country Cheviot pounds 48.50 Browtop, pounds 45.20 Greenbeck; Suffolk pounds 41.50 High Craigton; Swaledale pounds 40.20, pounds 38.20, pounds 37.80 (x3) Whitfield Farm; Greyface pounds 39.50 Whitfield Farm; Cheviot pounds 38.50 Sorbietrees, pounds 36 Burnfoot of Ewes. Tup hoggs to pounds 51.50 Sorbietrees.

Feeding ewes to pounds 40.50 for Texels from Bayles; Suffolk pounds 36.50 Bayles; Charollais pounds 35.50 Bayles; Cheviot pounds 32.50 Sorbietrees.


March 28


On Wednesday Harrison & Hetherington Limited held their weekly sale of calves. Calves were forward in fewer numbers with all classes of calves selling to exceed vendors expectations.

Leading Prices:Bulls: Limousin pounds 310, pounds 305 Cadgillfoot, pounds 300, pounds 290, pounds 280 Balladoyle, pounds 285, pounds 190 Lane End, pounds 220 Gaitsgill Hall Farm, pounds 155 11 Smithy Court, pounds 140 Bow Bridge, Belgian Blue pounds 310 Harrington Ling, pounds 285 Millrigg Farm, pounds 280, pounds 215 Gaitsgill Hall Farm, pounds 275 11 Smithy Court, pounds 195, pounds 140 Bow Bridge, pounds 195, pounds 190 Riggheads, pounds 180 Nook House Farm, pounds 180, pounds 145 Geltside Farm, pounds 150 Harrington Ling, Aberdeen Angus pounds 130, pounds 115, pounds 105 The Bramery, pounds 120 Wheatsheaf, Holstein pounds 95, pounds 60 (x4) Townhead, pounds 92 Stubb Farm, pounds 85 Nouthill, pounds 75 (x2) Moorthwaite Farm, pounds 60 Whitelaird. Heifers: Limousin pounds 290, pounds 275, pounds 255 Balladoyle, pounds 280 Cadgillfoot, pounds 160, pounds 155 New Mill Farm, pounds 140, pounds 115 Wheatsheaf, pounds 125 Smithy Court, pounds 120 Woodhouse Farm, pounds 110 Nook Farm, Belgian Blue pounds 270, pounds 215 Kinkry Hill, pounds 250, pounds 230 Brecon Hill, pounds 180, pounds 150 Smith Court, pounds 175 Greengill Farm, pounds 165 Burton House Farm, pounds 160, pounds 150, pounds 135 Riggheads, Saler pounds 140 Smith Court, Aberdeen Angus pounds 155 (x3) Smithy Court.

STORE CATTLE 1092 store cattle, stirks and calves were forward. Trade was marvellous for all quality of stock.

Leading Steer prices:- (all crosses)Limousin pounds 875, pounds 855, pounds 825, pounds 730 (x3), pounds 705 Stud Farm, pounds 780, pounds 770 (x2), pounds 695 South Slealands, pounds 760, pounds 750 (x2) Hill Top Farm, pounds 720 (x2) Rose Farm, pounds 700 High Greengill, Charolais pounds 765 Rose Farm, pounds 525 Cambeck Hill, Simmental pounds 755 Rose Farm, pounds 700 (x3), pounds 675, pounds 632 (x2), pounds 608 Gardrum, pounds 598, pounds 595 (x2), pounds 582 Redlands Bank, Blonde d'Aquitaine pounds 678 (x2), pounds 570 (x2) Middlemoor House, pounds 580 Thornship Farm, Belgian Blue pounds 675 Gardrum, pounds 662 (x2), pounds 640 (x3) Whinney Hill, pounds 655 Leesrigg Pasture, pounds 635, pounds 628 Mealrigg House Farm, pounds 605(x2), pounds 600 (x2), pounds 582 Coldshield, pounds 600 East Curthwaite , pounds 592 (x2) Redlands Bank, Friesian pounds 595 Redlands Bank, Holstein pounds 540 (x3) Blue Dial Farm, Aberdeen Angus pounds 532 Whinny Hill, pounds 520 Scarside Farm Heifers: Belgian Blue pounds 660, pounds 585 Castle Farm, pounds 635 Blue Dial Farm, pounds 572, pounds 565 Hesketh Lane, pounds 565 (x2) West House, Limousin pounds 655 Ranbeck, pounds 642 Rose Farm, pounds 630 Stud Farm, pounds 610, pounds 605 Thistlebottom, pounds 610 (x3) Whitefield, pounds 610 New Bampton Farm, pounds 605 Rose Farm, pounds 600 Ranbeck, Charolais pounds 608 (x2), pounds 560 West House, pounds 560, pounds 542 (x2) Sideway Bank, pounds 555 Mossthorn, Holstein pounds 645 Wood Farm, Blonde d'Aquitaine pounds 550 (x2) Townhead Farm, Simmental pounds 522 (x2) Redlands Bank.

