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Week ending November 25

Border Livestock Exchange Ltd to the week ending November 25 marketed 5,014 prime lambs, including 420 ewes and 179 prime cattle.

The trade established at the end of last week was maintained.

Standards (15-21kg) 252p and pounds 52.92 Twizell and Under Boon; 248p and pounds 52.08 Bowshank and Bowland Estates, who's 290 lambs averaged pounds 45.26; 247p and pounds 51.87 Over Howden and Hallrule, who's consignment of 232 for Suffolk's. Texel's to 247p and pounds 51.87 Howden; 243p and pounds 51.03 Hundalee; 242p and pounds 50.82 Wester Housebyres and Cortleferry. Mules to 248p and pounds 52.08 Clennel and 245p and pounds 51.45 Hedgeley. Lleyns to 248p and pounds 52.08 Thistleyhaugh whose consignment averaged pounds 46.93. Blackfaced lambs to240p and pounds 50.40 Redesdale.

Heavy lambs selling to 232p and pounds 51.04 Embleton Mill; 210p and pounds 52.50 Belmont and The Broom, Ancrum. All conventional lambs sold haulage free.

Organic Lambs sold to 275p and pounds 57.75 Lumbylaw.

Cattle trade continued to be firm with Continental Heifers selling to 210p and pounds 652 Fawside and 198p and pounds 586 Fowberry Moor. Angus Steers to pounds 780 Eastfield of Lempitlaw, whose consignment of 52 averaged pounds 724; 214p and pounds 683 Maxton House. Angus Heifers to 215p and pounds 607 Eastfield of Lempitlaw. Devon bulls to 187p and pounds 720 Lumbylaw and 185p and pounds 706 Harwood on Teviot.

Organic steers to 250p and pounds 868 Greystone House.

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November 26

Christmas Prize Show & Sale of Prime Cattle & Lambs

Hopes Auction Co Ltd, Wigton held their Annual Christmas Prize Show and Sale of Prime Cattle & Lambs when there was an entry of 259 cattle and 72 lambs.

It was very kindly sponsored by R J Harrison, Butcher, Wigton, Barclays Bank, HSBC Bank and Lloyds Agricultural Machinery, Carlisle, J Stobart & Sons, Atlas Concrete Products.

A wonderful show of cattle were presented for the show and sale. Hopes would like to extend grateful thanks to all who supported what turned out to be a great day. Enormous credit must go to the vendors who really excelled in presenting a show of cattle many thought would be hard to rival anywhere in the country.

The cattle were judged by Jimmy Wood from Bowland Foods, Great Harwood, who awarded the Championship to an outstanding Home Bred Belgian Blue cross Steer from the Harrison family, The Old Vicarage, West Newton, which made 360p per kg.

Richard Harrison purchased the Champion Beast and this will be available in his shop from December 10. Richard is currently in the process of refurbishment and whilst the shop is very much open at the present time there will be an official opening day and this will be announced shortly. Other local butchers were well to the fore with many purchases made . The reserve champion was a Belgian Blue Steer shown by A Barnett, Brinns Farm, Shap, and was purchased by the Judge Mr Wood for Bowland Foods.

