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Marsh Supermarkets Inc.

Marsh's 79 supermarkets and 167 Village Pantry stores are located throughout Indiana and western Ohio. In each community, the company ranks right up there with the best neighbors. Ask Mary Ann Pahud, director of corporate affairs, and she will reel off a list of at least 49 good works the company sponsors.

There is everything from a beautiful eyes' contest for the Society to Prevent Blindness through the Anderson March of Dimes, activities at The Children's Museum in Indianapolis, Lafayette 4th of July festivities, Tip County Pork Festival, Huntington Heritage Days, Indiana Basketball Hall of Fame-well, you get the idea. Marsh shines up its name wherever its customers live.

One of the latest activities is an environmental campaign. We know you value the land we all share, and we value you,' is the tag line for television, radio and print advertisements. The campaign definitely is not done for corporate image, Pahud protests. instead, the company sees itself in a unique position, because it is in constant contact with the customer. The consumer needs to be educated as well as the corporation. "We are being socially responsible," Pahud says. 'If it heightens the image, that is a by-product.'

Last July, Don E. Marsh, president and CEO of the chain, was elected for a three-year term as chairman of the International Center for Companies of the Food Trade and industry. One thrust of the Paris-based organization is conservation, and Marsh has started in his own front yard.

Iside the corporation there is a push to protect the land in every way Marsh can.

Advertising circulars now use biodegradable, soybean-based inks and are printed on recycled paper. The company bales and recycles shipping boxes used to bring products into the stores. Each month, it donates 60,000 to 80,000 pounds of slightly damaged but usable products, not to a trash heap, but to local food banks. In its convenience stores where it sells gasoline, the company is replacing steel tanks with leak-resistant fiberglass tanks-10 years before the Environmental Protection Agency will require the change.

Photodegradable Enviro-Mate plastic bags have been introduced at Marsh's checkout counters. Although the bags do not disintegrate if buried deep in landfills where the sun never shines, they are made of state-of-the-environmental-art material and will reduce roadside and neighborhood litter.

To sensitize the public to the problem, Marsh has recycling trailers parked in a number of its lots in Indianapolis and other cities. The company works with Recycle Indiana Resources in Greencastle, Winchester, New Castle, Tipton,

Anderson, Rushville, Greensburg, Connersville and Greenfield. Research shows that 70 percent of consumers are concerned about the environment. And, as Marsh says in the television commercial, We know there is a lot more to living in this world than selling groceries.'
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Title Annotation:Corporate Identity
Author:Johnson, J. Douglas
Publication:Indiana Business Magazine
Date:Jun 1, 1990
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