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System control software

Javelin Electronics has introduced Quest Plus for mid-sized security and surveillance system applications. The system offers control of all the system operating and programming functions using on-screen interactive menus.

Operators select control of cameras, monitors, alarms, or relays. Quest Plus is capable of handling video switchers of up to 200 inputs by forty outputs, 600 alarm inputs, 600 relay-contact outputs, 200 pan/tilt zoom cameras, and ten operator controllers.

Quest Plus software is operated on a 386SX/25 mhz computer platform with 1 megabyte (MB) of RAM, a 40-MB hard drive, a 3.5-inch 1.44-MB floppy disk drive, text keyboard, a mouse, two serial and one parallel I/O pots, and a 14-inch VGA color or monochrome monitor display.

Time-lapse recorder

The HS-5424U time-lapse recorder has been introduced by the Professional Electronics Division of Mitsubishi Electronics America. It has video horizontal resolution of more than 320 lines in black and white and more than 240 lines of color. It has audio as well, with frequency response of 10 hz to 10 khz in the two-hour recording mode. Alarm recording time can be set manually or in seven intervals from 15 seconds to 10 minutes.

The HS-542U 2500 provides an input for an alarm signal and automatically writes an index signal to the videotape whenever an alarm signal is received. The VCR will then record for the duration previously selected. The recorder has the ability to automatically search all alarm recordings or individual alarms.

Automated guard tour system

The Boss--models 2000, 2001, 2002, and 2003--received the Factory Mutual (FM)-approved designation after passing a series of rigorous tests. Manufactured by Morse Watchman, the 2000 series system interfaces with IBM-compatible computers and is able to generate tour reports and archiving information. It also features Autopilot, which displays next station information. Also approved in this testing is the auto report station 95-4-2000 used to print reports directly from the interface-charger to a serial printer.


Interlink Electronics has introduced the FSR Rugged Keypad, a new line of tough, flatpanel keypads made of stainless steel or rigid plastic. The keypads are made to withstand repeated abuse, and their design contains no moving parts to wear out or be vandalized.

Behind the keypad's design is Interlink's patented Force Sensing Resistor technology, combining variable force sensing with high reliability. Using an, array of these sensors under a rigid faceplate, the keypad senses changes in finger pressure applied to the front of the plate. Smart electronics interpret the sensor change and provide the required switching outputs. The keypads can be designed to fit most shape requirements.

Wall cabinets

The Modular System 85 and sectional wall cabinets from Winsted Corporation, which is now listed by UL, is a system of components, including vertical racks that can be arranged in any console configuration and is designed to strict standards. The sectional wall cabinets are built of heavy-duty 16-gauge steel, with 1/2-inch, 3/4-inch, and 1-inch electrical knockouts.

Observation system

The VS32405R is an observation system from Philips Consumer Electronics that accommodates six cameras for a single-standard 110-volt line. It is designed for demanding observation, security, and surveillance applications. The VS32405R is suited for large convenience stores, service stations, hotels, hospitals, warehouses, parking garages, and small manufacturing facilities.

The camera and monitor can be located up to 600 feet from each other or up to 1,800 feet with a Philips line amplifier. The negligible blanking time for both systems, switching either manually or automatically from one camera to another, is less than one second. The system offers any preference of programmable camera sequencing with time intervals between four to 60 seconds. It also has alarm and intercom capabilities.

Distributed lighting control unit

Control Systems International, Inc., has added a new lighting control unit to its company's I/NET 7700 local area network (LAN)-based Building Automation product line. The user-friendly lighting control unit has application specific, PC-based editors and graphic displays. Able to support thirty-two lighting zones, or circuit groups, it can be bought by itself or as part of an integrated environmental and access control system.

PIR detector

A new passive infrared (PIR) detector that lets the installer preview what the detector will see has been announced by Interactive Technologies. The Sharpshooter is wireless and has an integral transmitter and long-life battery so it can be mounted anywhere.