Continental Cross Young Bull

1st - Park House Farms, Harrington,Workington ( Limousin sold for 124.5 p per kg

2nd ( D & H Batty, Cobble Croft, Blennerhasset ( Limousin sold for 124.5p per kg

3rd ( D & H Batty, Cobble Croft, Blennerhasset ( Limousinsold for 120.5p per kg

Belgian Blue cross Heifer

1st ( Messrs Dent, Elm House, Bolton, Applebysold for 190p

2nd ( A Barnett, Brins Farm, Shapsold for 190p

3rd ( Messrs Graham, Miller Hill, Gilsland sold for 158p

Charolais cross Heifer

1st (Messrs Jefferson, Abbey Cowper, Abbeytown sold for 128p

2nd ( J Huntington, Bridge Mill, Wigton sold to 137p

3rd ( EM & J Holliday, Clea Mire, Westward sold for 132p

Limousin cross Heifer

1st ( AD & A Richardson, Low Bank End, Appleby sold for 330p

2nd ( DA Harrison, The Old Vicarage, Westnewton sold for 160p

3rd ( Messrs Dent, Elm House, Bolton, Appleby sold for 168p

Blonde D'Aquitaine cross Heifer

1st( ME & JJ Fell, Stanger Hill, Whitrigg sold for 145p

2nd (R & S Harrington, Grange Farm, Wardhall sold for 137p

3rd ( R & S Harrington, Grange Farm, Wardhall sold for 142p

Heifer ( Any Other Breed

1st - Messrs Grainger, Kiln Close, Glasson ( Bazadaise sold for 175p

2nd ( J P Graham & Son, The Wreay, Wigton ( Angus sold for 119p

3rd ( JP Graham & Son, The Wreay, Wigton ( Angus sold for 120.5p

Belgian Blue cross Steer

1st& Champion ( D A Harrison, The Old Vicarage, Westnewton sold for 360p

2nd& Reserve Champion ( Messrs Barnett, Brinns Farm, Shap sold for 200p

3rd ( Messrs Grainger, Kiln Close, Glasson for 146p

Charolais cross Steer

1st(EM & J Holliday, Clea Mire, Westwardsoldfor 128p

2nd ( A Barnett, Brinns Farm, Shap sold for 130p

Limousin cross Steer

1st(AD & A Richardson, Low Bank End, Appleby sold for 175p

2nd ( Messr Dent, Elm House, Bolton, Appleby sold for 158p

3rd ( Messrs G Sowerby, Terrys Farm, Ormside, Appleby sold for 135p

Blonde D'Aquitaine cross Steer

1st( A Barnett, Brinns Farm, Shap sold for 138p

Steer ( Any other Breed

1st ( A Barnett, Brinns Farm, Shap ( Bazadaise sold for 144p

2nd ( S & D Peile, Parkgate Hall, Waverton ( Simmental sold for 116p

3rd ( S & D Peile, Parkgate Hall, Waverton ( Simmental sold for 119.5p

Halter led animal shown by young person under 26 years of age

1st ( George Harrison, Hill House, Aldoth

2nd ( Jacob Stoddart, Hillside, Wigton

Special Prizes

Champion ( DA Harrison, The Old Vicarage

Reserve Champion ( A Barnett, Brinns Farm

Best Opposite Sex ( Messrs Dent, Elm House, Bolton, Appleby

Best Bred by Exhibitor ( D A Harrison, The Old Vicarage

Best Charolais ( EM & J Holliday, Clea Mire, Westward

Best Simmental ( S & D Peile, Parkgate Hall, Waverton

Best Belgian Blue ( DA Harrison, The Old Vicarage, Westnewton

Heaviest Beast ( Park House Farm, Harrington, Workington

Best Limousin ( D A Harrison, The Old Vicarage

Stocksman Prize: Top prize Outside Prize winners ( A Barnett, Brinns Farm

Averages: Steers - MW 155 (134.46). HW 360 (128.40). Heifers - MW 143.5 (127.5). HW 330 (129.55). Bulls ( LW 120.5 (120.5). MW 124.5 (113.7). HW 125.5 (116.85).



Belgian Blue

360 The Old Vicarage 200 Brinns Farm 155 Newlands Farm 150 Elm House 146 Kilnclose 146.5 Scratchmere Scar 145.5 East House 140.5 Whiterushes


175 Low Bank End 158 Elm House 139.5 135.5 Greenhill Farm 138.5 Abbeycowper 136.5 Midtown 136.5 High House 135 Terrys Farm


144 Brinns Farm

Aberdeen Angus

143.5 The Old Vicarage

Blonde D'Aquitaine

138 Brinns 134.5 Whiterushes 132.5 West Farm (Miller)


130 Brinns Farm 128 Clea Mire 123.5 121.5 Hen Moss 123.5 Mountain View


119.5 116 Parkgate Hall 114.5 Kilnclose



330 Low Bank End 185 The Old Vicarage 168 Elm House 152 150 Miller Hill 149.5 Beechcroft

Belgian Blue

202 198 Brinns Farm 190 Elm House 160.5 Haltcliffe Bridge 158 Kilnclose 158 Miller Hill

