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The Voice of Glacier: Ranger Doug Follett reflects on 50 Years at Glacier National Park. Interview Jun 22, 2020 2379
Flight plan: National parks temporarily declared "no-fly zones" for drones. Sep 22, 2014 938
Rallying cry: a small army of preservationists is fighting to add Mill Springs Battlefield to the National Park System. Sep 22, 2014 942
Night and day: after 30 years of intense habitat restoration on the Channel Islands, the island night lizard might be ready to come off the endangered species list. Sep 22, 2013 809
Swimming with dinosaurs: Atlantic sturgeon are making a surprising comeback in the Chesapeake Bay. Sep 22, 2013 932
On the map: two new national monuments celebrate American heroes forged during the nation's darkest times. Jun 22, 2013 779
Desert storm: Fort Bowie stood at the center of America's most brutal Indian Wars. Jun 22, 2013 977
Fish out of water: asian carp threaten national parks along the Mississippi River. Mar 22, 2013 579
Wolf hunt: paleontologists stumble on ancient wolf remains in Tule Springs. Mar 22, 2013 490
Buried in the sand: ancient reptiles unearthed in Petrified Forest National Park. Jan 1, 2013 395
Native waters: brook trout are making a comeback in Great Smoky Mountains National Park. Jan 1, 2013 933
A breath of fresh air: EPA is renewing its vow to protect our most sacred views. Jun 22, 2012 1011
A thousand miles in a hundred days: photographer Carlton Ward, Jr., leads a team of explorers on an ambitious, self-propelled journey through the Everglades and beyond. Jun 22, 2012 1534
Found objects: two artists turn trash into treasures at Point Reyes National Seashore. Cover story Jun 22, 2012 1013
Wheels of change: a growing number of Americans are hopping on mountain bikes as a way to connect with the natural world. But do knobby tires belong on national park trails? Mar 22, 2012 3260
A raw deal: marine wilderness is at stake in the ecological heart of Point Reyes National Seashore. Mar 22, 2012 570
Friends in high places: EcoFlight offers an aerial view of the national parks, and the threats looming within and beyond their boundaries. Mar 22, 2012 819
Unusual suspect: what triggered the fall of Organ Pipe's acuha cactus? Sep 22, 2011 822
A bigger vision: a new bill would expand Oregon Caves National Monument. Sep 22, 2011 380
A road less traveled: students reconnect with African-American history on an 1,800-mile, self-propelled journey along the Underground Railroad. Sep 22, 2011 1389
Victory at Gettysburg: Pennsylvania says "no" to casino near battlefields. Jun 22, 2011 335
Taking out the trash: legal victory means no landfill near Joshua Tree. Brief article Jun 22, 2011 329
The face of freedom: two potential park units would celebrate Harriet Tubman's life. Jun 22, 2011 457
Securing the fort. Brief article Mar 22, 2011 295
The new-age naturalist: new applications for hand-held devices bring people closer to the parks. Brief article Jan 1, 2011 305
Beyond the house: a new bill could add critical lands to Casa Grande Ruins National Monument. Jan 1, 2011 349
The point of no return? Grizzly bears are disappearing from North Cascades National Park. Jan 1, 2011 791
Chasing the Dream: Nebraska's Homestead National Monument celebrates the independent farmers who shaped the American landscape. Jan 1, 2011 1052
Running on fumes: do Jet Skis belong in our national parks? Sep 22, 2010 587
Continental divide: gray wolves return to the endangered species list--and not everyone is happy about it. Sep 22, 2010 1360
Wading into wilderness: captures the heart and soul of Florida's most pristine wet lands. Jun 22, 2010 658
Ancient melodies: can national parks unlock the mysteries of prehistoric musicians? Jun 22, 2010 775
Buried treasures: just North of Las Vegas, a vast stretch of land entombs the richest ice age fossil beds in the Southwest. Could this become America's next national monument? Jun 22, 2010 1384
A snake in the grass: Burmese pythons are putting a squeeze on the everglades. Jun 22, 2010 843
At long last: permanent protections for Glacier's headwaters. Mar 22, 2010 288
Lost and found: college students make a stunning discovery that benefits Maggie Walker National Historic Site. Mar 22, 2010 434
On the prowl: are there jaguarundis in Big Bend National Park? Mar 22, 2010 842
Through the lens: a new generation of wildlife photographers focuses on the desert tortoise. Jan 1, 2010 603
A new moon rising: critical funding could help shed light on a deadly bat disease. Brief article Jan 1, 2010 243
Investing in waterfront property: new funding will help restore critical ecosystems in the Everglades and Great Lakes. Jan 1, 2010 994
Beyond the bluegrass: explore a different side of the southeast in Kentucky's national parks. Sep 22, 2009 2151
A revolutionary home: an innovative land swap protects Valley Forge's historical character. Sep 22, 2009 346
