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September 26

Breeding sheep

The Cumberland & Dumfriesshire Farmers Mart plc had forward 4,393 breeding sheep at their special sale, comprising 2,508 ewes, 1,249 shearlings, and 636 ewe lambs. All classes enjoyed the best trade of the season with shearlings selling to pounds 86 for Texel x from Greenside Lodge & Maxton House, others pounds 84

Glencartholm, pounds 83 Wardhead. Greyfaces pounds 82 Loch House, pounds 80 Wardhead. Cheviot Mules pounds 81

Maxton House who also sold North Cheviots at pounds 78.Lleyns

pounds 51 Wardhead, Roussin pounds 54 Stackbraes.

Greyface ewe lambs sold to pounds 58 from Lane Head, others pounds 55 Mains, pounds 52 Hardhurst. Cheviot Mules pounds 43 Side Farm.

2 Shear ewes sold to a top of pounds 68 for Greyface from Maxton House, others pounds 64 Englishtown, pounds 60 Whitehaugh, Cheviot Mules pounds 62, pounds 60 Wardhead. Texels pounds 65, pounds 64 Loch House. Suffolk x pounds 58 East Foreshield, Swaledale pounds 31 Dryevers. 3 Shear ewes to pounds 59 for Greyface Whitehaugh, Texels pounds 59, pounds 58 Loch House, pounds 54 Stackbraes.

Cheviot Mules pounds 54 Wardhead. Suffolk x pounds 58 East Foreshields, Halfbreds pounds 50 Maxton House, Swaledales pounds 36 Whitehaugh. Correct ewes to pounds 55 for Texels from Maxton House, pounds 52 Castletown & Southcroft. Greyfaces pounds 48 Loch House, pounds 43 Whintingstown & Mosside. Cheviot Mules pounds 44 Wardhead, Suffolk x pounds 54 Stackbraes & Haithwaite, Lleyns pounds 40 Stackbraes. Correct below ewes to pounds 40 for Cheviot Mules from Nethertofts, Cheviots pounds 38 Barnglies.

Also included in the sale were two dispersals. The first from Messr Patterson, Loch House, whose top was pounds 84 for Texel shearlings, Greyfaces pounds 82, pounds 76, pounds 75.One crop Greyface pounds 65, pounds 64, Texels pounds 65. Two crop Greyface pounds 59, pounds 58, 3 crop Greyface pounds 48, pounds 47.

The second was from W B McTaggart, Whitehaugh, Hawick whose top was pounds 60 for 1 crop Greyface ewes. Texels pounds 55, 2 crop Greyface pounds 59, Texels pounds 50.3 crop Texels pounds 45, Greyfaces pounds 40, Swaledales pounds 36. Texel shearlings pounds 54.


September 26

Store lambs

The Cumberland & Dumfriesshire Farmers Mart plc had forward 5,552 store lambs (including 2,040 Cheviots) at their sale.

A great show and with more distant clients present, all classes were again very dear. Top was pounds 40.50 for Texels from Hartsgarth, others to pounds 39 Ridley Farm, pounds 38.80 Winterhope. Suffolks pounds 39 Ridley Farm, pounds 38.80 Broomfallen Road, pounds 38.50 Blinkbonny. Charollais pounds 36.20 Raeburnhead, Greyfaces pounds 35 Nettling Flatt, pounds 34.80 High Edges Green & Parkhouse, pounds 34.50 Woodside, High House & Standingstonerigg. Blackfaces pounds 36.80 Townshields, pounds 36.50 Wanwood Hill, pounds 33.50 Tecket, Newton & Debog. Swaledales pounds 25.80 Gibbs Hill, Lleyns to pounds 36.20 Hillcrest, Herdwicks pounds 30.20 Nettling Flatt, Zwartbles pounds 32.50 Dyke Row.

Cheviots were a larger show and met the dearest trade of the season. Top was pounds 38.50 for Hill North Cheviots from Sorbietrees, others pounds 37 Commonside, South Cheviots to pounds 36.50 Glendinning & Arkleton, pounds 36 Parkhill, pounds 35.50 Winterhope, Hermitage & Hartsgarth.

Cumberland & Dumfriesshire Farmers Mart plc had forward 933 prime lambs and 97 cast ewes & rams.

Prime lambs to pounds 50.80 for Beltex from Solway Bank.

Light ewes to pounds 19 for Swaledales from Laverhay.

Heavy ewes to pounds 42.00 for Texels from Upper Ashtrees.


Lambs: Light to 100.0p (100.0p).

Standard to 107.6p (102.8p). Medium to 112.6p (105.6p)

Heavy to 103.8p (100.8p).

Ewes: Light to pounds 19.00 (pounds 14.49)

Heavy to pounds 42.00 (pounds 33.08).


September 27

Border ewe & ram sale

The Cumberland & Dumfriesshire Farmers Mart plc conducted their annual Border Ewe Sale of Cheviot Sheep when there were 4,509 forward.

A great show of sheep attracted buyers from all parts of the country with trade being fantastic and pounds 3 per head dearer on the year. North Cheviots sold to pounds 87, pounds 86, pounds 78 from Messrs Ross, Wardhead, others to pounds 85 The Burn.

Ewe Lambs to pounds 54 Lanefoot, pounds 53 Binsey & Marrah Hall. Ewes to pounds 56, pounds 52, pounds 51 Marwhirn, pounds 52 Tererran & Potholm, pounds 50 Naddle.

Hill Cheviots were to a top of pounds 80 for 4 crop ewes from retiring shepherd W Moffat, Unthankhope who also sold 3 crops at pounds 77, 1 Crop at pounds 70 and gimmers at pounds 46. Other draft ewes to pounds 48 Glengeith & Castle Crawford, pounds 46 Philliphaugh. Ewe lambs pounds 36 Upper Hindhope, pounds 34 Castle Crawford.