Blonde D'Aquitaine

145 Stanger Hill 142 & 137 Grange Farm 111.5 Stanger Hill 106.5 & 105.5 East Woodside


137 Bridge Mill 136 132 Clea Mire 132 Loughrigg 128 Abbeycowper 124.5 Hen Moss

Aberdeen Angus

125 120.5 119 The Wreay 104.5 East Woodside 104.5 The Laythes

Bazadaise 175 Kilnclose


Belgian Blue cross Bulls

125.5 Chapel House 124.5 East House 120.5 Greenhill Farm

Limousin cross Bulls

124.5 Park House Farm 124.5 & 120.5 Cobble Croft.


The following prizes were awarded by Judge S. Stobbart, Wigton:

Butchers' Lambs

1st & Champion B Strong, Grapes Barn, Caldbeck for Texel which made top price of pounds 86.00

2ns M/s Tweddel, haltcliffe Bridge, hesket New Market for Beltex which made pounds 72.00

3rd J Dixon & Son, Lessonhall, Wigton for Texel which made pounds 80.00

Export Lambs

1st & Reserve Champion M Bindloss & Son, Shap Abbey for Beltex which made pounds 61.00

2nd M/s Gill, Newlands Farm, Ireby for Beltex which made pounds 64.00

3rd JC & SE Little, The Guards, ireby for Beltex which made pounds 56.00.

Averages: SW 144 (144). MW 160 (148.37). HW 183 (138.62).


November 28

The mart had forward 266 cattle including 205 stores, four breeding cattle and 57 OTM sale ring cattle, plus 1,321 sheep including 183 prime lambs.

Stores, cattle, steers, BB to pounds 512 N Basey and Son. Blonde pounds 505 N Basey and Son; pounds 445 TW Thompson. Here pounds 430 GE Knaggs and Son. Lim pounds 428 J Wilkinson.

Heifers, Blonde pounds 495 and pounds 490 J and SE Bainbridge and Son. BB pounds 490 J and SE Bainbridge. Lim pounds 480 TM Adams and Son. Char pounds 450 A Broadbent.

Young bulls, Lim pounds 625 K Parr; pounds 588 CG Barron; pounds 525 PS Shepherd; pounds 490 P Langstaff; pounds 460 Barr. BB pounds 545 PS Shepherd. Blonde pounds 470 K Buckle.

OTM cattle sold to top of pounds 83p per kg from WR Thompson and to average 64.5p.

Lim 83p WR Thompson; 82p Askwiths; 79p JL Marks; 79p Wharton Farms. Simm 76p P and CM Graham. Char 73p WR Thompson. BB 78p Wharton Farms; Fries 65p JM Walker.

Sheep - Lambs, Suff pounds 40.50 T Lawson and Son; pounds 40.20 J Thompson. Tex pounds 40 P Swinburne; pounds 39.80 J Thompson; pounds 39 P Bainbridge.

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November 29

Prime cattle

Limousin Heifers: 117.5p & 107.5p New House, 110.5p & 106.5p (x3) Nunwick, 108.5p & 105.5p (x2) The Birks, 104.5p Flotterton

Charolais Heifers: 107.5p Flotterton, 107.5p & 105.5p Town Farm

Charolais Steers: 107.5p Lowes Fell

Limousin Steers: pounds 741.95 Lowes Fell

Limousin x Steers: pounds 735.88, pounds 721.05 & pounds 719.33 Nunwick

Limousin Heifers: pounds 654.10 The Birks, pounds 642.68 Flotterton

Over Thirty Month Animals

36 forward average returned at 54.4p kilo and pounds 377.29 per head. Shapely well fleshed cows keenly bid for.

