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Advanced Intelligent Big Data Analytic-Based Automated Layout for Environmental Design Intelligent Sensor Networks. Yu, Xueyong; Yu, Heng; Liu, Chunjing Jul 22, 2022 7357
Analysis on the Effect of Intelligentization and Improvement of Tourist Bus Loops Based on Markov Chain Decoupling. Chai, Shousheng; Shan, Jun; Long, Chunfeng; Qianyi, Wang Jul 21, 2022 4647
A PH(i)/PH(i,n)/C/C Queuing Model in Randomly Changing Environments for Traffic Circulation Systems. Zhu, Juanxiu; Hu, Lu; Xie, Han; Li, Kehong Jul 20, 2022 13863
Markov Model-Based Sports Training Risk Prediction Model Design and Its Training Control. Huang, Haibin; Wen, Shaofei Jul 16, 2022 7479
Self-Study System Evaluation of Oral English Based on Limit Theory. Ming, Xing; Wang, Xihong; Liu, Wenlan Report Jul 12, 2022 6397
Self-Psychological Control and Creativity of Music Creation in Multimusic Environment. Xu, Caihong Jul 8, 2022 5945
Model of Markov-Based Piano Note Recognition Algorithm and Piano Teaching Model Construction. Fu, Teng Report Jul 5, 2022 5886
Exhaust Emission Assessment with Energy Structural Evolution in Transportation Network. Lin, Hongzhi Jul 4, 2022 5972
Gymnastics Action Recognition and Training Posture Analysis Based on Artificial Intelligence Sensor. Chen, Yuanxiang; Chen, Qiao Jul 1, 2022 4514
Building Construction Design Based on Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm. Song, Wenxue Jun 29, 2022 4871
Pricing Israeli Option with Time-changed Compensation by an FFT-Based High-order Multinomial Tree in Lévy Markets. Wang, Weiwei; Hu, Xiaoping Jun 29, 2022 5337
Research on Optimization of Adaptive Positioning and Routing Algorithm for Industrial Internet of Things Engineering Based on Improved Neural Network. Fang, Xuanzheng; Yu, Yang Report Jun 28, 2022 3998
Condition Detection and Maintenance of Steel-Fiber-Reinforced Concrete Based on Markov Random Matrix. Liu, Hongjiang; Liu, Mingyan; Li, Yun Report Jun 24, 2022 7072
A Deep Q-Network-Based Collaborative Control Research for Smart Ammunition Formation. Shen, Jian; Zhang, Benkang; Zhu, Qingyu; Chen, Pengyun Jun 22, 2022 8123
Analysis of the Style Characteristics of National Dance Based on 3D Reconstruction. Zhang, Dongqi Jun 20, 2022 6259
Optimization Design and Performance Analysis of Improved IEEE802.11p MAC Mechanism Based on High Mobility of Vehicle. Peng, Jiankui; Li, Suoping; Dou, Zufang; Yang, Sa Jun 16, 2022 5664
Security Control of Denial-of-Service Attacks in Cyber-Physical Systems Based on Dynamic Feedback. Wang, Yihe; Hu, Bo; Pan, Xiao; Xu, Tingting; Sun, Qiuye Jun 13, 2022 6209
Embedded Estimation Sequential Bayes Parameter Inference for the Ricker Dynamical System. Rehman, Muhammad Javvad Ur; Zafar, Raheel; Dilpazir, Hammad; Sohail, Muhammad Farhan; Khan, Muhammad Jun 8, 2022 6122
Privacy Leaks Protection in Music Streaming Services Using an Intelligent Permissions Management System. Wang, Qian Jun 8, 2022 5025
A Consumption and Investment Problem via a Markov Decision Processes Approach with Random Horizon. Paredes Pérez, Octavio; Vázquez Guevara, Víctor Hugo; Cruz-Suárez, Hugo Jun 7, 2022 6563
AI-Enabled Energy-Efficient Fog Computing for Internet of Vehicles. Tariq, Hira; Javed, Muhammad Awais; Alvi, Ahmad Naseem; Hasanat, Mozaherul Hoque Abul; Khan, Muhamma May 26, 2022 7137
Spatial-Temporal Change Trend Analysis of Second-Hand House Price in Hefei Based on Spatial Network. Yin, Zheng; Sun, Rui; Bi, Yuqing May 23, 2022 5789
Live Multiattribute Data Mining and Penalty Decision-Making in Basketball Games Based on the Apriori Algorithm. Zeng, Jian; Jia, Bao May 19, 2022 6760
5G Converged Network Resource Allocation Strategy Based on Reinforcement Learning in Edge Cloud Computing Environment. Li, Xuezhu May 14, 2022 5118
Research on the Change in Public Art Landscape Pattern Based on Deep Learning. Zhao, Lei; Tang, Congcong May 11, 2022 5108
Computer Speech Recognition Technology and Graphic Shape Design. Niu, Yuxi May 11, 2022 5516
The Design of Sports Games under the Internet of Things Fitness by Deep Reinforcement Learning. Wang, Xiangyu; Liu, Chao; Sun, Laishuang May 10, 2022 5169