Other dispersal sheep from Messrs. Osborne, Castle Hill sold well with gimmers to pounds 36, 1 crop pounds 42, 2 crop pounds 42, 3 crop pounds 42, 4 crop pounds 36.

There was a total clearance at the annual show and sale of North Country Cheviot shearling rams with buyers present from a wide area including the Isle of Man.

Top price of pounds 620 was paid by Messrs. Smith, Whiteknowe, Penton to K & O Stones, Nuncote Nook. Messrs. Stones sold others to pounds 520 (2). The Nuncote pen of 6 averaged pounds 406. The champion ram from Messrs Smith, Whiteknowe sold to pounds 400. Allanshaws sold to pounds 400. North Synton topped at pounds 480. The overall average was pounds 226 which was up pounds 11 on the year.

Horned breeding sheep sale

The Cumberland & Dumfriesshire Farmers Mart plc conducted their annual sale of horned sheep being mainly Swaledale & Blackface when there were 4,841 forward.

Again a large, quality show of sheep attracted many buyers from as far away as Devon, Wales & Yorkshire. Trade was again excellent for all classes with Swaledales selling at a premium. Top was pounds 66, pounds 58 from Messrs Taylforth, The Side, others to pounds 54 Orthwaite Hall, pounds 52 Baggarah Yeat. Correct belows to pounds 31 Stone Hall. Shearlings to pounds 65 Shankfieldhead & Dumblar Rigg.

Blackfaces sold to pounds 74 for shearlings from Wanwood Hill & Fawcettlees, others to pounds 68 Dykecrofts. Draft ewes to pounds 26 Sorbie & Bushley Bank, pounds 24 Crewe, Burnmouth, Collin Bank & Glenwhargen. Ewe lambs to pounds 34 Wanwood Hill.

A dispersal of Blackfaces from RC MacPherson, The Glen, met a sound trade with 1 crops to pounds 43, 2 crops pounds 40, 3 crops pounds 33.

Draft Lleyn ewes to pounds 37 The Height.


September 28

OTM cattle

The Cumberland & Dumfriesshire Farmers Mart plc had forward 50 feeding cattle at their weekly sale.

Top was 100.5p for a Limousin from J Tinning, Burnfoot on Esk

Prices per kilo

Limousin cows 100.5p Burnfoot, 91.5p Nunscleugh, 90.5p, 84.5p Burnfoot

Friesian cows 64.5p Hillhead

Angus cows 84.5p Burnfoot

Luing cows 78.5p Townfoot, 66.5p Arkleton

Galloway cows 68.5p Spout Bank

Simmental cows 82.5p Copperthorns


Cumberland & Dumfriesshire Farmers' Mart PLC had forward 78 prime cattle, 10 young beef bulls, 4,558 cast ewes & rams, 5,506 prime lambs and 50 OTM cattle

Prime steers to 136.5p for Limousin from Hallburn

Prime heifers to 139.5p for Limousin from Hallees

Prime bulls to 135.5p for Limousin from Beckton Hall

Prime lambs to pounds 64.00 for Texels from Kirkton

Light ewes to pounds 38.50 for Cheviots from Inglewood Edge

Heavy ewes to pounds 60.50 for Texels from Port O Spittal

Rams to pounds 66.50 for Charollais from Redbanks


Medium to 136.5p (123.4p)

Heavy to 129.5p (120.8p)


Medium to 127.5p (111.8p)

Heavy to 139.5p (114.8p)

Young Beef Bulls to 135.5p (115.1p)

Lambs Light to 109.3p (93.6p)

Standard to 133.8p (104.3p)

Medium to 117.5p (106.6p)

Heavy to 115.6p (102.5p)

Ewes Light to pounds 38.50 (pounds 19.13)

Heavy to pounds 60.50 (pounds 33.70)

Cast rams pounds 66.50 (pounds 36.32)


September 26

Hopes Auction Co, Wigton, held their weekly sale of Primestock on Tuesday when there was an entry of 221 prime cattle and 51 bulls t ogether with 1,182 prime sheep.

Prime cattle

All classes met a strong trade. Quality cattle sold to extreme rates with a good number over pounds 1,000.

Bulls sold to top price of 177.5pper kg for ahomebred Belgian Blue shown by Mrs E Gill, Lowthwaite Farm, Uldale.The top price per head for bulls was pounds 1172.50 for a homebred Limousinshown by W & R Lawson, Stubbsgill Farm, Distington.

Bullocks made to 159.50p per kgfor aBelgian Blue crossshown by J T Barton, Whiterushes Farm, Woods Lane, Ashton In Makerfield. A Belgian Blue shown by Messrs RE & S Baldwin, Landgate Farm, Bryn, Wiganmade the top price of pounds 1165.93 per head.

Heifers made to a top price of 158.50p pr kg for a Belgian Blue shown by Messrs RE & S Baldwin, Landgate Farm, Bryn, Wigan.This beast also made top price of pounds 1022.33 per head.

Averages: Steers: LW 116.50 (100.50). MW 145.50 (109.28). HW 159.50 (120.44). Heifers: MW 152.50 (120.92). HW 158.50 (125.21). Young bulls: MW 133.50 (106.06). HW 177.50 (122.23).