It also has a preview mirror that shows the entire are covered by the PIR's lens, enabling the installer to spot potential problems that could trigger false alarms. Using a special masking kit, the installer can block these problem areas out of the PIR's vision without affecting overall protection parameters. Sharpshooter is available with a variety of tuned lenses such as one that views a full 90-degree sweep of the protected area; a pet lens with it slower band 3 feet above the floor; a wide-angle fisheye lens; a long-range spotlight lens for pinpoint detection up to 90 feet away, and a narrow-band curtain lens with a 40-feet floor-to-ceiling sweep.

Covert video and audio surveillance system

Teleview Corporation has announced it TV5000 covert video and audio surveillance system. This system provides the user with an automatic surveillance capability that is fully transportable and easy to use. The automatic controller is a microprocessor-based device that fully controls the camcorder to provide timed interval recording, response to motion, and remote control. Several covert enclosures are available, but the standard system is contained in a clock to be hung on a wall or used freestanding. Inside the clock is a color video camcorder and all other equipment for automatic operation.

Annunciator systems

Safety Technology International, Inc., (STI) has linked a passive infrared motion detection device with a musical chime receiver to introduce its new annunciator system, the Musical Chime Receiver.

The secret to the success of the combination was installing a minitransmitter inside the motion detector. When the harmless motion detector senses infrared rays generated by body heat, it sends a radio signal to the Musical Chime Receiver that can be plugged into any electrical outlet up to 75 feet away. When anyone enters the monitored area, the receiver plays one of four preselected or two tones.

Camera enclosure

Pelco's new HS2500 indoor surveillance enclosure is supplied with or without a factory-installed wired speaker for audio surveillance or two-way communication. Other options include a thermostatically controlled heater kit and smoked window. Standard features include a plunger-type tamper switch. A 1/4 -inch-thick impact-resistant and abrasion-resistant Lexan window provides further protection while remaining optically clear.

Fiber optics

SR-2000, now available from Meridian Technologies, is a fiber-optic communications command center in an EIA 19" x 5 1/4" subrack with up to eighteen cards and one 250-watt switcher.

The center features SpectraSmart, a microprocessor-based preventive maintenance network management system with graphics display and access keypad. Up to nine expansion subracks may be controlled by one SR-2000 master.

Security software

Security Dynamics, Inc. (SDI announced version 2.0 of its ACM/5100 product. Based on SID's patented proprietary technology, the ACM/5100 positively identifies users of a Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC) VAX/VMS system, ensuring that only authorized individuals gain access to corporate information resources. The software has three authentication modes, or means of identifying users logging into a VAX/VMS system.

The ACM/5100 version 2.0 was developed to take advantage of new security procedures built into DEC's new version of its VMS operating system, VMS 5.5. ACM-5100 version 2.0 allows system administrators to use several identification and authentication factors, including the VMS user ID, VMS password, or a PIN in conjunction with a random code displayed by SDI's patented SecurID Card, a security token carried by users authorized to access protected systems.

Time-lapse video recorder

GYYR is now offering the security industry's first time-lapse video recorder with a built-in quad. Called the TLC1800X-DQ, the recorder has a feature that allows the operator to scroll around the screen for electronic enlargement. This capability can be used when either recording or viewing a video picture. It is further enhanced by the recorder's ability to record eight-bits deep, 256 lines of gray. This compares with six-bits deep, 64 levels. of gray offered by competitive systems. Video is recorded at 60 fields per second/real time on all quadrants--as much as four times the recording rate of other quads.

Metal/weapons detector

A new concept in walk-through metal detection for security screening has been introduced by EG&G Astrophysics. The archway, called Sentrie ARC-1, is designed for use by trained security personnel or first-time operators. No complicated programming is required, and the lightweight items is easy to assemble, disassemble, and transport.