Rebalancing Docked Bicycle Sharing System with Approximate Dynamic Programming and Reinforcement Learning. Seo, Young-Hyun; Kim, Dong-Kyu; Kang, Seungmo; Byon, Young-Ji; Kho, Seung-Young May 9, 2022 9774
Security-Based Asynchronous Control for Discrete-Time Markov Switching Power Systems [sup.⋆]. Xu, Weifeng; Yu, Bin; Weng, Liguo; Zhou, Jianguo May 5, 2022 4561
The Weibull Claim Model: Bivariate Extension, Bayesian, and Maximum Likelihood Estimations. Emam, Walid; Tashkandy, Yusra Report May 4, 2022 4275
A New Wind Speed Evaluation Method Based on Pinball Loss and Winkler Score. Li, Guomin; Zhang, Jinghui; Shen, Xiaoyu; Kong, Chunhui; Zhang, Yagang; Li, Gengyin Report May 1, 2022 5367
Cost-Utility Analysis of STN1013001, a Latanoprost Cationic Emulsion, versus Other Latanoprost Formulations (Latanoprost) in Open-Angle Glaucoma or Ocular Hypertension and Ocular Surface Disease in France. Lazzaro, Carlo; van Steen, Cécile; Aptel, Florent; Schweitzer, Cédric; Angelillo, Luigi Apr 29, 2022 7445
Multistate Reliability Analysis of Recessive Fault of Mechanical Meta-Action Unit Based on Markov Process. Ge, Hongyu; Liu, Yuan; Zhang, Chuanwei; Yang, Manzhi Report Apr 28, 2022 8939
Health Transition Probability and Long-Term Care Cost Estimation. Cui, Xiaodong; Duan, Xuexiang; Chang, Ching-Ter; Jiang, Shuhua Report Apr 22, 2022 7267
A Markov Model-Based Fusion Algorithm for Distorted Electronic Technology Archives. Wang, Lei Apr 22, 2022 7214
Asymmetric Power Hazard Distribution for COVID-19 Mortality Rate under Adaptive Type-II Progressive Censoring: Theory and Inferences. El-Morshedy, Mahmoud; El-Sagheer, Rashad M.; Eliwa, Mohamed S.; Alqahtani, Khaled M. Apr 20, 2022 6306
Intelligent Sensing and Computing in Wireless Sensor Networks for Multiple Target Tracking. Zou, Xinyu; Li, Linling; Du, Hao; Zhou, Longyu Apr 15, 2022 6095
Extracting Overtaking Segments by Unsupervised Clustering and Predicting Nonmotorized Vehicle's Trajectory. Yin, Ailing; Chen, Xiaohong; Yue, Lishengsa Apr 13, 2022 10855
Modeling and Analysis of Postdisaster Aviation Medical Rescue Process Using SPN-MC. Zhang, Qingsong; Wang, Xuezheng; Jin, Yijia; Luo, Xingna Mar 28, 2022 7702
Security Attitude Prediction Model of Secret-Related Computer Information System Based on Distributed Parallel Computing Programming. Sun, Ling; Gao, Dali Report Mar 25, 2022 8314
Exploration for Countering the Episodic Memory. Zhou, Rong; Wang, Yuan; Zhang, Xiwen; Wang, Chao Mar 24, 2022 5441
Application of Machine Learning in the Reliability Evaluation of Pipelines for the External Anticorrosion Coating. Zhao, Zhifeng; Chen, Mingyuan; Fan, Heng; Zhang, Nailu Mar 24, 2022 4675
Cost-Effectiveness Analysis of Follow-Up Schedule for Hepatocellular Carcinoma after Radiofrequency Ablation. Hu, Shuifang; Wu, Xiaoxue; Wei, Mengchao; Ling, Yunyan; Zhu, Meiyan; Wang, Yan; Chen, Yong Mar 19, 2022 6328
Reliability Analysis of Tape Winding Hydraulic System Based on Continuous-Time T-S Dynamic Fault Tree. Sun, Honghua; Xu, Lipeng; Jiang, Guangjun; Chen, Hongxia Feb 26, 2022 6094
Research on the Construction of Crossborder e-Commerce Logistics Service System Based on Machine Learning Algorithms. Xu, Jinbo; Mu, Shibiao Feb 25, 2022 6810
Reliability Analysis of a Two Nonidentical Unit Parallel System with Optional Vacations under Poisson Shocks. El-Sherbeny, Mohamed S.; Hussien, Zienab M. Feb 23, 2022 5862
An Efficient Feature Selection Method for Video-Based Activity Recognition Systems. Siddiqi, Muhammad Hameed; Alsirhani, Amjad Report Feb 22, 2022 8891
Analysis of Exchange Rates as Time-Inhomogeneous Markov Chain with Finite States. Mettle, Felix O.; Boateng, Lydia Pomaa; Quaye, Enoch N. B.; Aidoo, Emmanuel Kojo; Seidu, Issah Feb 22, 2022 7327
Estimation Markov Decision Process of Multimodal Trip Chain between Integrated Transportation Hubs in Urban Agglomeration Based on Generalized Cost. Yue, Min; Ma, Shu-Hong; Zhou, Wei; Chen, Xi-Fang Feb 18, 2022 9616
Intelligent L2-L∞ Consensus of Multiagent Systems under Switching Topologies via Fuzzy Deep Q Learning. Cheng, Haoyu; Xu, Linpeng; Song, Ruijia; Zhu, Yue; Fang, Yangwang Feb 16, 2022 7531
The Downward Spiral. Greenwood, Jeremy; Guner, Nezih; Kopecky, Karen A. Feb 15, 2022 19557
