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Marshmallow peacocks: early childhood.

The Art Problem

Create a mixed media collage to capture the beauty of the peacock.

Artistic Behaviors

1. Exploring a variety of media.

2. Making patterns using stamp-pad printing.

3. Understanding the concepts of overlapping and texture.

4. Observing the colors and patterns in peacock feathers.


large sheets of white drawing paper, marshmallows, blue ink pads, colored paper, scissors, glue, crayons, oil pastels, textured materials for rubbings, watercolors, brushes, strong polyester film (shredded thin), star stickers

Guiding Practice

1. After reading The Spooky Tail of Prewitt Peacock by Bill Peet, observe the colors and patterns in real peacock feathers.

2. Have students draw peacock heads, necks, and bodies as one shape on colored paper. Cut out shapes and glue onto large sheets of white paper. Use scraps for legs and claws.

3. Students use marshmallows as stamps for printing eyespots on the feathers in repeated patterns above and behind the bird's body. Add blue, green, and gold crayon concentric circles of color around the eyespots and other linear details to the feathers.

4. Students place corrugated cardboard and other textured materials underneath their pictures and rub over the top with oil pastels.

5. Students paint over the entire surface with a watercolor wash and paint background details, while attending to the concept of overlapping.

6. For highlights, students add tar stickers and shredded polyester film.

Assessing Learning

To what degree were students successful in using a variety of media and techniques, and capturing the essence of a spray of pea cock feathers through pattern and color?

ClipCard submitted by Jennifer Ogden, an art teacher at Victor School in Victor, Montana.
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