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Marketplace Innovations.

A fail-safe emergency response

A new emergency response device could make living at home with MS safer. When worn on your clothing (or attached to a special belt when you shower), the HealthSensor 100 automatically detects a fall and alerts a caregiver or monitoring service. Other devices require the user to push a button for help, which isn't always possible if the user is trapped, injured, or confused.

In the event of a fall, the HealthSensor device sends a wireless signal to the receiver in the home. The receiver immediately sounds an alarm and dials a monitoring company on the telephone. The monitoring company has a personal profile for each subscriber listing people to contact in an emergency. The service costs about $1.50 per day, which includes the HealthSensor equipment.

iLife Systems, Inc., developed this "intelligent" fall detection technology and has authorized several respected monitoring companies to offer the HealthSensor 100 nationwide.

The Rocky Mountain MS Center recently completed a successful study of this new device with people who have MS. To read the study or to find an authorized HealthSensor distributor, visit <>, or call/Life Systems at 1-866-454-3323.

Light 'n' easy door opener

Leveron is now offering the HiGlow lever-handle doorknob converter, which shines for several hours in total darkness. It does not use power sources, and requires just 1/2-hour exposure to normal room lighting to be visible for 3-5 hours in the dark. Call Lindustries, Inc., at 1-781-237-8177.

Safe haul Doc's Carry-All distributes the weight of a load properly, thereby helping to prevent back pain. It can make gardening, laundry, or dragging stuff from room to room much easier. Call Original American Designs at 1-860-945-8776 or 1-877-488-4288.

ABLEDATA is a national database of assistive devices, how they work, and where to get them. Call 1-800-227-0216; or log onto <>.

PROJECT LINK connects people to assistive product information. Call 1-716-829-3141; or log onto <>. Both services offer independent information.
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Publication:Inside MS
Date:Jan 1, 2001
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