Belgian Blue 177.5 Lowthwaite Farm

Limousin 167.5 & 157.5 Stubbsgill Farm 144.5 Ellenbank 142.5 High Plasketlands

Charolais 139.5 Scales Hall 124.5 x2 Clea Mire

Blonde 137.5 & 135.5 Westnewton Hall

Saler 109.5 Broom Farm

Holstein Friesian 107.5 & 100.5 Broomhills 102.5 Abbeyhouse


Belgian Blue 159.5 Whiterushes Farm 158.5 & 156.5 Landgate Farm 145.5 Moorend

Limousin 152.5 Miller Hill 152.5 Whiterushes Farm 146.5 Outgang 146.5 High House (Ashburner)

Blonde 145.5 Landgate Farm 136.5 The Wreay

Charolais 137.5 High House (Ashburner) 125.5 Highlaws 122.5 Whitelees

Holstein Friesian 107.5 Wellington Farm 101.5 Micklethwaite Farm

Shorthorn 100.5 & 92.5 Ireby Hall


Belgian Blue 158.5 & 153.5 Landgate Farm146.5 The Old Vicarage

Limousin 156.5 Greenah Villa 151.5 143.5 Loughrigg 146.5 Miller Hill 145.5 Haltcliffe Bridge 141.5 Cockbridge House

Charolais 115.5 Jenkin Cross

Blonde 108.5 Knowe Hill



The top price per head was pounds 69.00 paid for Texel cross lambs which also made top price of 157.00p pr kg. These were shown by Messrs Rae, Greenah Villa, Langrigg, and purchased by Greyhound Inn, Bothel.

AVERAGES: SW 122.00 (116.00). MW 157.00 (105.69). HW 139.00 (105.20). Others: 115.00 (101.86).

Per head

Texel pounds 69.00 Greenah Villa pounds 66.80 Greenwood Farm pounds 66.80 & pounds 61.80 Lesson Hall pounds 62.00 Stanger Hill pounds 59.80 Greenhill pounds 57.20 Tiffenthewaite pounds 56.80 & pounds 55.80 Thistlebottom pounds 56.20 Low Longthwaite pounds 56.20 Stubbsgill pounds 56.80 & pounds 56.20 East Farm (Batty) pounds 59.20 & pounds 55.80 Bothel Parks

Beltex pounds 59.80 Clea Mire pounds 52.80 Abbeycowper pounds 47.20 & pounds 46.80 Parkgate Hall pounds 45.20 Pasture House

Suffolk pounds 56.80 Midtown pounds 50.00 Croftlands pounds 49.80 High Hall pounds 47.20 Wiza Farm pounds 44.20 High Wood Nook pounds 40.20 Grange Farm (Hayton)

Dutch Texel pounds 49.80 pounds 46.80 pounds 45.80 Newlands Farm

Mulepounds 45.20 Fellside House Farm pounds 42.80 Orthwaite Hall pounds 42.20 Baggra Yeat pounds 39.20 Lonning Foot pounds 38.80 Paddigill pounds 37.80 Fellside Farm

Charollais pounds 45.20 Grange Farm (Hayton)

Per kg

Texel 157.00 Greenah Villa 148.00 Stanger Hill 135.00 Bothel Parks 139.00 134.00 & 133.00 Lessonhall (Dixon)

Beltex 142.00 Clea Mire 117.5 115.5 & 112.5 Abbeycowper 116.00 110.00 The Wreay 112.00 & 111.00 Parkgate Hall

Beltex 119.00 114.00 112.00 Newlands

Charollais 108.00 Grange Farm (Hayton)

Suffolk 101.00 Grange Farm (Hayton) 100.00 High Wood Nook 100.00 Wiza Farm 96.00 High Hall (Thompson) 95.00 Midtown (Gray)

Mule 100.00 Orthwaite Hall

Half Bred 95.00 Newmill


Texel pounds 45.80 Pasture House pounds 42.80 & pounds 36.80 Croft House (Watson) pounds 38.80 Old Vicarage pounds 38.80 pounds 37.20 Westward Parks pounds 37.80 Grange View pounds 37.80 Greenwood Farm

Suffolk pounds 38.80 Bothel Parks

Half Bred pounds 35.80 Jenkin Cross

Mule pounds 29.20 & pounds 27.20 Westward Parks.By anna lognonne

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September 26


Hexham Auction Mart had forward 95 cattle, including five young bulls and 39 over thirty month animals.

Prime cattle

Limousin heifers: 137.5p & 130.5p Hard Riding, 134.5p

Blackhalls, 126.5p Broomhall, 125.5p Nunwick, 122.5p Tone Hall, 119.5p Black Callerton

Charolais heifers: 134.5p Flotterton, 127.5p & 124.5p Tone Hall, 121.5p Nunwick

Limousin steers: 119.5p Peacock House, 118.5p Nunwick

Limousin steers: pounds 856.93 Peacock House, pounds 802.73 Watch Currock

Charolais heifers: pounds 777.75 Tone Hall, pounds 719.58 Flotterton

Limousin young bulls: 128.5p & 124.5p Silloans, 127.5p Ryal Westside

Friesian young bulls: 98.5p Lough House

Over Thirty Month Animals

Plainer show of OTM animals forward, better fleshed and shapely animals still returning a good trade. Animals lacking flesh and plainer shapes harder to cash.

Limousin: 105.5p Silloans, 99.5p Flotterton, 87.5p & 80.5p The Stobbs, 85.5p, 82.5p & 77.5p Tone Hall

Simmental x: 83.5p Hallington South, 77.5p The Bridges, 74.5p Redesdale(x2)

Limousin x: 82.5p The Steel, 77.5p Bulls Hill

Limousin: pounds 651.73 Flotterton, pounds 648.83 Silloans, pounds 577.50 The Stobbs

Simmental x: pounds 634.60 Hallington South

Prime Lambs (3,595)

A prime lamb show was held on behalf of members of the Blackface Sheep Breeders Association, North of England branch, kindly sponsored by the National Trust and expertly judged by Colin Anderson of Kielder Organic Meats, Dunterley, Bellingham. Pens of 10 Blackface prime lambs were on show and the judge made his awards as follows:

1st - W & J A Longlands, Rusheylaw

43kg, pounds 46.80 purchased by W Dodd Esq for Welsh Country Foods.

