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Martin Sheen's foray into politics.

SIR - I would say to actor Martin Sheen, please, please do not get involved with mainline politics; I fear you will be bogged down by the present system.

I speak as an evangelical Christian but any right-minded person who has any knowledge of the Bible will see that we must all stand up for the poor and needy. Jesus really loved the rich man but could not accept him until he had disposed of all his wealth (Luke 18 v21).

By the time I was 10 in 1949, I was accompanying my father to trade union conferences because he was blind. Those were the days of abject poverty and World War II - much, much worse than things are now but, with national insurance, national health and the welfare state, people were helped to regain their dignity.

Sadly, sin and greed took over and money became the predominant factor. Everyone must have a holiday abroad instead of a trip to Barry Island. Everyone needed a car so that the roads were choked and we no longer cared to walk or cycle.

While politicians waffle on about deficits and bankers take home millions, children are being abused (not smacked by caring parents) and the benefit system is a mess because successive governments just pour money to finance more and more managers and consultants.

We need a voice!! Just like the Old Testament prophets and John the Baptist.

Mr Sheen can expect to be despised and scoffed at but with his passion and talent, I firmly believe that, in the wake of the forthcoming travesty of an election there will come a revival in Wales and my grandchildren will have a purpose and a challenge in their lives POB hwyl a phot bendith.

Jean Griffiths Roath, Cardiff

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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Western Mail (Cardiff, Wales)
Date:Mar 20, 2015
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