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Instant water heater market 'to hit $2.69bn by 2027'. Jun 22, 2021 505
The rise of privacy-centric solutions. Jun 21, 2021 694
Scamadviser survey reveals 28% consumers would consider buying a COVID-19 vaccine online. Jun 21, 2021 196
Scamadviser survey reveals 28% consumers would consider buying a COVID-19 vaccine online. Jun 21, 2021 181
Scamadviser survey reveals 28% consumers would consider buying a COVID-19 vaccine online. Jun 21, 2021 194
Individuals create 17 online accounts during pandemic -- IBM survey. Survey Jun 16, 2021 933
Cummings pals contract decision 'was unlawful'. BRIAN FARMER Jun 10, 2021 618
Amazon study: Across generations, shoppers in Singapore are keen to support local businesses. Jun 9, 2021 1470
Smart street lighting market set for 23% growth: Berg. Jun 6, 2021 520
Figures show sustainability is good for business - Michelle Hawkins; One of the most compelling lessons of the past 12 months is that sustainability is the new digital - promising to create the most powerful force of change in our generation, transforming how we live and work and driving new value and growth for organisations. Michelle Hawkins Jun 4, 2021 698
How Edinburgh's tree-planting campaign has been meeting some resistance - John McLellan; I've not seen any recent market research, but I reckon most people like trees, especially as we're all aware of how good they are at sooking up carbon dioxide. John McLellan Jun 3, 2021 314
Flat steel market to hit $550bn by 2025. Jun 3, 2021 633
Research and Consultation reach different conclusions on Edinburgh Spaces for People schemes becoming permanent; The chances of the controversial Spaces for People proposals becoming a permanent fixture on Edinburgh's streets has been cast in doubt following an inconclusive consultation and market research process by Edinburgh City Council. Jacob Farr Jun 2, 2021 1937
Arbonne Unveils Mobile-First Website. Jun 1, 2021 1443
Social value orientation and conspicuous conservation: A moderated mediation analysis. Cho, Yoon Y. Jun 1, 2021 5519
Effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on sustainable consumption. Chae, Myoung-Jin Jun 1, 2021 5905
Unlocking creativity that resonates with Pakistan audiences in the time of corona. May 30, 2021 184
Minimum unit price for alcohol has had impact. PIPPA ARMSTRONG May 29, 2021 490
Minimum unit price for alcohol has had impact. PIPPA ARMSTRONG May 29, 2021 490
Second Ramadan during COVID-19 saw uptick in indexed traffic and sales across Southeast Asia. May 27, 2021 1340
GroupM and Choreograph expand audience origin offering to 12 markets in Africa. May 26, 2021 455
GroupM , Choreograph Expand Audience Origin Offering To 12 African Markets. May 26, 2021 586
Effective messaging for Mortgage decision making. May 25, 2021 454
TOP NEWS: UK grocery sales fall as diners return to beer gardens. May 25, 2021 658
Emirates NBD Most Recommended Retail Bank. May 23, 2021 404
3rd consultation with ACAN. Dimagiba, Vic May 22, 2021 797
Effective messaging must for mortgage decision-making. May 20, 2021 474
New Qualtrics study reveals what Malaysian consumers want in the post-pandemic world. Report May 20, 2021 773
Aerostat Systems Market expected to grow by USD 6.73bn by 2025. May 20, 2021 204
Technavio reports aircraft cleaning/sanitizing market expected to grow by USD 1.56bn by 2025. May 20, 2021 195
Aerostat Systems Market expected to grow by USD 6.73bn by 2025. May 20, 2021 191
We must take farm rent reviews seriously - Christopher Henderson; With the long-heralded proposals to introduce a new rent test based on the productive capacity of the holding quietly dropped earlier this year, the authorities have gone back to square one in an attempt to find a more equitable formula. May 6, 2021 448
UAE tops in digital transformation in GCC. May 5, 2021 929
Korea accounts for 31% of global EV battery market in Q1. May 3, 2021 255