Charolais Cows: 64.5p Loadman

Belgian Blue Cows: 65.5p Cornhills, 63.5p & 58.5p Mickley Moor, 59.5p Flotterton

Limousin x Cows: 67.5p Whittonshields, 64.5p Mount Pleasant, 61.5p(x2) Cornhills, 60.5p & 58.5p Grindon Hill, 59.5p Whiteside

Angus Cows: 56.5p Flotterton

Friesian Cows: 55.5p Mickley Moor

Charolais Cows: pounds 551.48 Loadman

Belgian Blue Cows: pounds 496.83 Flotterton, pounds 473.08 Mickley Moor, pounds 455.23 Cornhills

Limousin x Cows: pounds 492.75 Whittonshields, pounds 473.55 Cornhills, pounds 464.40 Mount Pleasant

Angus Cows: pounds 430.68 Burn House

Friesian Cows: pounds 430.13 Mickley Moor

Prime Lambs

Hexham and Northern Marts had forward 4,462 prime sheep at their weekly primestock sale. Following last week's sale the majority of lambs were belly clipped. Quality well fleshed lambs were in demand with heavier lambs easier on the week.

A top of 118.5p was realised for Beltex x lambs at 39kg from Lingey Field. Top price per head was for Texel x lambs at pounds 54 from Black Heddon.

Leading prices:

Suffolk x

pounds 53.50 Steel Hall, pounds 51.80 Nilston Rigg, pounds 50.60 East Butsfield, pounds 50.50 Rowley Farm, pounds 49.80 Nilston Rigg & East Butsfield, pounds 49.50 Mickley Moor, pounds 49.20 Thockrington Farms, pounds 49 Low Eshells & Steel Hall

111.7p Fell Lane, 111.5p Palm Strothers, 110.5p Steel Hall, 108.7p & 108.5p(x3) Plashetts, 108.4p Bingfield Combe, 108p Plashetts

Texel x

pounds 54 Black Heddon, pounds 53.50 Toft House, pounds 52.50 Black Heddon, pounds 51.50 Nilston Rigg, pounds 50.80 Hard Riding & Loadman, pounds 50.40 Rawfoot, pounds 50 Burn House, Wallhouses, South Clarewood & Glendue

117.4p High Baulk, 117.1p Blackburn, 116.8p Old Town, 115.7p Middle Dukesfield, 115.1p Bensons Fell, 115p Linacres, 114.6p Dukesfield Hall & Todburn


pounds 49.50 Beamwham, pounds 48.80 & pounds 48.50 (x2) Nilston Rigg, pounds 47.80 Thornley Hall, pounds 47.60 Stotsfold, pounds 47.40 Round Meadows

105.5p The Steel & Rawfoot, 105.1p Thornley Hall, 105p Harwood Shield, 104.9p Old Town, 104.7p Walltown, 104.6p Longlea


pounds 43.80 Shitlington Hall, pounds 43 Broomhope, pounds 42.80 Hotbank, pounds 42 The Steel & Greenlees

107.7p The Steel, 105.4p Carrick, 104.4p Hotbank, 104.3p Shitlington Hall


pounds 37 Bulls Hill

99.4p Rawfoot

Cheviot x

pounds 52 & pounds 47 Steel Hall

103.3p Longlea

Charollais x

pounds 50 Hindley, pounds 48.80 Black Heddon, pounds 48.20 Rusheylaw & Airey Hill

107.9p & 107.3p Camphill, 105.1p Sherburn Tower, 104.8p Rusheylaw & Airey Hill


pounds 48.40, pounds 46.20 & 118.5p Lingey Field

B D Maine

pounds 45.80 & 106.5p Ravenside

Cast Ewes & Rams

Hexham and Northern Marts sold 526 cast ewes and rams to a top of pounds 40.50 for Texel x ewes from Messrs Johnston, Todburn and pounds 40 for Suffolk x ewes from Messrs Longlands, Rusheylaw. Trade was marginally improved on the week with demand being stronger for well fleshed sorts.