2nd - D G Yeats Esq, Cleughfoot

42kg, pounds 44.30 also purchased by W Dodd Esq.

3rd - Mrs V M Armstrong, Carrick

43kg, pounds 44.40 purchased by R Vevers Esq.

Thanks go to sponsors, judge and all exhibitors.

Commercial lamb report:

Less lambs forward but a better show for flesh met a very level trade with well covered Mule and Blackface lambs selling well.

Texel x

pounds 60.20 West Kirkheaton, pounds 59.50 Ryal Westside, pounds 54.20 Hard Riding, pounds 53.80 Ryal Westside, pounds 53 Airey Hill, pounds 52.50 Berwick Hill, pounds 52.20 Ryal Westside, pounds 51.80 Hard Riding, pounds 51.50 West Kirkheaton, pounds 51.20 Bankfoot, pounds 51 Ryal Westside, pounds 50.80 Brownsleazes, pounds 50 Blackburn

117.6p & 112.5p Hallington New Houses, 111.6p Billerley & Ryal Westside(x2), 111p Lough Green, 110.2p Little Swinburne, 110p High Fotherley & Haggate, 109.8p Nunwick, 109.7p Fairnley, 109.3p Palm Strothers, Breckon Hill, Low Hall Ingoe & Bridgeford

Suffolk x

pounds 57.80 West Kirkheaton, pounds 56 Ryal Westside, pounds 55 Flotterton, pounds 53.20 Tone Hall (x2), pounds 51.50 Nunwick, pounds 51 Berwick Hill, pounds 50.80 High Fotherley, pounds 50.20 Low Farnham & Billerley, pounds 50 Berwick Hill (x2), Highwood, Tone Hall, Blackburn & West Kirkheaton

108.2p Plashetts, 108.1p Morrowfield, 107.9p Low Eshells, 107.5p Fallowfield, 107.3p Pine Dene, 107.2p Merryshields, 107.1p Little Whittington & Blackburn, 107p White House, Cowburn Rigg & Derwent Oak, 106.8p Billerley & Thornton Tower


pounds 51 Hole Farm, pounds 49.80 Brownsleazes, pounds 49.60 Lowes Fell, pounds 48.80 Kellah, pounds 48.20 Bulls Hill, pounds 47.60 Kellah, pounds 47.30 Brownsleazes, pounds 46.60 High Moralee, pounds 46.50 & pounds 46 Lowes Fell, pounds 45.30 Tone Hall, pounds 45.20 Rusheylaw, pounds 45.10 Redburn, pounds 44.10 Kellah, pounds 44 Cooks House

103.3p Lowes Fell & Tone Hall(x2), 103p Tone Hall, 102.9p Fairnley, 102.8p Brownsleazes, 102.7p Rusheylaw, 102.6p Kellah & Bulls Hill, 102.5p Harwood Shield, Redburn & Hawksteel

Charollais x

pounds 49.40 Hard Riding, pounds 48.50 & pounds 47 Airey Hill, pounds 46.40 New House, pounds 45.80 Fairley, pounds 45.40 Merryshields, pounds 44.50 Low Fotherley, pounds 44 Merryshields

107.9p New House, 107.5p Hard Riding, 106.5p Fairley, 105.6p Merryshields, 105.1p Hard Riding, 104.8p Merryshields


pounds 48.20 Townfoot, pounds 46.80 Rusheylaw, pounds 46.60 Flotterton, pounds 44.40 Carrick, pounds 44.30 Cleughfoot, pounds 43.80 Townfoot, pounds 43.10 Kellah, pounds 40.50 Low Carriteth, pounds 40 West Nubbock(x2)

108.8p Rusheylaw, 105.5p Cleughfoot, 104.3p Townfoot, 103.6p Flotterton, 103.3p Carrick, 102.6p Kellah & West Nubbock (x2), 100.4p Townfoot, 100.3p Grindon Hill

Bleu du Maine

pounds 46.50 & 105.7p Lough Green

Cast Ewes & Rams

A good show of ewes, a useful trade throughout.

Texel x

pounds 52.50 & pounds 47 New Acres, pounds 47 Nunwick, pounds 46.50 New Acres & Beaumont House, pounds 45 Nunwick & East Town Milbourne, pounds 43.50 High Moralee, pounds 43 Nunwick, pounds 42 Beaumont House, pounds 40 Breckon Hill & Ashcroft

Suffolk x

pounds 49 Low Hall Ingoe, pounds 45.50 Nunwick, pounds 45 Low Hall Ingoe, pounds 40 Fairley & Nunwick, pounds 36.80 High Fotherley

Cheviot x

pounds 39 Bankfoot


pounds 38 Nunwick, pounds 37 Fairley, pounds 35.80 High Fotherley, pounds 35 New Acres, pounds 33.50 Low Hall Ingoe, pounds 33 Beaumont House & Blakelaw, pounds 32 South Gunnerton


pounds 29 The Steel, pounds 23 & pounds 22 Grottington, pounds 21.80 The Stobbs, pounds 21.20 Hole Farm, pounds 20.80 Carrick, pounds 17.50 Toft House, pounds 17 Woodhall


pounds 27 Broadgates, pounds 23 Hawick, pounds 22 Broadgates


pounds 14.80 Harlow Bower, pounds 13 Bridge End


September 27

Hexham and Northern Marts held their sale of Swaledale ewes and gimmers and Blackface ewes and gimmers at Hexham with an entry of 990 head and a second sale for 1,389 Mule and Texel ewes and gimmers.