Perceived value and willingness to consume in online mobile games. Wu, Boyuan; Andrizal, Kwan Report May 1, 2021 4268
Global Cosmetics Industry Forecast To Reach $463.5 Billion by 2027. May 1, 2021 1550
Demand Response: Smart Market Designs for Smart Consumers. Astier, Nicolas; Leautier, Thomas-Olivier Report May 1, 2021 10128
ProQuest One Business. Ojala, Marydee May 1, 2021 1216
Aerospace Coatings. Pianoforte, Kerry May 1, 2021 2790
What Do People Expect from 'Clean Label' Foods & Beverages? As consumers become increasingly ingredient-conscious, clean and healthy eating will remain a vital part of everyday living. Chifu, Marcela May 1, 2021 1009
There's Need To Make Data-Driven Decisions In Nigeria -Adeyemo. Apr 30, 2021 631
Survey: 84pc Malaysians say signed up for Covid-19 vaccine to protect family and self; 4pc cite travel. Apr 30, 2021 562
Facebook and Google both accused of 'failing to take down scam adverts'; Research from consumer group Which? found many adverts stay up after complaints. By, Daniel Smith Apr 26, 2021 660
Global produced water treatment market to hit $187.4bn by 2031. Apr 21, 2021 589
Poll: Malaysians still worried about Covid-19 but optimism growing. Apr 21, 2021 351
Global connected retail market to reach $82.31bn in 2025. Apr 19, 2021 1409
African nations apply the gold standard of data protection: a round up. Apr 18, 2021 1640
The new Consumer Protection Law in the UAE. Apr 18, 2021 1038
D-Core survey finds CoinPayments could remain leading crypto payment processor. Apr 16, 2021 212
D-Core survey finds CoinPayments could remain leading crypto payment processor. Apr 16, 2021 210
Record demand for PCs as workers go remote. Reuters News Service Apr 14, 2021 353
Airnow Data notes monster-sized increase in downloads of HBO Max App driven by Godzilla vs. Kong movie. Apr 14, 2021 427
Airnow Data notes monster-sized increase in downloads of HBO Max App driven by Godzilla vs. Kong movie. Apr 14, 2021 427
Mena employees happiest when able to work from anywhere. Apr 12, 2021 584
Brave Girls 'Rollin'' on top of K-pop girl group brand reputation rankings for April. Apr 11, 2021 331
Recommendations and strategies on consumer advocacy in financial products and services. Apr 10, 2021 791
Telco empowers consumers over data usage. Apr 10, 2021 301
Stewart Milne Group scoops top award for customer satisfaction. Apr 9, 2021 453
Stewart Milne Group scoops top award for customer satisfaction. Apr 6, 2021 453
A research study: Consumer advocacy in financial services and products. Apr 3, 2021 764
AUB boosts e-wallet service as transactions breach P7 billion. Apr 3, 2021 418
Greenwash, moral decoupling, and brand loyalty. Xiao, Zengrui; Wang, Ying; Ji, Xiaofen; Cai, Liling Apr 1, 2021 3536
Getting Ahead of the Curve: The New World of Health & Nutrition Opportunities Post COVID-19: The pandemic has reshuffled consumer health priorities, and reshaped wellness markets for the foreseeable future. Sloan, Dr. A. Elizabeth; Hutt, Dr. Catherine Adams Apr 1, 2021 3051
Wearable Internet of Things Healthcare Systems, Virtual Care, and Real-Time Clinical Monitoring in Assessing and Treating Patients with COVID-19 Symptoms. Bailey, Larry Apr 1, 2021 3590
SUSTAINABILITY KEY TO PACKAGING INK SECTOR: The packaging printing market is driven by factors such as growth in demand for sustainable printing. Locicero, Anthony Apr 1, 2021 1730
INK MANUFACTURERS LOOK FOR SUSTAINABILITY FROM RESINS: Experts place the market for ink resins at $6 billion, with sales of resins for packaging ink doing particularly well. Savastano, David Apr 1, 2021 1289
The Global Consumer Trends Influencing 2021. Apr 1, 2021 708
Public Awareness of Ischemic Stroke in Medina city, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Alluqmani, Majed M.; Almshhen, Nada R.; Alotaibi, Rawan A.; Aljardi, Omaymah Y.; Zahid, Heba M. Apr 1, 2021 4361
DOST eyes to develop mobile app to address unhealthy diet among Filipinos. Mar 29, 2021 305
ALTERNATIVE VIEWS. Mar 28, 2021 780