Bulls:- Blonde d'Aquitaine pounds 588, pounds 575, pounds 572 Limousin pounds 588, pounds 572 Orton Hall.

WEANED CALVES 200 stirks were forward with trade slightly dearer for all classes.

Leading prices: (all crosses) Bulls:Limousin pounds 510, pounds 470 (x2)pounds 445 Orton Hall, pounds 490 Oakdale, pounds 448 Bankshead Farm, pounds 410 Cumdivock House, pounds 400 Tarn Lodge Farm, pounds 390 (x2) Bankshead Farm, pounds 380 (x3) Tarn Lodge Farm, pounds 380 Eskbank Farm, pounds 375 (x2) Hesket Demain, Blonde d'Aquitaine pounds 458 (x2), pounds 452 Orton Hall, Aberdeen Angus pounds 370, pounds 325 (x5) Askham Hall Farm, pounds 302 Russell Gate, Belgian Blue pounds 362, pounds 350 Red House, Continental pounds 340, pounds 310 (x2) Wyndham House Farm, Holstein pounds 325 Tarn Lodge Farm. Heifers:- Belgian Blue pounds 480 Morton Farm, pounds 475 Leigh Croft, pounds 382 Red House, pounds 355 (x2) Wood Farm, Limousin pounds 468, pounds 445, pounds 440 (x2), pounds 435 Leigh Croft, pounds 445 (x2), pounds 425 Grange Farm, pounds 420, pounds 390 Holmewrangle, pounds 410 Ghyll House, pounds 395 (x4) High Grounds, pounds 360 Hallrigg, Aberdeen Angus pounds 300 Antrim Avenue. Steers:- Limousin pounds 485 (x2) Tenter Hill, pounds 478, pounds 380 (x2) Sandysyke, pounds 450, pounds 430 Grange Farm, Charolais pounds 465 (x2) Yew Tree, Belgian Blue pounds 440 (x3) Field Head, pounds 300 (x2) Sandford Hall, Aberdeen Angus pounds 360 (x2) Yew Tree.


March 29

North East Livestock Sales sold 121 prime cattle, 5 OTMS, 1737 sheep comprising 1373 hoggs and 364 cast ewes. Prime cattle- Another decent show of cattle dearer to average 122p overall.

Blonde Steers- 137.5p 134.5p 128.5p 127.5p N Rennington, 128.5p Newham Hall, 133.5p Warton. Lim Steers-137.5p 134.5p 127.5p 126.5p Embleton Mill, 136.5p 134.5p 131.5p Chevington Moor, 136.5p 132.5p Southfield. Sim Steers- 128.5p 124.5p Start Up, 126.5p 124.5p Blagdon Burn. Char Steers- 127.5p 124.5p Chevington Moor. Bel Hfrs- 132.5p 128.5p 127.5p Annstead. Lim Hfrs- 128.5p Proctor Steads, 127.5p Embleton Mill, Elyhaugh, 126.5p Newham Hall. Char Hfrs- 128.5p Chevington Moor, 125.5p Southfield. Sim Bulls- 128.5p Causey Park, 123.5p(2) South Acton. Lim Steers- 901, 868 Chevington Moor, 873 Blagdon Burn, 867, 861 Embleton Mill. Blonde Steers, 895, 863 Newham Hall, 893 N Rennington. Sim Steers- 860 Eslington. Blonde Hfrs-841 Newham Hall, 810 Elyhaugh. Bel Hfrs- 771,729,714 Annstead. Lim Hfrs- 759 Southfield, 746 Embleton Mill, 702 Annstead. Blonde Cow- 604 (87.5p) Oakdene. Sim Cows- 524, 517 (82.5p) 78.5p) Start Up.