Finite Mixture of the Hidden Markov Model for Driving Style Analysis. Ding, Lusa; Zhu, Ting; Wang, Yanli; Zou, Yajie Jan 31, 2022 5365
A Novel Intelligent Approach to Lane-Change Behavior Prediction for Intelligent and Connected Vehicles. Du, Luyao; Chen, Wei; Ji, Jing; Pei, Zhonghui; Tong, Bingming; Zheng, Hongjiang Jan 17, 2022 6376
Digital Twins by Physical Education Teaching Practice in Visual Sensing Training System. Liu, Xinran; Jiang, Ji Jan 11, 2022 6905
Multimedia Recognition of Piano Music Based on the Hidden Markov Model. Zhu, Ying Dec 30, 2021 4011
Variational Quantum Circuit-Based Reinforcement Learning for POMDP and Experimental Implementation. Kimura, Tomoaki; Shiba, Kodai; Chen, Chih-Chieh; Sogabe, Masaru; Sakamoto, Katsuyoshi; Sogabe, Tomah Report Dec 23, 2021 5760
UAV Swarm Confrontation Using Hierarchical Multiagent Reinforcement Learning. Wang, Baolai; Li, Shengang; Gao, Xianzhong; Xie, Tao Dec 21, 2021 7416
Hidden Markov Model-Based Video Recognition for Sports. Wang, Zhiyuan; Bi, Chongyuan; You, Songhui; Yao, Junjie Dec 20, 2021 7723
Research on Correction Method of Spoken Pronunciation Accuracy of AI Virtual English Reading. Wang, Shuli; Shi, Xiuchuan Dec 17, 2021 6011
Automatic Classification and Analysis of Music Multimedia Combined with Hidden Markov Model. Chen, Yanjiao Dec 8, 2021 4723
The Pricing and Hedging of an Attainable Claim in a Hybrid Black-Scholes Model under Regime Switching. Tian, Kuanhou; Li, Yanfang; Hu, Guixin Nov 30, 2021 4133
Determining Risk Factors That Affect Progression in Patients with Nonproliferative Diabetic Retinopathy. Chen, Dalbert J.; Kuo, Jacky C.; Wright, Alex J.; Chuang, Alice Z.; Chan, Wenyaw; Feldman, Robert M. Clinical report Nov 30, 2021 6999
Load Frequency Control for Power Systems with Actuator Faults within a Finite-Time Interval. Qiu, Haifeng; Weng, Liguo; Yu, Bin; Zhang, Yanghui Nov 8, 2021 3858
Risk Factors Related with Antenatal Care Service use among Pregnant Women in Sinana District, Bale Zone, Ethiopia. Abebe, Meskerem; Legesse, Alemayehu Nov 1, 2021 5341
An Efficient Markov Chain Based Channel Model for 6G Enabled Massive Internet of Things. Yang, Wei; Jing, Xiaojun; Huang, Hai; Zhu, Chunsheng; Jiang, Qiaojie; Xie, Dongliang Report Nov 1, 2021 7105
Synonymous and non-synonymous polymorphisms in toll-like receptor 2 (TLR2) gene among complicated measles cases at a tertiary care hospital, Peshawar, Pakistan. Ilyas, Muhammad; Afzal, Sumera; Alghamdi, Saad; Khurram, Muhammad Report Nov 1, 2021 5205
An Adaptive Deployment Algorithm for IaaS Cloud Virtual Machines Based on Q Learning Mechanism. Chen, Shuguang Oct 31, 2021 3801
A Fast and Efficient Markov Chain Monte Carlo Method for Market Microstructure Model. Yapeng, Sun; Hui, Peng; Wenbiao, Xie Oct 27, 2021 16535
Dynamic Capacitated Arc Routing Problem in E-Bike Sharing System: A Monte Carlo Tree Search Approach. Tan, Shiqi; Li, Zhiheng; Xie, Na Oct 23, 2021 13899
A New Method for Identifying Key and Common Themes Based on Text Mining: An Example in the Field of Urban Expansion. Zhang, Yanwei; Lu, Xinhai; Lin, Chaoran; Wu, Feng; Li, Jinqiu Oct 14, 2021 9001
Research on Autoarrangement System of Accompaniment Chords Based on Hidden Markov Model with Machine Learning. Shi, Shuo; Xi, Shuting; Tsai, Sang-Bing Report Oct 14, 2021 6601
Risk Analysis and Reliability Assessment of Overhead Cranes Using Fault Tree Analysis Integrated with Markov Chain and Fuzzy Bayesian Networks. Mohammadi, Heidar; Fazli, Zohreh; Kaleh, Hiro; Azimi, Hamid Reza; Moradi Hanifi, Saber; Shafiee, Nas Report Oct 12, 2021 10790
Robust Assessing the Lifetime Performance of Products with Inverse Gaussian Distribution in Bayesian and Classical Setup. Ahmadini, Abdullah Ali H.; Javed, Amara; Akhtar, Sohail; Chesneau, Christophe; Jamal, Farrukh; Alshq Oct 4, 2021 4070
COVID-19-Related School Closures and Learning Modality Changes--United States, August 1-September 17, 2021. Parks, Sharyn E.; Zviedrite, Nicole; Budzyn, Samantha E.; Panaggio, Mark J.; Raible, Emma; Papazian, Oct 1, 2021 1174
Hierarchical Bayesian Spatio-Temporal Modeling for PM[sub.10] Prediction. Mahdi, Esam; Alshamari, Sana; Khashabi, Maryam; Alkorbi, Alya Sep 13, 2021 6283