Access control unit

Westinghouse Security Electronics announced the SE 422, an access control unit and system interface. The SE 422 is designed to meet applications where remote facilities need to be networked back to a central security management system. It is designed to meet he needs of utility companies, military facilities, airports, and campus-style locations that contain multiple, small satellite buildings. The SE 422 enables the remote buildings with to call or answer the host computer to report intrusions, activity, or alarms.

Notebook computer security

Secure-It, Inc. recently announced its KABLIT VANGUARD SECURITY SYSTEM for notebooks. The system attaches to the screw holes of any available parallel, serial, VGA, or RGB port on the rear of a computer. There is no electrical contact made to the interface port or its pins. The system can be used in both the office and in transient situations as the kit provides for nonpermanent anchoring.

Detex introduces the Fire-Safe in-the-door key vault. Engineered for fire service, guard tour companies, police and maintenance companies, a single Fire-safe master key will provide quick access to all Fire-Safe key vaults in a specific location. Building keys are safely stored in their individual Fire-Safe key vaults. This eliminates the need for organizations to inventory and carry rings of building keys. One Fire-Safe master key will provide access to multiple buildings.

Access control and monitoring system

The Super Visions XL Security Monitoring and Access Control system by Litton PolyScientific uses the latest computer technology designed specifically to meet the needs of security practitioners. The system includes windowing architecture for ease of operation in an integrated system.

Icons provide quick access to programs, and windowing architecture provides user friendly graphics using pull-down and pop-up menus. The system operates under a VMS and UNIX operating systems, uses SQL, and can communicate on multiple formats simultaneously.

Back-up power supply

Software House announces its apS Advanced Power System that provides uninterrupted power for the Software House apC intelligent access control and alarm monitoring panel.

The power supply interfaces directly with the apC and provides the host system with immediate notification of AC failure and battery voltage, while LED indicators on the apS cabinets display the AC and battery status locally. The apS is characterized by elaborate circuit protection and is designed to install easily with the apC.

Metal name bars

V.H. Blackinton & Co., Inc. announced a new program designed to offer select, top-quality metal name bars. Gold or silver color name bars are offered in a polished or brushed finish with either a clutch back or safety catch attachment. Available in an choice of six styles, they can be custom engraved with one or two lines of either black or blue lettering.

Security padlock application

The 71B/81B/91B padlocks from Best Lock Corporation have cases and shackles that are specially plated for corrosion resistance. Shackles resist bolt cutter and hacksaw attacks. The cases are a hardened stainless steel alloy. An armored face protects the high security interchangeable core. The core has special pick and tamper-resistant features.

Internal parts are nickel cadmium plated for corrosion resistance. High-security pad-locks require sue of special long blade keys. They may be keyed into any current or new Best masterkeyed system.

High-frequency RF proximity system

Created for fleet monitoring, access control in institutions, warehouse control, and airline security and control, Hughes Identification Devices has introduced the MegaProx high-frequency radio frequency (RF) proximity system. It provides 20-foot read ranges with passive tags and 50-foot ranges with active tags.

Tags for the system are available neither easily mounted, rugged, industrial enclosures about the size of playing cards or in versions similar to the size of credit cards.

Tags may be attached to large areas of metal and used adjacent to people and animals while maintain appropriate read distances. The tags can withstand temperatures as high as 400 |degrees~ F. The rugged reader is weatherproof. With its standard antenna, it will read vehicle passing at speeds greater than 120 mph.

Security monitors

Richardson Electronics, Ltd. Security Systems Division has announced the release of two monitors in its national product line: the M900, a 9-inch black-and-white monitor, and the M1200, a 12-inch black-and-white monitor. Both monitors can reproduce pictures with more than 1,000 lines of resolution.

The monitors are available for both NTSC 120-volt, 60 hertz (Hz), and CCIR 220-volt/50 Hz operation. The M900 can fit into a 19-in rack mount space using the optional N9RM dual rack mount. The M1200 can be rackmounted using the N12RM single rack mount kit.