Swaledale & Blackface Ewes & Gimmers

Swaledale Ewes 5yo

pounds 45 Whitehill, pounds 34 Dyke Nook (x2), pounds 32 Dyke Nook (x2) & Westburnhope, pounds 31 Westburnhope, pounds 30 Westburnhope & Ouston, pounds 29 Westburnhope & Ouston

Swaledale Ewes 6yo

pounds 28 Heatheryburn

Swaledale Ewes 4yo

pounds 54 Wolfcleugh Cottage, pounds 50 Wolfcleugh Cottage & Whitehill, pounds 47 Wolfcleugh Cottage, pounds 42 Noahs Ark

Swaledale Ewes 3yo

pounds 34 Cragside

Swaledale Gimmers

pounds 52 & pounds 48 Round Meadows

Blackface Ewes

pounds 36 Woodpark

Blackface Gimmers

pounds 51 Woodpark

Mule & Other Ewes & Gimmers

A good show of Mule gimmers and Mule and other ewes sold well throughout to a good company.

Mule Gimmers

pounds 96 & pounds 93 Tenter House, pounds 92 & pounds 90 Colwell Demesne, pounds 86 Well House, pounds 86(x2) & pounds 84 Glebe Farm, pounds 76 Blackcleugh, pounds 72 Colwell Demesne

Mule Ewes 1 crop

pounds 62 Shortflat Farms

Mule Ewes 3 crop

pounds 69 High Eshells, pounds 50 West Townhead

Mule Ewes 4 crop & mixed ages

pounds 66 Loadman, pounds 58(x2), pounds 57, pounds 50 & pounds 46 South Cornsay, pounds 46 Well House, pounds 45 Shortflat Farms, Well House & Hallington High(x2), pounds 44 Shortflat Farms, pounds 43 West Townhead & Well House, pounds 42 Parkside

Mule Ewes 5 crop

pounds 34 & pounds 32 Whitechapel

Mule Ewes UO

pounds 40.50 & pounds 38.50 South Cornsay, pounds 37 Hallington High, pounds 31 Derwent Grange & Well House, pounds 30 Hallington High & Newbiggen

Texel Gimmers

pounds 89(x2) & pounds 82 East Town Milbourne

Texel Ewes 3 crop

pounds 80 High Eshells

Cheviot & Texel mixed ages

pounds 40.50, pounds 38 & pounds 36.50 Derwent Grange

Suffolk Ewes W

pounds 39 Derwent Grange


September 27

John Swan Limited sold 1,885 lambs and 314 ewes at their weekly sale of primestock. Lambs sold to 112.7p/kg for a pen of 41kg Texel lambs from Black Heddon and to pounds 53 for a Texel Lamb from Edlingham Demense.

Lambs easier on week due to fall in national trade.

Leading prices per head: Tex.x: pounds 53 Edlingham Demense, pounds 52, pounds 51.80 Wrangham East, pounds 50.50 Holy Island, Farm Cottage, South Charlton, pounds 49.80 Kettleburn. Suff.x: pounds 51.80 Prenderguest, pounds 51.50 Roseden, pounds 50.50 Ladykirk, pounds 49 Yetlington Lane, Rothill, Sharperton. Chv.x: pounds 44.50 Hethpool. Belt.x: pounds 50.50 Ladykirk, pounds 47 Holy Island, pounds 44 Barmoor South Moor. Mul: pounds 47.20 Barmoor Red House, pounds 45 Branton Eastside, pounds 44.20 Edlingham Demense.

Leading Prices Per Kilo: Tex.x: 112.7p Black Heddon, 111.6p Low Burradon, 111.2p Wrangham East, 110p Barmoor South Moor. Suff.x: 108.2p Hethpool, 108.1p Prenderguest, 107.5p Grayingham Lodge, 107.3p Holy Island. Belt.x:- 111.9p,104.9p Holy Island, 104.8p Barmoor South Moor. Cha.x: 102.4p Shawdon Woodhouse.

A larger show of ewes with many feeding types on offer, late rates maintained.

Leading prices per head: Suff.x: pounds 48.50 Bowmont Hill, pounds 45 Greyingham Lodge, pounds 41 Eglingham Moor, Ladykirk, pounds 40.50 Castlelaw, pounds 40, pounds 37.50 Branton Eastside. Tex.x:- pounds 51.50 Wrangham East, pounds 48, pounds 41 Black Heddon. Chv.x:- pounds 43.50 Fowberry Moor, pounds 42 Branton Eastside. BFL: pounds 40 Eglingham Newtown. Belt.x: pounds 40 Ladykirk. Mul: pounds 36 Branton Eastside, pounds 34.50 Murton Whitehouse, pounds 34 Castlelaw, Kettleburn, pounds 33 Titlington Mount.By anna lognonne

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September 27

Hexham and Northern Marts at their Scots Gap centre had forward 1,421 head of prime lambs at their weekly primestock sale.

Top price per head was for a pen of Suffolk cross lambs from J R Walton, Grangemoor, which sold at pounds 52. Top price per kilo was 109.3p for Texel cross lambs from A J & H Gordon & Son, Old Deanham.

Leading prices:

Suffolk x

pounds 52 Grangemoor, pounds 51 Capheaton New Houses & Brixter Hill, pounds 50.10 Low Farnham, pounds 50 Holling Hill, pounds 49.20 East White Hill, pounds 49 Tone Hall (x2), Merryshields & Holling Hill, pounds 48.90 Chesters, pounds 48.20 Dene House & Grangemoor

106.4p Holling Hill, 105.1p Low Farnham (x2), 104.9p Three Farms

Texel x

pounds 49 Dene House, pounds 48.80 East White Hill, pounds 48.60 Chesters

109.3p Old Deanham, 109.2p Whittonshields, 108.1p Little Swinburne, 108p Bavington Hill Head, 106.8p Whittonshields, 106.4p & 105.1p(x2) Grindstone Law, 105p Whittonshields, 104.7p Rothley East Shield & Little Swinburn, 104.1p Grindstone Law.By anna lognonne

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September 27


On Wednesday September 27 Harrison & Hetherington Limited held their weekly sale of calves. A larger show of 236 calves were forward. All classes of calves were much dearer.