Design and Implementation of Embedded Real-Time English Speech Recognition System Based on Big Data Analysis. He, Lifang; Jin, Gaimin; Tsai, Sang-Bing Sep 2, 2021 7194
Refined Path Planning for Emergency Rescue Vehicles on Congested Urban Arterial Roads via Reinforcement Learning Approach. Yan, Longhao; Wang, Ping; Yang, Jingwen; Hu, Yu; Han, Yu; Yao, Junfeng Sep 1, 2021 6810
Genetic Algorithm Approach to Find the Estimated Value of HMM parameters for NS5 Methyltransferase Protein. Katiyar, Nidhi; Nath, Ravindra; Katiyar, Shashwat Report Sep 1, 2021 5504
Modeling of Wireless Traffic Load in Next Generation Wireless Networks. Manzoor, Sohaib; Bajwa, Khalid Bashir; Sajid, Muhammad; Manzoor, Hira; Manzoor, Mahak; Ali, Nouman; Report Aug 31, 2021 8946
A Time-Varying Coupling Analysis of Expressway Traffic Volume and Manufacturing PMI. Sun, Shuo; Gu, Mingchen; Wang, Yingping; Lin, Rongjie; Xing, Lifeng; Xu, Zhiyuan Aug 20, 2021 5010
Modified Stochastic Petri Net-Based Modeling and Optimization of Emergency Rescue Processes during Coal Mine Accidents. Li, Xiao; Shi, Yongkui; Wang, Zaiyong; Zhang, Wenquan Aug 14, 2021 7473
Freeze-Thaw Splitting Strength Analysis of PAC Based on the Gray-Markov Model. Yu, Baoyang; Sun, Zongguang; Qi, Lin Aug 6, 2021 5988
Finite-Time H[sub.?] State Estimation for Markovian Jump Neural Networks with Time-Varying Delays via an Extended Wirtinger's Integral Inequality. Shanmugam, Saravanan; Syed Ali, M.; Vadivel, R.; M. Lee, Gyu Report Aug 5, 2021 6502
Stability and change in New Zealanders' political party support. Satherley, Nicole; Osborne, Danny; Sibley, Chris G. Aug 1, 2021 8585
Polymorphic Path Transferring for Secure Flow Delivery. Zhang, Rongbo; Li, Xin; Zhan, Yan Report Aug 1, 2021 11207
Mathematical Analysis Power Spectrum of M-ary MSK and Detection with Optimum Maximum Likelihood. Niu, Zheng; Jiang, Yuzhong; Jia, Shuyang; Huang, Zhi; Zou, Wenliang; Liu, Gang; Li, Yu Report Aug 1, 2021 5463
Prediction of Drought Severity Using Model-Based Clustering. Niaz, Rizwan; Hussain, Ijaz; Zhang, Xiang; Ali, Zulfiqar; Elashkar, Elsayed Elsherbini; Khader, Jame Report Jul 23, 2021 5437
An Online Map Matching Algorithm Based on Second-Order Hidden Markov Model. Fu, Xiao; Zhang, Jiaxu; Zhang, Yue Jul 19, 2021 7574
Bayesian Estimation of Partially Linear Additive Spatial Autoregressive Models with P-Splines. Chen, Zhiyong; Chen, Minghui; Xing, Guodong Report Jul 15, 2021 7357
Real-Time On-Orbit Estimation Method for Microthruster Thrust Based on High-Precision Orbit Determination. Yang, Qinglin; Zhou, Weijing; Chang, Hao Jul 1, 2021 6137
Remote Fault-Tolerant Control for Industrial Smart Surveillance System. Mahmood, Atif; Khan, Abdul Qayyum; Mustafa, Ghulam; Ullah, Nasim; Abid, Muhammad; Khan, Aadil Sarwar Report Jun 10, 2021 5173
Modeling and Analysis of Network Control System Based on Hierarchical Coloured Petri Net and Markov Chain. Li, Jingdong; Wang, Zhangang; Sun, Liankun; Wang, Wanru Jun 9, 2021 5351
Research on the Dynamic Evolution of Scientific and Technological Innovation Efficiency in Universities and Identification of Influencing factors--based on Markov Chain Estimation and GMM Model. Luo, Quanzhi Report Jun 8, 2021 9265
RC bridge management optimisation considering condition assessment uncertainties. Sein, Sander; Matos, Jose Campos; Idnurm, Juhan; Kiisa, Martti; Coelho, Mario Jun 1, 2021 9326
Three Methods for Energy-Efficient Context Recognition. Janko, Vito Jun 1, 2021 1370
An Efficient Convolution Algorithm for the Non-Markovian Two-Node Cyclic Network. El-Taha, Muhammad; Michaud, Thomas May 30, 2021 5528
Multiconstrained Gliding Guidance Based on Optimal and Reinforcement Learning Method. Zhe, Luo; Xinsan, Li; Lixin, Wang; Qiang, Shen May 27, 2021 6753
Improved Particle Filter Using Clustering Similarity of the State Trajectory with Application to Nonlinear Estimation: Theory, Modeling, and Applications. Jiao, Ziquan; Feng, Zhiqiang; Lv, Na; Liu, Wenjing; Qin, Haijian May 26, 2021 11133
Cell Heterogeneity Analysis in Single-Cell RNA-seq Data Using Mixture Exponential Graph and Markov Random Field Model. Wang, Yishu; Tian, Xuehan; Ai, Dongmei Report May 22, 2021 6399