Leading prices:

Suffolk x

pounds 40 Rusheylaw

Texel x

pounds 40.50 Todburn, pounds 39.20 Low Farnham, pounds 35 High Baulk & Loadman, pounds 34.50 Bensons Fell, pounds 34 Middle Farm Cottage, pounds 33 High Baulk & Park End Farms, pounds 32.20 Loadman, pounds 31 Blackburn & Camphill, pounds 30.50 Low Farnham(Milburn)


pounds 32.50 Morrowfield, pounds 31.50 Rusheylaw, pounds 31.20 Three Farms, pounds 29.80 Low Farnham, pounds 29 High Baulk & Blackburn, pounds 28.50 Middle Farm Cottage & Park End Farms, pounds 28.20 Middle White Hill & Nettlesworth, pounds 28 West Morralee & Little Swinburne, pounds 27.80 Park End Farms, pounds 27.50 The Ash, pounds 26.80 Hindley, pounds 26 Loadman


pounds 26 Rusheylaw, pounds 25.80 Whiskershiel, pounds 23.50 Middle White Hill, pounds 23 Rusheylaw, pounds 17 Cranberry Brow, pounds 16.80 The Ash, pounds 16 Burnbank, pounds 15.50 Camphill(x2), pounds 15 Three Farms, pounds 14 Pottsdurtrees, pounds 13.80 Whiskershiel


pounds 10 Wolsingham Park Farms & Park End Farms

Cheviot x

pounds 13.50 Whiskershiel


pounds 28 Low Craig & Camphill.

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November 29

Hopes Auction Co, Wigton, held their weekly sale of primestock when there was an entry of 158 prime cattle, 50 bulls and 1,264 lambs together with 116 ewes.

Prime Cattle

A good entry of cattle met a similar trade to the previous week. Bulls were dearer on the week.

Heifers sold to 133.5p per kg paid for a Limousin cross shown by W & M Nixon, Bridekirk Hall, Cockermouth, and was purchased by Studholme Butchers, King Street, Wigton. Top price per head was pounds 783.00 for a Limousin and was shown by R E Miller, West Farm, Aspatria, and was purchased by Woodhead Bros., Colne.

The top price was 129.5p pr kg paid for a Limousin Bullock shown by A Clark, East House, Gilcrux and was purchased by Woodhead Bros., Colne. Top price per head was pounds 857.50 for a Limousin shown by TF & JR Pollock, Wreay Hall Farm and was purchased by R J Harrison Butcher, Wigton.

Bulls sold to 121.5p per kg paid for a Limousin cross shown by JG & M Little, Greenhill Farm, Wigton and was purchased by Bowland Foods, Great Howard.

The top price bull per head was pounds 977.93 paid for a Charolais cross Bull shown Judith Huntingdon, Bridge Mill, Wigton and purchased by Pearson Wholesale Meats Supply, Bradford. This was closely followed by a Blonde Bull shown by Messrs Frame , Biggar, which realised 966.65.

Averages: Steers: LW 117.50 (117.50. )MW 112.50 (88.90). HW 129.50 (110.79). Heifers: MW 122.50 (116.50). HW 133.50 (111.62). Bulls: LW 116.50 (116.50). MW 119.50 (84.28). HW 121.50 (100.66).


Limousin 133.5 Bridekirk Hall 130.5 West Farm 125.5 Jenkin Cross 125.5 122.5 Welton Farm 122.5 Low Brunton 122.5 Westward Parks

Charolais 121.5 Broomhill 118.5 Cardew Hall Farm 115.5 Campfield

Belgian Blue 122.5 Lords Close 121.5 Westward Parks

Simmental 100.5 Threapland Lees

Aberdeen Angus 100.5 Threapland Lees


Limousin129.5 East House 128.5 Camp Farm 123.5 122.5 Petteril Green 123.5 Abbeycowper 122.5 Wreay Hall 121.5 Cardew Hall

Blonde 125.5 East House 111.5 Newlands House

Saler 124.5 Wreay Hall

Belgian Blue 117.5 Lords Close 117.5 & 116.5 Whitelees 115.5 East House

Aberdeen Angus 112.5 Dykesfield

Montbeliarde 111.5 Jenkin Cross

Simmental 107.5 Parkgate Hall

Holstein Friesian 103.5 95.5 Knowe Hill 91.5 Lane Head


Limousin 121.5 119.5 & 112.5 Greenhill Farm 117.5 Ellenbank 116.5 114.5 Moorend 116.5 Stanger Hill

Blonde 119.5 & 116.5 Little Gala Farm 105.5 Stanger Hill

Belgian Blue 119.5 Cunningarth 118.5 Stanger Hill 112.5 Cunningarth 110.5 East Woodside

Charolais110.5 Bridge Mill 104.5 Ellenbank

Simmental 106.5 & 95.5 The Thwaites

Hereford 105.5 East Woodside

Holstein Friesian 95.5 94.5 & 91.5 Auldby Farm 92.5 High Whinnow Farm


Lambs were a wonderful trade.