Facebook reveals Ramadan shopping, media habits for UAE, KSA. Arab News Mar 25, 2021 1151
Providing a System Dynamics Model to Evaluate Time, Cost, and Customer Satisfaction in Omni-Channel Distribution: A Case Study. Hosseinzadeh, Ahad; Esmaili, Hamid; Soltani, Roya Case study Mar 22, 2021 6579
The Moderating Role of Shopping Frequency on the Relationship Between Store Image and Satisfaction: Evidence from Cyprus. Maslakci, Ahmet; Yesilada, Figen; Yesilada, Tahir Mar 22, 2021 6335
Third-Party Cookie Deprivation: DESPITE A LOOMING COOKIE-LESS FUTURE, MANY BRANDS ARE STILL UNPREPARED. Ortiz, Nicole Mar 22, 2021 199
Norton: Safeguarding consumers' data. Mar 22, 2021 186
Africa OTT Communication Services Connected Consumer Report 2020: Focus on Egypt, Kenya, Nigeria and South Africa - Mar 20, 2021 381
Almost 62,000 aviation jobs lost since start of pandemic. PIPPA ARMSTRONG Mar 18, 2021 411
Organic agriculture has benefits for health, environment. Metro Creative Mar 17, 2021 471
UK advertising exports hit record £11bn ahead of Covid slump. James Warrington Mar 16, 2021 410
Small satellite market is anticipated to generate $15,686.3m by 2026: TMR Research. Staff Reporter Mar 15, 2021 448
Construction equipment rental market to hit $155bn by 2026. Mar 14, 2021 484
Most UAE professionals prefer to be self-employed. Mar 14, 2021 646
Construction equipment rental market to hit $155bn by 2026. Mar 14, 2021 481
Most Customers Are Digitally Transmitting Photos or Videos When Filing Property Claims: J.D. Power. Mar 14, 2021 624
Ipsos Women's Day survey finds eight out of 10 Malaysians believe pandemic impacted both genders equally. Mar 11, 2021 291
Avaya study reveals 6 key trends driving transformation in GCC banking. Reach by Gulf News Mar 9, 2021 572
Separation Machinery market to grow at 4.2% CAGR. Mar 7, 2021 547
Number of shoppers falls by 70%. Mar 5, 2021 160 unveil new unlimited data deals and prices start from £17.99 a month; Looking to lower the cost of your phone bill but still get unlimited data? have teamed up with iD Mobile to bring you the best unlimited data deals on top phones from Samsung and Apple. By, Shani Cohen Mar 4, 2021 501
Women key in making consumer decisions worldwide-study. Mar 4, 2021 308
Samsung tops Global TV manufacturer for 15 consecutive years, according to research firm. Mar 3, 2021 309
Making Insurance Personal: Tailoring Insurance Products to Meet Consumers' Needs. Udi Ziv Mar 2, 2021 836
Tencent to open Internet data centre in Bahrain. Mar 2, 2021 1143
Circular economy approach to recycling technologies of post-consumer textile waste in Estonia: a review/Ringmajanduslik lahenemine tarbijajargsete tekstiilijaatmete ringlusse votu tehnoloogiatele Eestis: ulevaade. Hussain, Abrar; Kamboj, Nikhil; Podgurski, Vitali; Antonov, Maksim; Goliandin, Dmitri Mar 1, 2021 5384
Euromonitor Identifies Top Trends in a World Reshaped by COVID-19: Themes of resilience and adaptability during hardships have manifested greatly in food and nutrition. Mar 1, 2021 1604
Dairy Trends Focus on Holistic Benefits: A number of adjunctive health benefits are driving the growth of dairy products, according to market research firm. Mar 1, 2021 465
Automotive OEM coatings: Despite slowdowns in 2020, the automotive coatings market is poised to grow, especially in Asia Pacific. Locicero, Anthony Cover story Mar 1, 2021 2742
Emergent Camp Trends. Wycoff, Taylor Michelle Mar 1, 2021 2762
4. Natural Gas. Mar 1, 2021 7951
6. Coal. Mar 1, 2021 5853
I, Surgical Robot: Robotic-assisted orthopedic surgical technologies begin a promising resurgence following a year of stunted growth. Brusco, Sam Mar 1, 2021 1422
FACTORS AFFECTING THE COMMERCIALIZATION OF FOOD LEGUMES IN NORTH CAMEROON. Vunyingah, M.; Satou, K.N.; Barbi, M.; Kouebou, C.; Ko, A.P.M.D. Report Mar 1, 2021 4997
CONSUMER INTENTIONS TO BUY NUTRIENT-RICH PRECOOKED BEAN SNACKS: DOES SENSORY EVALUATION MATTER? Lutomia, C.K.; Karanja, D.; Nchanji, E.B.; Induli, I.; Mutuku, R.; Gichangi, A.; Mutuli, W.; Birachi Report Mar 1, 2021 6541