Research on Landslide Warning Model Establishment and Disaster Space-Time Evolution Analysis. Wang, Zhen May 20, 2021 5189
The E-Bayesian Estimation for Lomax Distribution Based on Generalized Type-I Hybrid Censoring Scheme. Liu, Kaiwei; Zhang, Yuxuan Report May 19, 2021 8787
Predictive Maintenance and Sensitivity Analysis for Equipment with Multiple Quality States. Wang, Xiao; Xu, Deyi; Qu, Na; Liu, Tianqi; Qu, Fang; Zhang, Guowei May 11, 2021 5509
? -Stability in q-th Moment of Neutral Impulsive Stochastic Functional Differential Equations with Markovian Switching. Mchiri, Lassaad; Rhaima, Mohamed Report May 8, 2021 4069
An Improved Finite Element Model Updating Method Based on the Singular Values of Frequency Response Functions. Yin, Hong; Wang, Zenghui; Cao, Mingming; Peng, Zhenrui; Dong, Kangli Report Apr 30, 2021 7290
Source Reconstruction of Atmospheric Releases by Bayesian Inference and the Backward Atmospheric Dispersion Model: An Application to ETEX-I Data. Zhao, Yungang; Liu, Yuanyuan; Wang, Li; Cheng, Jianping; Wang, Shilian; Li, Qi Report Apr 28, 2021 4086
Reliability Analysis of Dynamic Fault Tree Based on Binary Decision Diagrams for Explosive Vehicle. Jiang, Guang-Jun; Li, Zong-Yuan; Qiao, Guan; Chen, Hong-Xia; Li, Hai-Bin; Sun, Hong-Hua Report Apr 10, 2021 5583
Towards the Saturation Throughput Disparity of Flows in Directional CSMA/CA Networks: An Analytical Model. Fan, Jianrui; Zhao, Xinru; Wang, Wencan; Cai, Shengsuo; Zhang, Lijuan Report Apr 1, 2021 9010
Influence of Uncertainty of Soil Hydraulic Parameters on Stability of Unsaturated Slopes Based on Bayesian Updating. Yeh, Hsin-Fu; Huang, Tsien-Ting; Yang, Ya-Sin; Ke, Chien-Chung Mar 30, 2021 8272
Robust Fast Adaptive Fault Estimation for T-S Fuzzy Markovian Jumping Systems with Mode-Dependent Time-Varying State Delays. Sun, Chao; Huang, Shengjuan; Wu, Libing; Yi, Suhuan Report Mar 22, 2021 9201
Analysis and Design of a Wireless Sensor Network Based on the Residual Energy of the Nodes and the Harvested Energy from Mint Plants. Alcalá-Garrido, Hassel Aurora; Barrera-Figueroa, Víctor; Rivero-Ángeles, Mario E.; García-Tejeda, Yu Mar 2, 2021 12002
A Random Access Protocol Approach to Stochastic Jumping Systems with Singular Perturbations. Kai, Saijiang Report Feb 25, 2021 3629
Fuzzy-Model-Based Control for Markov Switching Singularly Perturbed Systems with the Stochastic Communication Protocol. An, Zhiguo; Chen, Qijuan; Liu, Junxiang; Luan, Le; Wang, Yong; Zhou, Kai; Mo, Wenxiong Report Feb 18, 2021 3771
A New Visual Cryptography Method Based on the Profile Hidden Markov Model. Ozcan, Hikmetcan; Gulagiz, Fidan Kaya; Altuncu, Mehmet Ali; Ilkin, Sumeyya; Sahin, Suhap Report Feb 1, 2021 9087
Congestion Prediction Based on Dissipative Structure Theory: A Case Study of Chengdu, China. Sun, Xiaoke; Chen, Hong; Wen, Yahao; Liu, Zhizhen; Chen, Hengrui Case study Jan 19, 2021 7171
Variance Swap Pricing under Markov-Modulated Jump-Diffusion Model. Liu, Shican; Yang, Yu; Zhang, Hu; Wu, Yonghong Jan 8, 2021 9020
Global Finite-Time and Fixed-Time Synchronization for Discontinuous Complex Dynamical Networks with Semi-Markovian Switching and Mixed Delays. Yu, Lina; Zhang, Jingchao; Ma, Yunfei; Tan, Xinhua; Wang, Chunwei Report Jan 5, 2021 7160
Top 10 Artificial Intelligence Algorithms in Computer Music Composition. Siphocly, Nermin Naguib J.; El-Horbaty, El-Sayed M.; Salem, Abdel-Badeeh M. Jan 1, 2021 15741
Unfolding Students' Online Assignment Submission Behavioral Patterns using Temporal Learning Analytics. Kokoc, Mehmet; Akcapinar, Gokhan; Hasnine, Mohammad Nehal Report Jan 1, 2021 8227
Bayesian estimation of the age and growth of the golden cownose ray (Rhinoptera steindachneri) in the southern Gulf of California in Mexico. Carrillo-Colm, Luis D.; Marquez-Farias, J. Fernando; Lara-Mendoza, Raul E.; Zamora-Garaa, Oscar G. Jan 1, 2021 6723
Analysis of the Current and Future Prediction of Land Use/Land Cover Change Using Remote Sensing and the CA-Markov Model in Majang Forest Biosphere Reserves of Gambella, Southwestern Ethiopia. Tadese, Semegnew; Soromessa, Teshome; Bekele, Tesefaye Jan 1, 2021 10979
Congestion Prediction Based on Dissipative Structure Theory: A Case Study of Chengdu, China. Sun, Xiaoke; Chen, Hong; Wen, Yahao; Liu, Zhizhen; Chen, Hengrui Case study Jan 1, 2021 7171