Leading prices: Bulls: Limousin pounds 295, pounds 260 Balladoyle, pounds 245 Lane End, pounds 220, pounds 205, pounds 195, pounds 185, pounds 170 Manor House, pounds 210 Petteril Bank, pounds 180, pounds 170 Kemplee pounds 180 Panteth Hill, pounds 178 Lane End, pounds 165 Underhelm, Belgian Blue pounds 270 Rosewain Farm, pounds 270 (x2) Whelpside Farm, pounds 248, pounds 242 Underhelm, pounds 235, pounds 215 Cumdivock House, pounds 220, pounds 200 Millrigg Farm, pounds 210 Petteril Bank, pounds 200 , pounds 185 Kemplee, pounds 190, pounds 185 Nook House Farm, pounds 185 Greenah Cragg, Blonde d'Aquitaine pounds 215 Round Bush Farm House, Aberdeen Angus pounds 175, pounds 140, pounds 135, pounds 100 Keysmount, pounds 150, pounds 125 Segbushwell, Charolais pounds 195 Round Bush Farm House, Continental pounds 145 (x2) pounds 140 (x2) Lamonby Hall, Hereford pounds 100 Moor Park Farm, Holstein pounds 90 Home Farm, pounds 82, pounds 62 Plumpton Head Farm, pounds 68 Whelpside, pounds 62 Nouthill, MRI pounds 85 Lamonby Hall, Brown/Swiss pounds 50 Beyond the Burn, Friesian pounds 78 Lamonby Hall.

Heifers:Limousin pounds 275, pounds 250, pounds 212, pounds 210 Balladoyle, pounds 180 Manor House, pounds 150 Underhelm, pounds 140 Lane End, pounds 130, pounds 100 Manor House, pounds 110 Panteth Hill, pounds 100 Mounsey Bank, Belgian Blue pounds 250 Whelpside, pounds 190 Rosewain Farm, pounds 175, pounds 130 Lamonby Hall, pounds 170 Nouthill, pounds 150 Kemplee, pounds 150 Home Farm, pounds 120 Morton Farm, pounds 100 Drumraik, Blonde d'Aquitaine pounds 135, pounds 125. pounds 115 Round Bush Farm House, Aberdeen Angus pounds 105, pounds 100 Keysmount, pounds 80 (x2) Segbushwell.

Harrison & Hetherington Ltd held their weekly dairy cattle sale.

A larger entry of cows were forward and quality sold well.

Leading prices: pounds 850, pounds 800 Wellington Farm, pounds 820 Old Church, pounds 820 Segbushwell, pounds 820 Langrigg Hall, pounds 800 Grange Farm, pounds 800 High Griseburn

Weaned calves

At their Borderway Mart, Harrison & Hetherington Ltd held their weekly sale of weaned calves.

A better show of 250 weanlings were forward with trade similar to last week's good trade.

Leading prices: (all crosses): Bulls: Limousin pounds 635 (x2) pounds 632 (x3) pounds 550 (x2), pounds 540 (x2), pounds 480 (x2) Harelawhill pounds 388 (x2) Nether Collinhurst, pounds 370 (x2) Aldoth Farm Holstein pounds 390 (x3) Dufton Wood, Belgian Blue pounds 380 Wardwarrow, pounds 358 Aldoth Farm, pounds 350 (x3) Hazelhead, Friesian pounds 348 (x4) High Wood Nook, Aberdeen Angus pounds 300 Nether Collinhurst, Hereford pounds 260 (x4) Longlands.

Steers: Limousin pounds 505 (x2), pounds 440 Leesrigg Pasture, pounds 482 Blackdyke Farm, pounds 475 (x2), pounds 445, pounds 420 Llys Farm, pounds 460, pounds 445 Holmewrangle, pounds 440 Leesrigg Pasture, pounds 410 Blackdyke Farm, pounds 395 Tyn Y Wern, pounds 385 Chapel House, pounds 355 Raughton Head Farm, pounds 355, pounds 342 Bridge End Farm, Charolais pounds 480 Blackdyke, pounds 380 (x2) Llys Farm, Blonde d'Aquitaine pounds 465 Holmewrangle, Belgian Blue pounds 420 (x2) Mill Farm, pounds 355 Raughton Head Farm, Holstein pounds 340 (x4), pounds 320 (x2) Cumrenton.

Heifers: Limousin pounds 440 (x2) Crofton Hall Farm, pounds 428 Blackdyke Farm, pounds 405, pounds 375, pounds 360, Round Bush Farm, pounds 398 Cowgate, pounds 388 Hollands, pounds 362 (x4), pounds 358 Randalinton Farm, Belgian Blue pounds 445 (x3) Sprunston, pounds 400 Crofton Hall Farm, pounds 388, pounds 345 (x4) Low Plains, Charolais pounds 390 Round Bush Farm House, pounds 360 Tyn Y Wern, pounds 335 Low Plains, Blonde d'Aquitaine pounds 355 Raughton Head Farm, pounds 350 (x2) Inisfree, pounds 290 Halmyre, Hereford pounds 312 (x2) Randalinton Farm

Store cattle

Harrison & Hetherington held their weekly sale of store cattle.

A catalogued entry of well other 800 cattle was submitted to the usual huge ringside of buyers.