Troubled waters: photographers focus on Canada's Flathead River Valley to preserve Glacier National Park. Sep 22, 2009 488
As they were meant to be: new legislation designates wilderness areas in several national parks. Brief article Jun 22, 2009 310
Protecting the past: four new bills help the National Park Service tell America's story. Jun 22, 2009 967
In cold blood: a mysterious disease threatens to wipe out America's bats. Jun 22, 2009 576
Desert secrets: how do plants survive a blazing sun, summer heat, and constantly shifting landscapes? Jun 22, 2009 831
A river restored: forty years after the Cuyahoga River fires. Brief article Mar 22, 2009 298
Building a mystery: what do we really know about Ocmulgee's mounds? Mar 22, 2009 786
A hazy shade of winter: snowmobiles trump science in Yellowstone National Park. Brief article Jan 1, 2009 313
Fighting gravity: saving what remains of Michigan's 19th-century copper industry. Jan 1, 2009 601
Solar rush: California's solar boom threatens the very places it's meant to protect. Jan 1, 2009 910
Healing waters: injured soldiers turn to Great Falls Park in Maryland to renew their bodies, minds, and spirits, one paddle stroke at a time. Jan 1, 2009 826
An American home: the White House is more than just a symbol of America's political power. Jan 1, 2009 861
A sweet deal: a multi-billion dollar land sale could bring the Everglades closer to its natural state. Brief article Sep 22, 2008 228
Off-road to recovery: outcome of NPCA lawsuit helps curb illegal off-road vehicle use in the parks. Sep 22, 2008 463
Diving with a purpose: in Biscayne National Park, African-American diver connect with an elusive past. Sep 22, 2008 742
How to build an ocean: what gets coral in the mood? Sep 22, 2008 809
Moving stories: Smoky Mountain shuttle enlightens visitor while taking a few cars off the road. Jun 22, 2008 332
The eyes of a visionary: at age nine, E.O. Wilson was unraveling secrets of the natural world in Rock Creek Park. Nearly 70 years later, he's ensuring that today's nine-year-olds can follow his lead. Interview Jun 22, 2008 1192
Code pink: the decline of the roseate spoonbill, an everglades icon, could signal an ecosystem collapse. Jun 22, 2008 839
A battlefield reborn: Gettysburg dusts the cobwebs off the visitor experience. Brief article Mar 22, 2008 325
Fenced in: new efforts to secure the nation's border pose serious threats to wildlife. Mar 22, 2008 756
A homecoming of sorts: nearly a century after disappearing from the region, a top predator returns to Olympic National Park. Mar 22, 2008 782
A modern interpretation: want to experience a national park? Just click, and listen. Brief article Jan 1, 2008 223
A silent explosion: new legislation could put a forgotten naval site on the National Park System map. Jan 1, 2008 825
Recovery, at a turtle's pace: Padre Island National Seashore has given an endangered sea turtle a fighting chance. And it only took 30 years to do it. Jan 1, 2008 839
Cruising altitude: the bald eagle is back from the brink, and Channel Islands National Park wants the world to know it. Brief article Sep 22, 2007 270
A shifting landscape: Global Warming has put Yellowstone's whitebark pine trees at the mercy of a malicious beetle. What does that mean for the grizzly bear? Report Sep 22, 2007 1288
End of the road: a decades-long debate over the North Shore Road in Great Smoky Mountains National Park may be nearing its end. Sep 22, 2007 850
A mountain calling: John Muir's ambles through wilderness did more than just appease his wild heart--they revolutionized the conservation movement. Sep 22, 2007 850
The other prisoners of war: Congress passes legislation to preserve Japanese-American internment sites around the country. Mar 22, 2007 781
Land of the blue smoke: exploring the scientific phenomenon that gives the Smokies their name. Mar 22, 2007 815
Spreading the wealth: scientists are making groundbreaking discoveries in the national parks--but what's in it for the parks? Jan 1, 2007 979
Below the surface: centuries ago, Kentucky slaves interpreted Mammoth Cave's history. And in the process, they became a part of it. Jan 1, 2007 843
Walking in their footsteps: dinosaur prints in Denali National Park and Preserve reveal a prehistoric ecosystem. Sep 22, 2006 739
Getting into hot water: extraordinary microbes found in Yellowstone's thermal pools are helping to solve countless mysteries. Sep 22, 2006 769
Out of sight, out of mind: scientists search for ways to protect an animal we know very little about. Jun 22, 2006 769
A sound resolution: curbing noise pollution in the parks. Mar 22, 2006 925
Higher learning: the science behind how trees get tall ... and what keeps them from growing taller. Mar 22, 2006 799
The city that lit the world: a whaling community in Massachusetts teaches lessons in diversity and conservation. Jan 1, 2006 860
The great migration: birds do it, bees do it, dragonflies and manatees do it. But why? Sep 22, 2005 815

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