Risk Analysis and Reliability Assessment of Overhead Cranes Using Fault Tree Analysis Integrated with Markov Chain and Fuzzy Bayesian Networks. Mohammadi, Heidar; Fazli, Zohreh; Kaleh, Hiro; Azimi, Hamid Reza; Moradi Hanifi, Saber; Shafiee, Nas Report Jan 1, 2021 10788
Research on Autoarrangement System of Accompaniment Chords Based on Hidden Markov Model with Machine Learning. Shi, Shuo; Xi, Shuting; Tsai, Sang-Bing Report Jan 1, 2021 6599
Prediction of Regional Logistics Heat and Coupling Development between Regional Logistics and Economic Systems. Yin, Guojun; Peng, Jianhui Jan 1, 2021 5613
Bayesian and Classical Inference for the Generalized Log-Logistic Distribution with Applications to Survival Data. Muse, Abdisalam Hassan; Mwalili, Samuel; Ngesa, Oscar; Almalki, Saad J.; Abd-Elmougod, Gamal A. Jan 1, 2021 11032
A New Method of Central Axis Extracting for Pore Network Modeling in Rock Engineering. Guo, Xiao; Yang, Kairui; Jia, Haowei; Tao, Zhengwu; Xu, Mo; Dong, Baozhu; Liu, Lei Jan 1, 2021 8584
Modeling of Wireless Traffic Load in Next Generation Wireless Networks. Manzoor, Sohaib; Bajwa, Khalid Bashir; Sajid, Muhammad; Manzoor, Hira; Manzoor, Mahak; Ali, Nouman; Report Jan 1, 2021 8945
Design and Implementation of Embedded Real-Time English Speech Recognition System Based on Big Data Analysis. He, Lifang; Jin, Gaimin; Tsai, Sang-Bing Report Jan 1, 2021 7194
Ecological Security Assessment Based on Remote Sensing and Landscape Ecology Model. Liu, Pei; Zhang, Xiaoying; Ma, Chao; Zhang, Hebing; Han, Ruimei; Lu, Xiaofeng Jan 1, 2021 8368
Research on the Dynamic Evolution of Scientific and Technological Innovation Efficiency in Universities and Identification of Influencing factors--based on Markov Chain Estimation and GMM Model. Luo, Quanzhi Report Jan 1, 2021 9265
Damage Evaluation of Bridge Hanger Based on Bayesian Inference: Analytical Model. Ding, Yang; Dong, Jing-liang; Yang, Tong-lin; Wang, Zhong-ping; Zhou, Shuang-xi; Wei, Yong-qi; She, Jan 1, 2021 4269
Multiconstrained Gliding Guidance Based on Optimal and Reinforcement Learning Method. Zhe, Luo; Xinsan, Li; Lixin, Wang; Qiang, Shen Report Jan 1, 2021 6753
Performance Analysis of Tyre Manufacturing System in the SMEs Using RAMD Approach. Velmurugan, K.; Venkumar, P.; Sudhakarapandian, R. Report Jan 1, 2021 7770
The E-Bayesian Estimation for Lomax Distribution Based on Generalized Type-I Hybrid Censoring Scheme. Liu, Kaiwei; Zhang, Yuxuan Report Jan 1, 2021 8786
Reliability Analysis of Dynamic Fault Tree Based on Binary Decision Diagrams for Explosive Vehicle. Jiang, Guang-Jun; Li, Zong-Yuan; Qiao, Guan; Chen, Hong-Xia; Li, Hai-Bin; Sun, Hong-Hua Report Jan 1, 2021 5584
An Improved Finite Element Model Updating Method Based on the Singular Values of Frequency Response Functions. Yin, Hong; Wang, Zenghui; Cao, Mingming; Peng, Zhenrui; Dong, Kangli Report Jan 1, 2021 7289
Source Reconstruction of Atmospheric Releases by Bayesian Inference and the Backward Atmospheric Dispersion Model: An Application to ETEX-I Data. Zhao, Yungang; Liu, Yuanyuan; Wang, Li; Cheng, Jianping; Wang, Shilian; Li, Qi Report Jan 1, 2021 4086
Cost-Effectiveness Analysis of Biopharmaceuticals for Treating Rheumatoid Arthritis: Infliximab, Adalimumab, and Etanercept. Gholami, Ahmad; Azizpoor, Jassem; Aflaki, Elham; Rezaee, Mehdi; Keshavarz, Khosro Report Jan 1, 2021 7366
Transfer Learning and Identification Method of Cross-View Target Trajectory Utilizing HMM. Liu, Long; Yang, Le; Ding, Jie Report Dec 24, 2020 6121
A Knowledge-Fusion Ranking System with an Attention Network for Making Assignment Recommendations. Jin, Canghong; Zhou, Yuli; Ying, Shengyu; Zhang, Chi; Wang, Weisong; Wu, Minghui Dec 23, 2020 6010
Forecast and Analysis of Coal Traffic in Daqin Railway Based on the SARIMA-Markov Model. Zhang, Cheng; Liu, Shouchen Dec 23, 2020 5865
Finite-Time Synchronization and Identification between Two Nonlinear Coupled Multiweighted Markovian Switching Delayed Networks with Uncertain Models and External Disturbances. Chen, Xiaofei; Qiu, Haifeng; Xu, Chong; Sun, Zhipeng Report Dec 17, 2020 4747