Brands Must Own Customer Data To Survive Without Cookies, Says Terragon CEO. Feb 28, 2021 849
Solar PV mounting systems market to grow at 10% CAGR. Feb 28, 2021 530
Avaya study reveals six trends driving transformation in GCC banking sector. Feb 25, 2021 907
Do UAE audiences watch ads for free content? YouGov's latest report finds out. Arab News Feb 25, 2021 541
MyBankTracker survey finds consumers prioritize customer service over fees. Feb 22, 2021 245
MyBankTracker survey finds consumers prioritize customer service over fees. Feb 22, 2021 243
YouGov launches new tool for e-sports data. Arab News Feb 19, 2021 308
Coupang's looming IPO adds pressure on rival Delivery Hero. Feb 18, 2021 636
Open Orphan jumps as COVID-19 study receives ethics approval. Feb 18, 2021 428
SkinBioTherapeutics starts food supplement consumer study with more participants than planned. Feb 18, 2021 557
IN BRIEF: Open Orphan Covid Characterisation Study Gets Approval. Report Feb 17, 2021 196
Mideast consumers more likely to buy local products, says research. Feb 15, 2021 534
Arthritis drives demand for topical pain relievers. Feb 15, 2021 1142
Syngas, derivatives market worth 4,06,860 MWth by 2025. Feb 14, 2021 527
Women more likely than men to create will due to coronavirus; Nearly three in 10 women say they are more likely to make a will as a result of the pandemic. By, Vicky Shaw, PA & Julia Breens Feb 8, 2021 359
Consumers and Insurers' Use of Personal Data. Andrea Wells Feb 8, 2021 464
Saudi gaming sector sees boost from users stuck at home during pandemic. DEEMA AL-KHUDAIR Feb 7, 2021 643
Global Tablet PC Market Shipments Hit 143.7 Million Units In Q4. Feb 4, 2021 374
Survey: Petronas, Maybank, McDonald's, EPF and Perodua best at managing 2020 crisis in Malaysia. Feb 2, 2021 658
Herbalife Nutrition survey says more Filipino consumers are eating healthier in the new normal. Feb 2, 2021 869
Our strategy is to grow local tourism - UTB. Feb 2, 2021 1113
What lies ahead for Qatar's real estate market in 2021? Feb 2, 2021 804
Epic recruits head of photonics market research. Lee, Carlos Feb 1, 2021 412
There's Gold in Hair Oil Among Indian Consumers. Yeomans, Michelle Feb 1, 2021 1032
Mediating effect of satisfaction in the relationship between customer experience and intention to reuse digital banks in Korea. Shin, Jae Woo Report Feb 1, 2021 8075
Consumers look to snacks for solace during pandemic. Feb 1, 2021 488
4. Natural Gas. Feb 1, 2021 8377
6. Coal. Feb 1, 2021 6087
Generating Manageable Electricity Demand Capacity for Residential Demand Response Studies by Activity-based Load Models. Sonmez, Mehmet Ali; Bagriyanik, Mustafa Report Feb 1, 2021 6420
THREE WAYS TO LEVERAGE VIDEO AS A LEAD GEN STRATEGY FOR POST-PANDEMIC BOUNCE BACKS: The secrets to driving leads through authentic video storytelling. Rappleye, Trevor Feb 1, 2021 947
A framework for the evaluation and use of alternative data in the Consumer Expenditure Surveys. Erhard, Laura; McBride, Brett; Safir, Adam Feb 1, 2021 4819
Financial freedom key driver for women to take up jobs. Jan 31, 2021 671
NumAlim Chooses Dawex and Orange Business Services for its Data and Services Exchange Platform. Jan 26, 2021 280
Covid-19 is changing consumer behaviour says study. Report Jan 24, 2021 545
Survey underlines resilience. Survey Jan 23, 2021 208
Firms aim to grow despite adversity. KEITH FINDLAY Survey Jan 22, 2021 673
Croatia is the most sought after destination for Austrians in 2021. Jan 20, 2021 236
Killi partners with Retargetly to aid data compliance and distribution in Latin America. Jan 20, 2021 477
CBN Issues Framework for Regulatory Sandbox. Jan 15, 2021 4107
FUTURE GAZING: Leading industry lights have their say on the challenges and opportunities faced by the optical communications supply chain in the last 12 months, and predict what could lie. Portway, Keely Jan 15, 2021 1136