All classes met with an excellent trade and as a result all vendors left the ringside delighted with the day's trading. Leading prices: Bullocks (all Crosses)Blonde d'Aquitaine pounds 770 (x4), pounds 755 (x6), pounds 720 (x4) Broadmoor, Charolais pounds 790, pounds 785, pounds 725, pounds 710, pounds 700, pounds 695 (x4), Easton Farm, Belgian Blue pounds 760, pounds 700 (x7), pounds 650 (x4) Easton Farm, pounds 690 Grange Hall, pounds 685 Blackdyke, Farm, pounds 672 Low House, pounds 650 New House, Limousin pounds 755, pounds 685 Broadmoor, pounds 745, pounds 730, pounds 725, pounds 695 Easton Farm, pounds 700 FloweryHirst, pounds 695 Low Houses, pounds 690 (x2) Scotsbrig, pounds 685 Gill Head, pounds 665 Woodhead, Simmental pounds 740, pounds 720, pounds 680 Easton Farm, pounds 655 How Farm, pounds 650 Easton Farm, Saler pounds 745, pounds 740 Easton Farm, Aberdeen Angus pounds 720, pounds 710, pounds 660 High Bow, pounds 628 Broadmoor, pounds 600 Blackdyke, Bazadaise pounds 655 Bridge End.

Heifers:- (all crosses) Belgian Blue pounds 800, pounds 760 Winterhope Farm, pounds 675 Blackdyke, pounds 655 (x2) The Howes, pounds 650 (x5) How Farm, pounds 630, pounds 620 Sprunston, Limousin pounds 680, pounds 650 Hallmoor, pounds 675 Ranbeck, pounds 665 Howberry, pounds 660 Winterhope, pounds 640 Corriefield, pounds 635 Howberry, pounds 635 Tyn Y Wern, pounds 625, pounds 622 Little Swinburn Farm, Charolais pounds 655 (x3), pounds 642 Tyn Y Wern, pounds 600 Upper Higham Lane, Blonde d'Aquitaine pounds 625 Easton Farm, pounds 618 Copperthorns, Simmental pounds 545 Castlerigg Farm, Aberdeen Angus pounds 515 (x2) Crosshill.

Bulls Limousin pounds 610 (x2) Copperthorns, pounds 590 High Floweryhirst, pounds 570 HeathersideBy anna lognonne

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September 27

John Swan Limited sold 248 rams at their Annual Collective Sale. Good quality Suffolk and Texel rams sold readily and met a 97% clearance at rates well above last year's levels.

Leading prices

Accredited Suffolk Shearlings

pounds 350, pounds 280, pounds 260 Threeburnford; pounds 320 Bridge Park; pounds 280, pounds 260 (2) New Channelkirk; pounds 260 Clifton on Bowmont.

Accredited Texel Shearlings

pounds 500 Catcune; pounds 400 Wedderlie; pounds 360 Riddell Cottage; pounds 260 (2) Heriot House.

Non Accredited Suffolk Shearlings

pounds 380 Catcune; pounds 320, pounds 280, pounds 250 Longyester; pounds 260 (2), pounds 250 Allanshaws; pounds 250 Meigle.

Non Accredited Texel Shearlings

pounds 650, pounds 520, pounds 480, pounds 400, pounds 380 Kirkton, Hwk; pounds 450, pounds 300, pounds 280 Craig Douglas; pounds 320, pounds 280 Falla.

Non Accredited Texel 2 Shear

pounds 420, pounds 380, pounds 300, pounds 280 (2) Corsbie.

Non Accredited Texel 3 Shear

pounds 160 Pirnie.

Lleyn Shearlings

pounds 160, pounds 130 Brotherstone; pounds 130 Over Whitlaw.

Bluefaced Leicester Shearlings

pounds 400, pounds 260, pounds 200 (2) Threepwood; pounds 210 Grizelrig; pounds 180 Mailingsland, Whinnyhall.

Charolais Shearlings

pounds 240 Heroit House.

Beltex.x Shearlings

pounds 220, pounds 200, pounds 190 (2) Blairburn.


September 28

John Swan Limited commenced their Autumn Suckled Calf Sales at St Boswells when they sold 718 predominately Aberdeen Angus Crosses.

Cattle were presented to a full ringside of buyers and all classes sold to extreme rates.

The show championship was won by a bullock from Ross Farms & Co Ltd, Wester Middleton which scaled 450kgs and realised pounds 680.

The TW Forrest challenge trophy for the best pen of eight went to Ross Farms & Co Ltd, Wester Middleton which scaled 574kgs and realised pounds 742.

Leading Prices


pounds 780 Leaderfoot, Wester Middleton; pounds 760 Wedderlie; pounds 752 Stagehall; pounds 750 Roxburgh Mill; pounds 742 Wester Middleton; pounds 730 Roxburgh Mill, Whitlaw; pounds 720 Wester Middleton; pounds 710 Stagehall; pounds 708 Roxburgh Mill; pounds 700 Holybush, Whitlaw.


pounds 600, pounds 590, pounds 540 Holybush; pounds 550 Sunnycroft, East Learmouth; pounds 535 Whitlaw; pounds 528 Langhope; pounds 520 Holybush; pounds 510 Forge Cottage.

Per kg ( Bullocks

156.1 Wester Middleton; 152.5, 151.1 Whitlaw; 152.4, 151.2 Stobshiel Mains; 151.1, 150.9 Wester Middleton; 149.5 Easter Middleton; 148.8 Falahill; 146.9 Stobshiel Mains.


132.5, 128.4 Forge Cottage; 121.7 Holybush; 120.9 East Learmouth; 119.9 Whitlaw; 119.5 Holybush; 116.6 Whitlaw, Langhope, Dykes.

Short.x Bullocks pounds 545 Whitlaw, Stagehall.

Here.x Heifers pounds 632, pounds 560 Earlshaugh.