An Automatic Emergency Braking Model considering Driver's Intention Recognition of the Front Vehicle. Yang, Wei; Liu, Jiajun; Zhou, Kaixia; Zhang, Zhiwei; Qu, Xiaolei Dec 8, 2020 8117
A Blockchain Prediction Model on Time, Value, and Purchase Based on Markov Chain and Queuing Theory in Stock Trade. Lian, Wenjuan; Fan, Qi; Jia, Bin; Liang, Yongquan Report Nov 9, 2020 7990
Passenger Demand-Oriented High-Speed Train Stop Planning with Service-Node Features Analysis. Liu, Fanxiao; Peng, Qiyuan; Lu, Gongyuan; Zhang, Guangyuan Nov 4, 2020 7152
Modelling and Prediction of Random Delays in NCSs Using Double-Chain HMMs. Ge, Yuan; Zhang, Yan; Gao, Wengen; Cheng, Fanyong; Yu, Nuo; Wu, Jincenzi Oct 29, 2020 10099
Predicting Wet-Road Crashes Using the Finite-Mixture Zero-Truncated Negative Binomial Model. Chen, Ying; Huang, Zhongxiang Oct 21, 2020 6081
Prevalence of Depression and Associated Factors among Diabetes Patients in East Shewa, Ethiopia: Bayesian Approach. Tusa, Biruk Shalmeno; Alemayehu, Mekuriaw; Weldesenbet, Adisu Birhanu; Kebede, Sewnet Adem; Dagne, G Oct 21, 2020 5681
On a Discrete Markov-Modulated Risk Model with Random Premium Income and Delayed Claims. Nie, Changwei; Chen, Mi; Liu, Haiyan Oct 20, 2020 4990
Basket Credit Derivative Pricing in a Markov Chain Model with Interacting Intensities. Zhi, Kangquan; Guo, Jie; Qian, Xiaosong Oct 17, 2020 6673
Multiobjective Lightning Flash Algorithm Design and Its Convergence Analysis via Martingale Theory. Duan, Jiandong; Wang, Jing; Liu, Xinghua; Xiao, Gaoxi Oct 9, 2020 6136
Learning Evolutionary Stages with Hidden Semi-Markov Model for Predicting Social Unrest Events. Qiao, Fengcai; Zhang, Xin; Deng, Jinsheng Oct 9, 2020 9642
An Improved Prediction Model Combining Inverse Exponential Smoothing and Markov Chain. Niu, Tong; Zhang, Lin; Zhang, Bo; Yang, Bofan; Wei, Shengjun Report Sep 28, 2020 6614
A Hybrid Genetic Algorithm-Based Fuzzy Markovian Model for the Deterioration Modeling of Healthcare Facilities. Ahmed, Reem; Zayed, Tarek; Nasiri, Fuzhan Report Sep 1, 2020 9133
Personalized Tumor Growth Prediction Using Multiscale Modeling. Unsa, Serbulent; Acar, Aybar; Itik, Mehmet; Kabatas, Ayse; Gedikli, Oznur; Ozdemir, Feyyaz; Turhan, Sep 1, 2020 8477
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Refined Upper Solution Bound of the Continuous Coupled Algebraic Riccati Equation. Wang, Li Aug 31, 2020 4676
Emotional Interactive Simulation System of English Speech Recognition in Virtual Context. Li, Dan Aug 31, 2020 6571
Finite-State-Space Truncations for Infinite Quasi-Birth-Death Processes. Baumann, Hendrik Aug 31, 2020 16018
Analysis of driver decisions at the onset of yellow at signalized intersections. Li, Juan; Jiang, Boyu; Dong, Chunjiao; Wang, Jue; Zhang, Xuan Aug 31, 2020 8622
Research on RMB Exchange Rate Volatility Risk Based on MSGARCH-VaR Model. Wu, Xiaofei; Zhu, Shuzhen; Zhou, Junjie Aug 31, 2020 7419
A Solution to Privacy Preservation in Publishing Human Trajectories. Li, Xianming; Sun, Guangzhong Aug 1, 2020 9685
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Integrated Transformer Health Estimation Methodology Based on Markov Chains and Evidential Reasoning. Milosavljevic, Srdjan; Janjic, Aleksandar Jun 30, 2020 8514
Efficient Probabilistic Joint Inversion of Direct Current Resistivity and Small-Loop Electromagnetic Data. Bobe, Christin; Hanssens, Daan; Hermans, Thomas; Van De Vijver, Ellen Report Jun 1, 2020 8140
GIBBSTHUR: Software for Estimating Variance Components and Predicting Breeding Values for Ranking Traits Based on a Thurstonian Model. Varona, Luis; Legarra, Andres Report Jun 1, 2020 3054
Genomic Structural Diversity in Local Goats: Analysis of Copy-Number Variations. Gerlando, Rosalia Di; Mastrangelo, Salvatore; Moscarelli, Angelo; Tolone, Marco; Sutera, Anna Maria; Jun 1, 2020 6025
Cost effectiveness of a fluoride varnish daycare program versus usual care in central Winnipeg, Canada. Norrie, Ola; Pharand, Linda Jun 1, 2020 4615
The Limit Theorems for Function of Markov Chains in the Environment of Single Infinite Markovian Systems. Li, Zhanfeng; Huang, Min; Meng, Xiaohua; Ge, Xiangyu May 31, 2020 7042
