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Mars Petcare Introduces New Wild Frontier Pet Food Brand.

Byline: Pet Age Staff

Mars Petcare ( is introducing WILD FRONTIER Pet Food (, a new super premium brand of dog and cat food that meets pets' instinctual needs. As carnivores at heart, pets' ancestors relied on their instincts to find food, capturing and feeding on what nature provided. That notion is the inspiration behind the new WILD FRONTIER brand.The new line of dog and cat food includes grain-free, animal-based recipes with multiple sources of prey and nutrient-rich organs, which pets' ancestors sought first after the hunt to help them thrive.

"We're constantly thinking about how we can reimagine our portfolio of brands and product to meet consumer demands," saidEric Huston, marketing director at Mars Petcare. "Ancestral feeding continues to be a top trend in the industry, and with WILD FRONTIER Pet Food, we are taking our offerings one step further by providing a brand that has prey-based, meat-first recipes with nutrient-rich organs."

Originally part of the NUTRO brand of dog food, WILD FRONTIER Pet Food is now its own brand, providing pet parents with the next level of protein-rich ancestral nutrition. All of the recipes include high-quality protein as the first ingredient, with no grains or soy and no artificial flavors or preservatives.

Dry Dog Food:<br />

The WILD FRONTIER dry dog food is made with 60 percent animal ingredients, with at least three sources of prey in each recipe, including nutrient-rich organs. The recipes are designed to support a strong, lean body, satisfy hunger and promote healthy skin and coat. Varieties include:

With Beef & Wild Boar

With Chicken

With Lamb & Venison Meal

WithTurkey& Duck

Wet Dog Food:

The WILD FRONTIER wet dog food satisfies dogs' natural desire for prey with poultry, meat or fish protein and nutrient-rich liver in tasty recipes that come in single-serving trays or cans. In fact, 99 percent of the protein comes from animal sources. Flavor varieties include:


Beef Loaf with Chicken Cuts

Chicken Loaf with Chicken Cuts

Turkey& Lamb Loaf with Chicken Cuts

Turkey Loaf with Chicken Cuts


Beef & Chicken Chunky Loaf

Beef & Lamb Stew

Beef & Liver Stew

Beef Chunky Loaf

Chicken & Liver Stew

Chicken & Turkey Stew

Chicken Chunky Loaf

Duck & Liver Chunky Loaf

Duck & Liver Stew

Lamb & Liver Stew

Salmon & Liver Stew

Turkey& Liver Stew

Wet Cat Food:<br />

The WILD FRONTIER wet cat food recipes each contain at least two sources of animal protein and the nutrient-rich liver cats desire. The recipes come in single-serving poultry, meat or fish varieties in both pat and cuts in gravy formulations. Flavor varieties include:


Catfish & Trout Recipe

Chicken Recipe

Chicken & Beef Recipe

Salmon Recipe

Salmon & Trout Recipe

Turkey Recipe

Turkey& Duck Recipe

Cuts in Gravy:

Chicken Recipe

Chicken & Beef Recipe

Liver & Duck Recipe

Turkey Recipe

Turkey& Duck Recipe

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Publication:Pet Age
Date:Jul 5, 2018
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