The top price per head was pounds 67.80 paid for a pen of Texel lambs shown by Messrs Bindloss & Son, Shap Abbey, Shap, and was purchased by S Stoddart. These also made joint top price of 161p pr kg. A pen of Beltex lambs also made top price of 161p pr kg shown by S & D Peile, Parkgate Hall, Waverton and were also purchased by S Stoddart.

Averages: SW 161.00 (109.69). MW 161.00 (109.44). HW 135.00 (101.05). Others: 103.00 (96.00).

Per head: Texel pounds 67.80 pounds 65.80 pounds 63.80 Shap Abbey pounds 57.20 High Hall pounds 57.20 Seathwaite Farm pounds 56.80 pounds 53.20 High Parson Bridge pounds 55.00 Raise Lodge pounds 53.80 West Micklethwaite pounds 53.20 Newtown Farm pounds 53.20 Lessonhall pounds 53.20 The Heads pounds 50.80 Beck Farm

Beltex pounds 60.80 pounds 51.80 Cobble Croft pounds 59.20 Newlands Farm pounds 56.80 Greenah Villa pounds 55.20 pounds 54.20 Abbeycowper pounds 54.80 Parkgate Hall pounds 51.80 Mechi

Suffolk pounds 54.00 Beck Farm pounds 52.20 pounds 50.80 High Parson Bridge pounds 50.20 Clea Mire pounds 48.80 Howbeck Lodge pounds 48.00 Wellington Farm pounds 47.80 Town Head pounds 47.20 Mid Farm pounds 46.20 Pasture House Farm pounds 46.20 Newlands pounds 46.00 Lessonhall (Steel)pounds 45.80 Wiza Farm pounds 45.80 Crookafleet

Mule pounds 45.20 Low House Farm pounds 43.80 Howbeck Lodge pounds 40.20 Chapel House pounds 40.20 Fellside House Farm

Herdwick pounds 41.20 Bridekirk Hall

Swaledale pounds 36.80 & pounds 34.80 Howburn pounds 32.80 Paddigill

Per kg

Beltex 161 Parkgate Hall 156 & 153 Newlands Farm 136 Mechi 129 Cobble Croft 121 Clea Mire

Texel 161 157 Shap Abbey 136 Rose Farm 129 Cunningarth 129 Skiddaw View 124 The Old Vicarage 121 Brinns Farm

Suffolk 113 Newlands 109 High Parson Bridge 108.6 Town Head 107 Priestcroft 105 Pasture House

Herdwick 103 Bridekirk Hall

Swaledale 96 Paddigill 95 94 & 93 Howburn

Mule95 Howbeck Lodge 92 Low House Farm


Texel pounds 47.20 Greenwood Farm pounds 44.20 pounds 37.80 pounds 37.20 Thistlebottom pounds 39.20 pounds 35.00 Clea Mire pounds 38.80 Fellside Farm pounds 36.80 The Old Vicarage pounds 30.20 Pasture House

Suffolk pounds 39.20 & pounds 30.80 Clea Mire

Leicester pounds 33.80 Brow Top

Mule pounds 30.80 Clea Mire pounds 29.80 Thistlebottom pounds 29.80 Wiza Farm pounds 29.20 Bankhead

Swaledale pounds 20.00 Fellside House Farm.By anna lognonne

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November 29

Store & Breeding Sheep

The Cumberland & Dumfriesshire Farmers Mart had forward 3,753 store and breeding sheep at their weekly sale.

Another large show of lambs for the time of year saw all buyers keen and all classes of lambs met a fantastic trade.