A Bayesian Approach to Competing Risks Model with Masked Causes of Failure and Incomplete Failure Times. Yousif, Yosra; Elfaki, Faiz A.M.; Hrairi, Meftah; Adegboye, Oyelola A. Report May 31, 2020 4294
Reliability Modeling for Multistate System with Preventive Maintenance under Customer Demand. Qin, Jinlei; Li, Zheng May 31, 2020 5803
Comparative Effectiveness of Different Combinations of Treatment Interventions in Patients with Stroke at the Convalescence Stage Based on the Markov Decision Process. Shen, Yejing; Hu, Mengyun; Chen, Qianglong; Zhang, Yanyang; Liang, Junying; Lu, Tingting; Ma, Qinqin May 31, 2020 6521
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Dynamical Analysis of Dual Product Information Diffusion considering Preference in Complex Networks. Huo, Liangan; Xie, Xiaoxiao Apr 30, 2020 5354
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Research on the Combination Method of Temporal Conflict Evidence Based on Transition Matrix. Wu, Bin; Yi, Xiao Apr 30, 2020 7217
HMMPred: Accurate Prediction of DNA-Binding Proteins Based on HMM Profiles and XGBoost Feature Selection. Sang, Xiuzhi; Xiao, Wanyue; Zheng, Huiwen; Yang, Yang; Liu, Taigang Apr 30, 2020 5730
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Optimal Buffer Allocation in Multi-Product Repairable Production Lines Based on Multi-State Reliability and Structural Complexity. Duan, Jianguo; Xie, Nan; Li, Lianhui Apr 1, 2020 9791
An Energy-Efficient Task Scheduling Mechanism with Switching On/Sleep Mode of Servers in Virtualized Cloud Data Centers. Yin, Chunxia; Liu, Jian; Jin, Shunfu Mar 31, 2020 7052
Event-Triggered Dissipative Filter Design for Semi-Markovian Jump Systems with Time-Varying Delays. Chen, Huiying; Li, Zuxin; Xia, Weifeng Mar 31, 2020 5307
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Analyzing Household Vehicle Ownership in the Japanese Local City: Case Study in Toyota City. Yang, Jia; Kato, Hideki; Ando, Ryosuke; Nishihori, Yasuhide Survey Mar 31, 2020 6959
Multi-Time Scale Optimal Dispatch for AC/DC Distribution Networks Based on a Markov Chain Dynamic Scenario Method and MPC. Liu, Jie; Ji, Xingquan; Li, Kejun; Zhang, Kaiyuan Mar 31, 2020 7885
Future Inflow under Land Use and Climate Changes and Participation Process into the Medium-Sized Reservoirs in Thailand. Thongwan, Teerawat; Kangrang, Anongrit; Techarungreungsakul, Rapeepat; Ngamsert, Ratsuda Mar 1, 2020 5289
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On Time-to-Buffer Overflow Distribution in a Single-Machine Discrete-Time System with Finite Capacity. Kempa, Wojciech M. Mar 1, 2020 4847
Optimization of Constrained Stochastic Linear-Quadratic Control on an Infinite Horizon: A Direct-Comparison Based Approach. Xue, Ruobing; Ye, Xiangshen; Wu, Weiping Report Feb 1, 2020 4572
Markov Chain Monte Carlo Based Energy Use Behaviors Prediction of Office Occupants. Yan, Qiao; Liu, Xiaoqian; Deng, Xiaoping; Peng, Wei; Zhang, Guiqing Report Jan 1, 2020 7686
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Selección óptima de portafolios basada en cadenas de Markov de primer y segundo orden/Optimal portfolio selection based on first and second order Markov chains/Sélection de portefeuille optimal basée sur les chaînes Markov de premier et deuxième ordre. Juan, Manuel Gómez R.; José Alfredo Jiménez, M. Jan 1, 2020 9078
Performance of Resource Management Techniques for Weather-Impacted Satellite Networks. Imole, Olugbenga Emmanuel; Walingo, Tom Mmbasu Dec 31, 2019 8353
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Session-Based Webshell Detection Using Machine Learning in Web Logs. Wu, Yixin; Sun, Yuqiang; Huang, Cheng; Jia, Peng; Liu, Luping Dec 31, 2019 6479
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Universal Screening Best Strategy for Hepatitis C in France; Universal screening is cost-effective when treatment is initiated regardless of fibrosis stage. Jul 11, 2018 260
Intervention Intended to Modify the Eating Practices in Mexican Teenagers/ Intervencion orientada a modificar practicas alimentarias en adolescentes mexicanos/Intervencao orientada a modificar praticas alimentares em adolescentes mexicanos. Arroyo, Pilar Ester; Carrete, Lorena Jul 1, 2018 6662
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