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Marketing technology.

Intelec Systems Brings New Technology of Information Retrieval to Central Arkansas

INTELEC SYSTEMS CORP. wasn't always so prototypal.

The Little Rock firm originally was formed in 1988 by a pair of former University of Arkansas at Fayetteville fraternity brothers trying to make a name for themselves in software development.

Brad Greenway and Gary Dowdy soon discovered the market for custom software was not all they had anticipated.

So, the pair began "looking for new opportunities," according to Dowdy. A suggestion by a member of the company's board of directors led the pair to develop a strategy to market what they considered an untapped technology: data collection through the use of bar codes.

By November 1990, Intelec was thoroughly committed to implementing data collection technology, a technology Dowdy perceived as applicable to almost any business needing to maintain its inventory.

"We saw an industry with people wanting to be more competitive," says Dowdy, Intelec's vice president. "It helps the producer keep up with inventory and make sure the right client gets the right product. We're tracking information that's vital to the customer and vital to the client ... That applies to health care. It applies to government. It applies to everything."

Intelec has applied the bar-code technology to a wide variety of clients, providing them with scanners as well as the logic necessary to read the codes.

"We can integrate our systems into their current system. Or, if they don't have |a system~, we'll help them create one," says Dowdy. "The actual process is fairly simple. Anybody that moves items, be it people or objects, and needs to be efficient is a candidate for this type of technology.

"Not only do you eliminate having to write something down, you eliminate the possibility of transposing a number and the possibility of wastefulness."
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Title Annotation:Arkansas Business of the Year Awards 1992; Intelec Systems Corp.'s data collection technology services
Author:Taylor, Tim
Publication:Arkansas Business
Article Type:Company Profile
Date:Feb 1, 1993
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