Top of pounds 45.50 for Texels from Gibbstown, others to pounds 44 Dykecroft, pounds 43.80 Bayldon; Suffolk pounds 43.20 Triermain, pounds 43 Dykecroft; Cheviot pounds 39.50 Craigburn; Charollais pounds 38.50 Redbraes House, pounds 38.20 Raeburnhead, pounds 37.80 The Hagg; Greyface pounds 38.20 Leahill, pounds 38 Greensyke; Cheviot Mule pounds 37.50 Branxholm Braes; Beltex pounds 36.80 D'Mainholm; Blackface pounds 35 Allensgreen, pounds 32.50 Birkhill, pounds 32.20 Castlefearn; Swaledale pounds 28.20 Bayles, pounds 32 Townshields. Tup lambs to pounds 37.50 Dykecrofts. Feeding ewes to pounds 26.80 for Cheviots from Tarrasfoot; Blackface pounds 17.20 Burrance of Courance. Cast rams to pounds 28.50 for a Suffolk from Dykecroft.

Breeding sheep sold to pounds 38 for Cheviot Mules from Gillbrae who also sold Greyfaces at pounds 30. Blackface ewe lambs to pounds 32.50 Over Cassock.

Store cattle

The Cumberland & Dumfriesshire Farmers' Mart PLC had forward 189 store cattle & 30 breeding cattle at their weekly sale.

Store cattle were a similar trade with quality types easily sold and plainer cattle harder to cash.

Breeding cattle were a mixed show with only the best types sought after.

Included in the sale was the dispersal on behalf of Messrs Thompson, Farlam Hill.

Principal prices:


Charolais - pounds 560 Galemire House, pounds 512 Midtown.

Simmental - pounds 545, pounds 535, pounds 515 Holme House.

Belgian Blue - pounds 540 Holme House, pounds 508 Midtown.

Limousin - pounds 520 Stonehall, pounds 490 Ryehills.

Angus - pounds 428 Great Bidlake.


Simmental - pounds 485, pounds 478, pounds 445 Holme House.

Charolais - pounds 448 Great Bidlake.

Blonde d'Aquitaine - pounds 390 Howgill Castle.

Limousin - pounds 375 Bloch.

Belgian Blue - pounds 330 Brocklewath.

Angus x Galloway - pounds 300 Bloch.

Breeding cattle Pedigree Limousin bull - pounds 1,000 Farlam Hill.

Pedigree Limousin cow with bull calf - pounds 925, pounds 880 Farlam Hill.

Pedigree Limousin cow with heifer calf - pounds 710 Farlam Hill.

Pedigree Limousin bulling heifers - pounds 612, pounds 540 Farlam Hill.

Limousin x cow with heifer calf - pounds 545 Farlam Hill.

Limousin x heifer in calf - pounds 500 Whitehouse.

Blonde x cow (2nd calver) in calf - pounds 440 Whitehouse.

Primestock The Cumberland & Dumfriesshire Farmers' Mart PLC had forward 1,916 prime lambs and 242 cast ewes and rams at its primestock sale. Prime lambs to pounds 52.20 per head for Suffolks from Beechcroft and Demesne and to 120p per kilo for Texels from Kinning Hall.

Light ewes to pounds 18 for Blackfaces from Bailliemore.

Heavy ewes to pounds 30 for Cheviot Mules from Falnash.

Averages: Prime lambs: Light to 104.6p; av 101.8p; Standard to 114.1p; av 106.3p; Medium to 120.0p, av 106.4p; Heavy to 107.6p, av 100.3p. Ewes: Light to pounds 18.00, av pounds 15.27; Heavy to pounds 30.00, av pounds 23.87.


November 30

Ponteland Mart had forward 52 prime cattle, five feed cows, 380 prime lambs and 69 cull ewes.

Top bull 116.5p/kg and pounds 699 from Hardriding Farm.

Top Char beast 116.5p/kg and pounds 566 from Broomhall Farm.

Top lambs 110.2p/kg and pounds 43 from Halton Red House.