Hoggets- Fleshed hoggets still in good demand others cheaper.

Texels- 63.50, 60 Loanend, 61.50, 58.80, 58 Earsdon East. 60.50, 60 (2) , 59 Swarland Old Hall, 60.50,60 Ingoe Low Hall, 60, 58.50 Newlands Haugh. Suffolks (x mule)- 61.80, 60.20 Earsdon East, 60, 59.20 Newlands Haugh, 59, 58.80 Ingoe Low Hall, 59 Black Heddon, 58 Dyke Head, South Clarewood. HBX- 60, 58.50 Hartlaw, 60, 57.80 Berryhill, 57.50 Charlton Mires. Charolais- 59.80, 59.50 Earsdon east, 59.50, 59 Causey Park, 59.20 East Coldside, 58.80 Wingates Wholme. Cheviots- 59 Juries House, 58 Ferneybeds. Mules- 54.40 Charlton Mires, 53.80, 51.20 East Butsfield, 53.60, 50 Snipe House, 51 Redesmouth. BF- 53.50 Redesmouth, 49 Birtleyshield. Beltex- 140p 120p Loan End, 122p Ferneybeds. Texels- 126p 120p Swarland Old Hall, 125p 122p 118p Angerton Broome, 118p High Callerton. Cheviots- 123p 120p Ferneybeds, 122p Low Hall. Charolais- 123p ,122p, 118p Angerton, 119p 118p Wingates Wholme. Suffolks- 119p Ferneybeds, 118p Northend, Angerton, 117p Follions, 116p Golden Moor. Mules- Snipe House, 112p Redesmouth, East Newham. BF-110p Redesmouth.

Cast Ewes- Shortage of numbers, the dearest trade this year.

Suffolks- 60, 50.50 Ingoe Low Hall, 56, 51 Newlands Haugh, 55.50 East Butsfield, 52.50 Weetslade, 52 South Farm, 50 Dyke Head. Texels- 57.50 Weetslade, 56 Loan End, 50 South Clarewood. Charolais- 52, 51 east Newham, 50 Moorlaws, 48 Swarland, Dyke Head. HB- 53 west Hall, 50 Highlaws. Vendeen- 48 N Lyham. Beltex- 49.50 Grange House. Mules- 49 South Clarewood, 47 Weetslade,46 East Butsfield, South Clarewood. BF- 43, 36.50 Loan End, 39.80, 30.50 Moorlaws, 37 Hole Law, 35 East High Ridge, Shipley, Craigs House, 34.80 Dyke Head, 34 Snipe House. Swales- 29.20 Raechester. Tex Rams- 50 Juries House. BFL Rams-51 North Lyham.


March 29

Darlington had forward at the easter show and sale 536 head of prime cattle including 198 young bulls. 2051 head of prime sheep comprising of 1868 hoggets, 29 spring lambs and 154 cast ewes.

The judge Mr George Anderson of Sevenacres farm Haswell awarded the following:

Prize winners were as follows

Best Heifer class 1st JV & JA Hodgson 2nd M Robinson & son 3rd S Newcombe & Son

Best Steer Class 1st JG Walton &son 2nd Askwiths 3rd M Robinson & son

Best Young Bull Class 1st AG Watson & son 2nd L Raine 3rd MW Skidmore

Overall Champion JV&JV Hodgson for a PimX Heifer which realised 164.5p/kg and pounds 927 JV&JA Hodgson sold Woolley Bros of Sheffield