Overall Averages

Bullocks 135.9p/kg (112.7p/kg last year) pounds 611.80.

Heifers 111.6p/kg (94.4p/kg last year) pounds 438.73.By anna lognonne

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September 28

North East Livestock Sales sold 83 clean cattle, 17 OTM, and 4,844 sheep comprising 3,302 lambs and 1,542 cast ewes.

Cast ewes:

Another good show of ewes met a marvellous trade fractionally dearer on the week.

Texels: 56 East Thirston, 50, 48, 47.50 East Moor, 50,49,45 Swarland Old Hall, 48 (2) 46 High Trewhitt, 47 Whittle, 45 Low Hall, 44.50 Black Callerton, 44 Old Deanham. Suffolks: 51 Whittle, 49 Southfield, Weyside, 48, 46.80 East Moor, 48 Herds House, 46.80 Old Deanham, 45 Coatyards. HB- 49 Low Steads, 47, 46.50 West Edington, 47 Howick Seahouses, 44 Lemmington Hill Head. Vendeen: 47 North Lyham, 45, 44 Capheaton New Houses. Beltex: 44.50 Rosebrough, 44 Elyhaugh, Bellion. Charolais: 48.50 Herds House, 44 Pasture House, Rugley Walls, 43.50 Whittle, Thropton. Mules: 37.50 Coatyards, 36.80 Brownchesters, 36.50 Capheaton new Houses, 36 Black Callerton, 38.50 West Edington, 35.60 Bavington Hill Head. BF: 34.50 Tritlington Hall, 32.20, 26.20 Broom Hall, 28 Broomwood, 27 Whittle, 25.50 Bavington Hill Head.

Lambs: Quality and handy weights nice to sell, heavier weights cheaper in line with trend.

Texels: 55.50, 52 Swarland Old Hall, 55 West Cocklaw, 54 Thrunton Red House, 52 High Trewhitt, 52, 51 St Margarets, 50 Start Up. Charolais: 51.50 North Bells Hill, 50.50 West Edington, 50.20 Boulmer. Suffolks (mule): 55.50, 49.80, 49 Blagdon Burn, 54.50, 49 Sharperton Edge, 50.50 Eslington Hill, 49 Great Bavington, Herds House. HBx: 52 Lemmington Hill Head, 51.60 Widdrington, 49 The Lee. Cheviots: 54.50 Hemscott Hill, 50, 49.40 Warton. Beltex: 53.50 Rosebrough, 51.80 Garden Cottage. B d'Maine: 55.50, 51.20 East Coldside. Mules: 48.40, 45 Edlingham New Town, 44 Sweethope, 43.80 East Shaftoe. Beltex: 123p Haughton Mains, 121p 116p Baldersbury Hill117p Stanton, Blackbrook, 115p 111p Bellion, 113p Garden Cottage, Oakdene. Texels: 113p Swarland Old Hall, 112p St Margarets, West Cocklaw, 111p Colliery Farm, Middle Cawledge Park. Vendeen: 110p North Lyham, Causey Park. Suffolks: 110p 109p Herds House, Middle Cawledge Park, Buston House, 109p Gt Bavington, North Bellshill. HBx- 110p High Learchild, Howick Seahouses.

Cattle: More leaner and older cattle forward but maintaining recent high rates.

Lim Bulls: 136.5p 129.5p Sweethope, 128.5p 123.5p Chevington Moor. Blond Bulls: 122.5p (2) 121.5p (2) 120.5p Henlaw. Sim Bulls- 123.5p 122.5p Acklington Park. Lim Hfrs: 127.5p (2) 122.5p Chevington Moor, 127.5p 123.5p East Coldside. Blond Hfrs: 126.5p Craig Hall, 123.5p Henlaw. Blond Strs: 129.5p 122.5p 121.5p Chevington Moor, 127.5p High Wood. Sim Strs: 122.5p Ferneybeds. Lim Bulls: 913 Chevington Moor, 908 Sweethope. Blond Bulls: 870 Henlaw. Bel Bulls: 889 Oakdene. Lim Strs: 861 Middle Cawledge Park. Lim Hfrs: 714, 676 Moor farm, 683 East Coldside, 663 Southfield.

OTM: More flesh and dearer.

Limousin: 668,654 (91.5,87.5) Healey Cote 508 (92.5p) Witton Glebe. Simmental: 536 (74.5p) Blagdon Burn.


September 28

The mart had forward 410 cattle including 202 young bulls and 208 heifers and bullocks, 2,800 sheep including 2,520 lambs and 280 cull ewes.

Young bulls: Medium to 155.5p and pounds 808.60 J and A and DA Horn, average 118.87p. Heavy to 155.5p and pounds 782.85 J and A and DA Horn, average 120.91p.

Steers: Medium to 154.50 and pounds 803.40 S Newcombe and Son, average 124.95p. Heavy to 169.50p and pounds 991.58 S Newcombe and Son, average 116.57p.

Heifers: Medium to 148.50p and pounds 660.83 S Newcombe and Son, average 122.09p. Heavy to 154.50p and pounds 912.00 W Bainbridge, average 120.49p.

Prime Lambs: Standard to 116.70 and pounds 50.20 TF and C Robinson, average 105.25p. Medium to 110p and pounds 56.00 TF and C Robinson, average 102.67p. Heavy to 102.80p and pounds 55.00 AJ Raine, average 100.80p.

Overall average 105.42p.

pounds 56 RE Williamson, pounds 55 TF and C Robinson, pounds 53 Bowes Bros, pounds 52 C Morris, pounds 51.50 R Wade, pounds 51.20 Messrs Proctor, pounds 51 T Blythman and TF And C Robinson, pounds 49.80 CM Dodds, pounds 49.50 T Watson, pounds 46.20 PJ and MP Gilhespy.
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