Young Bulls: 116.5p and 699; 114.5 and 756, 112.5 and 776 Hardriding Farm; 113.5 and 683, 107.5 and 765, 107.5 And 817, 106.5 and 820 Hillhead Farm; 109.5 and 619, 107.5 and 624, 104.5 and 553.85 Cowstand Farm.

Steers: 112.5 and 709, 110.5 and 619 West Grange; 108.5 and 694.40, 104.5 and 585.20 Low House Farm; 104.5 and 664, 94.5 and 690, 92.5 and 610 Littletown Farm; 101.5 and 710.5, 9.45 and 689.85 Middle Dudds; 108.5 and 576 Broomhall Farm; 104.5 and 554 West Grange; 103.5 and 513, 98.5 and 493 South East Farm.

Heifers: 115.5 and 566, 114.5 and 619.3, 106.5 and 538 Broomhall Farm; 105.5 and 601 West Newham Farm; 104.5 and 596 Low Hare Farm; 101.5 and 509 South East Farm.

Prime lambs: 110.2p Halton Red House, 106p, 104p West High House; 108p Bygate, 106p West Aydon Shields; 102.8p Grange House Farm; 102.5p Springwell Cottage; 102.2p Bushblades; 100p West Throphill.

Overall average 101.6p.

Feeding cows: 65p, 61p, 58p, 56p West Side View.

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November 30

Hexham and Northern Marts at their weekly primestock sale in their Scots Gap centre had forward 591 head of prime lambs.

Top price per head was pounds 52 for Suffolk x lambs from Messrs Corbett, Dykehead, and top price per kilo was 108.3p for Texel x lambs from Messrs Thornton, Cornhills.

Demand was similar to the previous week with lambs in the 40-42kg bracket selling to greatest advantage.

Leading prices:

Suffolk x

pounds 52 Dykehead, pounds 51 Highlaws, pounds 50 Holling Hill, pounds 48.80 Low Farnham, pounds 48.10 Cornhills, pounds 48 Buckshaw & Dene House, pounds 47.30 Holling Hill, pounds 47 Dykehead & Crook Dene, pounds 46.80 Cornhills, pounds 46.20 Low Farnham, pounds 46 Rothley East Shield, pounds 45.80 Low Farnham, pounds 45 West Todholes & Bavington Hill Head

105p Rothley East Shield, 104.3p Crook Dene, 104p Cornhills, 103.8p Lyneup Hill, 102.3p Cornhills, Tosson Tower & Bavington Hill Head, 102p Buckshaw & Lyneup Hill, 101.8p Low Farnham, 101.4p Buckshaw, 100p Highlaws & Shortflat Farms, 98.5p Holling Hill, 98.3p Low Farnham, 98p Dene House

Texel x

pounds 51 Dykehead, pounds 49 Holling Hill, pounds 48 Monkseaton, pounds 47 Dykehead, pounds 46.50 Low Farnham, pounds 46.20 Catreen, pounds 46 Low Farnham, pounds 45.80 Dene House, pounds 45.60 Dykehead, pounds 45.50 & pounds 45.40 Saugh House, pounds 45 Shortflat Farms, pounds 44.40 Cornhills, pounds 44.20 Dene House, pounds 44 Tosson Tower, pounds 43.80 Highlaws

108.3p Cornhills, 108.1p Saugh House, 107.3p Tosson Tower, 106.8p Highlaws, 105.8p Shortflat Farms, 105.7p Low Farnham, 105.1p Middleton Mill, 103.4p Saugh House, 103.2p Middleton Mill, 102.9p Monkseaton, 102.8p Dene House, 102.1p Monkseaton, 101.8p Dene House, 101.4p Shortflat Farms, 100p Low Farnham, 99.1p Dykehead


pounds 47 Holling Hill, pounds 45 Gallowhill, pounds 42 Coldwell, Catreen & Middleton Mill, pounds 39.80 Rothley East Shield, pounds 39.60 Gallowhill


pounds 41.20 & pounds 38.40 Gallowhill

Charollais x

pounds 50.80 Monkseaton.By anna lognonne

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Publication:The Journal (Newcastle, England)
Geographic Code:1USA
Date:Dec 3, 2005
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