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Martin at the sharp end.

Architectural satirists aren't all that common which is nice for we Brits because we have them both: the national cartoonist treasure, Louis Hellman, and young (all right middle-aged) Ian Martin whose SPA site at was originally aimed at small practice architects. Recently it has morphed into a working architecture satire site. Presumably Martin, old-hand architectural journalist, columnist and taker of absolutely no hostages, got fed up with the thankless task of helping people who wanted to stay small-scale and has moved the content of the site much closer to his other satire site Martin chose the suffix fm so this topical non-architectural site would sound a bit like a radio station. Fm is actually the suffix originally allocated to one of those South Pacific island groups which now earns much needed international dosh for hiring the suffix out. Although the Martian site is a general one, last month it featured SPA's excellent I'Obscurier column, possibly because Martin had gone on holiday. On this occasion I'Obscurier took the form of a cod diary penned by Corb. The entry for that fateful Sunday reads, 'Resolved to go swimming in the Mediterranean this afternoon without my pneumatic arm bags. Let's see how far the "old man" can get today, cramps or no cramps!' Martin has been known in print to break into Greek. We are all so ill educated that no one ever knows if it is classical or demotic-or simply a bunch of Greek characters. So ferocious is the Martin facade that I have never dared test him for Kallikrates and Iktinus. To get the free SPA newsletter send a blank email to
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