Young bulls standard to 161.5pkg and pounds 903 P Coupland average 118pkg heavy to 169.5pkg and pounds 1133 AG Watson average 126pkg (all p/kg)

169.5, 145.5, 139.5, 138.5 137.5x3 AG Watson, 167.5, 143.5, 141.5, 139.5 MW Skidmore, 161.5 P Coupland 147.5, 140.5 JA Boyes, 143.5 L Raine, 141.5 MJK Dods, 139.5 JE Jordan, steers standard to 158pkg and pounds 853 JG Walton & son average 131pkg heavy to 148pkg and pounds 1038 S Newcombe&son average 131pkg (all p/kg) 148.5, 146.5, S Newcombe, 144.5, P Coupland, 143.5, 141.5, 138.5, 137.5 Corner bros, 143.5, 139.5 TN Hodgson, 143.5 M Robinson, 142.5 JG Wilkinson, 142.5 JG Walton, 140.5 Cheesebrough&son

Heifers standard to 147.5pkg and pounds 692 H Sedgewick average 132pkg heavy to 164.5pkg and pounds 927 JV & JA Hodgson average 132pkg (all p/kg) 164.5 JV&JA Hodgson, 154.5, Falshaw ptnrs, 154.5, 146.5x2 S Newcombe&son, 153.5, 151.5, JG Walton&son, 150.5, 149.5, 148.5 143.5 142.5 P Coupland, 150.5 M Robinson, 144.5 W Swinbank, 147.5 H Sedgewick, 144.5 143.5 WF Hustwait 143.5 MJK Dods.

Spring lambs medium to 191pkg and pounds 74 JW Hobson average 170pkg standard to 189pkg and pounds 80 Donaldson Ptnrs average 175pkg heavy to 171pkg and pounds 80 PK & HC Dowson average 170pkg overheavy to 150pkg and pounds 81 JW Hodson average 148pkg Prime hoggs medium to 127pkg and pounds 48 JJS Allison average 118pkg standard to 130pkg and pounds 54-50 T Blythman average 122pkg heavy to 121pkg and pounds 55-80 Wytherstone fms average 109pkg overheavy to 107pkg and pounds 59-50 Wytherstong fms average 102pkg (pounds /head) 59-50, 56, RH Thompson, 58-50 GA&JM Turnbull, 57-50, 56 RW&R Henry, 56-50, 54-80 WF Dove, 56, 55 JC&A Hutchinson 56 FH Hutchinson, 56 RH&J Raw, 55-80x3, 54-50 Wytherstone fms, 55-50 JR & M Richardson, 55 JM Hall, 55-20 GC & JC Pullan.

55-20, 54 JR & MJ Wilkinson, pounds 54-80 JR Knox, pounds 54-50 K Duffus


March 29

Prime cattle 94 Young beef bulls 4 Prime hoggs 6311 Cast ewes & rams 4893 Prime lambs 0 OTM cattle 9 Prime steers to 131.5p for Limousin from Hallburn Prime heifers to 137.5p for Limousin from Dashwellgreen & Hallburn Prime bulls to 94.5p for Holstein/Friesian from Southlambhill Otm cows to 84.5p for Charolais from Stormont

Otm heifers to 90.5p for Limousin from Stormont Prime hoggs to pounds 65 for Texels from Rosehill Light ewes to pounds 41.50 for Blackfaces from Albierigg Heavy ewes to pounds 80.50 for Halfbreds from Longdyke Rams to pounds 68.50 for Charollais from Ballyclare

Steers Medium to 134.5p (120.1p) Heavy to 131.5p (121.6p) Heifers Medium to 137.5p (127.7p) Heavy to 137.5p (121.4p) Young Beef Bulls to 94.5p (88.7p) Hoggs Light to 130.0p (120.7p) Standard to 131.2p (122.7p) Medium to 155.2p (120.5p) Heavy to 137.5p (106.3p) Ewes Light to pounds 41.50 (pounds 30.00) Heavy to pounds 80.50 (pounds 47.85) Cast Rams pounds 68.50 (pounds 43.15).
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