Cable security

Qualtec Data Products, Inc. announces a security product for PCs. CABLE-TRAP locks input device cables to a computer or work surface. It will trap up to five cables--two large and three small. Ideal for mice, trackballs, hand scanners, and keyboards, the small, heavy-duty metal encasement can be mounted on the rear of the computer using Qualtec's exclusive bonding system.

Video camera

Elmo Manufacturing Corporation has introduced an economically priced version of its SE360 high-resolution, low light 1/2" charge-coupled device (CCD) monochrome video camera. The SE360S model features the same high-resolution performance and a low light sensitivity of .15 lux at f/1.4

Portable video-aiming system

Synergistics, Inc. has introduced a portable video-imaging system, SYPIC. SYPIC packs what would normally be more than 200 lbs. of computer hardware and video-imaging equipment into a briefcase that weighs only 27 lbs. This is made possible by using the world's smallest 386 or optionally 486 PC. The PC is only 4" x 6", the VGA is only 3.6" x 4", and frame grabber cards clip directly onto the CPU. SYPIC allows up to 16 megabytes of clip on RAM and three additional clip on accessory cards as well as two 16-bit full slots making SYPIC more powerful than many full-size systems.

Motion detection device

Safety Technology International, Inc., has announced the introduction of the Hazard Stopper, a new edition of its motion detector device that functions as both an alarm and an annunciator. This model features a low-battery indicator to ensure proper operation and a swivel mount that allows the unit to be turned almost 360 degrees. Hazard Stopper uses a harmless motion detector to sense infrared rays generated by body heat and sounds an alarm or chime once movement is sensed.


American Dynamics has released an economical new quad, the AD1473V QuadView I. The new AD1473V has the performance of the widely used QuadView II with its full-picture update rate. The unit also has the same remote control and alarm handling capabilities.

The AD1473V is intended for use where no local control is required. The unit has a second output for callup by remote control. Using remote closures, the second output provides a full-screen display of any camera or a sequence of all cameras, and the quad display may be included in the sequence.

Data security software

The upgrade of PC Guardian's Data Security Plus software package has been announced to include forced backup. A utility ensuring that important data files are backed up, the new module forces users to regularly save their data while using their PCs.

The addition of Forced Backup extends the protection offered by Data Security Plus. This virus protection software offers all the necessary elements to make an entire data integrity package.

Compact security recorder

American Video Equipment has announced the release of its RT-1095 security recorder. The RT-1095 is built on a compact lightweight chassis offering excellent portability. The unit can be operated from most 12 volts-DC sources. An on-board time, date, and titling generator provides an accurate record of occurrences along with making scene identification easy.

By combining recorder downsizing with 12 volts-DC, the RT-1095 is the perfect solution to any covert or mobile security installation requiring tape recording. The RT-1095 can be controlled either from the front panel or a wired remote.

Alarm record keeping

PERIMETER PRODUCTS, Inc. has introduced Alarm Record Keeping Systems (ARKS). ARKS connects directly to the MX-1000 Security Communications and Control Center and continuously records all system activity.

ARKS software operates under Microsoft Windows. The software development was conducted using the Microsoft Windows Development System to ensure full compatibility with current and future PC systems. ARKS takes advantage of all the windows features, allowing use of multiple windows, pull-down menus from the command line, and multicolor graphics.


The N-4700-CTR transceiver is the newest addition to the SPREADCOM wireless spread spectrum access control product line by Northern Computers, Inc. This provides cost-effective PC-based access control by incorporating control panel functions within the N-4700-CTR, thereby eliminating the need for the control panels.

The N-4700-CTR sends and receives signals from transmitters and transceivers and connected to proximity, magnetic stripe, and Wiegand swipe readers, as well as door and window contacts. With an operating range of up to 2,000 feet, the N-4700-CTR eliminates the costs associated with pulling cable long distances. SPREADCOM is the only wireless technology that permits continuous channel supervision. Future versions of the N-4700-CTR will provide wireless access control to over 64 doors and 5,000 users.
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