SkinBioTherapeutics says AxisBiotix subsidiary has commenced enrolment for its food supplementAaconsumer study. Jan 14, 2021 653
The Future of Electrified Mobility in ASEAN. Jan 14, 2021 437
2020 was biggest holiday season ever for digital sales. Jan 13, 2021 822
Global facades sector to hit $376bn by 2026 -- report. Gavin Davids Jan 13, 2021 420
Global facades sector to hit $376bn by 2026 -- report. Gavin Davids Jan 13, 2021 420
Global facades market set to hit $376bn in five years. Jan 12, 2021 486
EU-funded project to improve labor market research in BiH. Jan 11, 2021 386
Banking Consumer Study: Making digital more human. Jan 7, 2021 553
Killi CEO Neil Sweeney has a radical idea: Compensate consumers fairly for their data. Jan 6, 2021 1253
TOP NEWS: Ocado Stars As Consumers Turn To Grocers Amid UK Lockdowns. Jan 5, 2021 598
What Can Consumers Hope For In 2021? Jan 5, 2021 1532
Almost half Malaysians polled say this year world will discover ghosts exist, robots to look like humans. Jan 5, 2021 281
Side effect fears may discourage inoculation global survey. Jan 1, 2021 545
Traditional Data and combine Alternative Data for the New Normal: COVID-19 has completely rewritten the rules. Gone, for now, are the days of handshakes and friendly hugs, meeting friends and family at restaurants and coffee shops, attending in-person sporting events, or going into the office to work. The new normal is face masks, hand sanitizers, Zoom meetings, online schooling, and curbside pickup. Gordon-Murnane, Laura Jan 1, 2021 2982
Pharmaceutical marketing strategies' influence on physician's prescription behavior. Albarq, Abbas N.; Suleiman, Amal k. Report Jan 1, 2021 4802
New Standards Accelerate Developments for High-performance Computing and Safety. Niederhauser, Hannes Jan 1, 2021 1460
New Market Research Shows 84% of Companies' Microservices-based Applications Rely on Key-value or NoSQL Databases. Jan 1, 2021 307
Aluminum Pigments Market Expected to Reach $706 Million By 2027: Transparency Market Research. Jan 1, 2021 628
Modern Snacking: Where Health & Indulgence Converge; Consumers are looking for products that can satisfy their nutritional needs but also serve as rewards they crave. Jones, Samantha Jan 1, 2021 1160
More Than Just A Trend: Supplements Embedded in Consumer Health Regimens; Decades of consumer usage data demonstrate continued reliance on dietary supplements. Wommack, Brian Jan 1, 2021 944
4. Natural Gas. Jan 1, 2021 9423
6. Coal. Jan 1, 2021 7495
The State of Speech Analytics: Technology now Looks at more than what the customer said. Britt, Phillip Jan 1, 2021 1229
WhatsApp Marketing: A Study on WhatsApp Brand Communication and the Role of Trust in Self-Disclosure. Zarouali, Brahim; Brosius, Anna; Helberger, Natali; De Vreese, Claes H. Jan 1, 2021 10202
Grumpy Consumers, Good Citizens? Exploring the Relationship Among Internet Use, Online Consumer Behavior, and Civic Participation in China. Shen, Fei; Wang, Tianjiao Jan 1, 2021 8601
Introduction to Financial Services: Consumer Finance. Cooper, Cheryl R. Jan 1, 2021 1420
Establishing Brand Loyalty through Social Media Groups in Vietnam. Wu, Kuang-Wen; Luong, Duy Binh Jan 1, 2021 7045
Product Positioning as a Moderator for Halal Cosmetic Purchase Intention. Khalid, Nor Rahimy; Wel, Che Aniza Che; Mokhtaruddin, Suraya Akmar Jan 1, 2021 6331
Consumer attitudes and behavior towards organic products: Evidence from the Lithuanian market. Pileliene, Lina; Tamuliene, Vilma Jan 1, 2021 11446
An Application of Social Network Analysis to Focus Group Discussions: Unobserved Interaction between Participants and Discussion Topics. Wu, Yu-Lun; Rumble, Joy N.; Ruth, Taylor K.; Lamm, Alexa J.; Ellis, Jason D. Jan 1, 2021 5071
Effect of energy drink consumption on baroreceptor sensitivity in young normal weight and overweight/obese males. Farrukh Majeed, Talay Yar, Ahmed A Alsunni, Ali F AlHawaj and Ahmed A AlRahim Dec 31, 2020 3717
59% of Canadians are Concerned About Side Effects from the Vaccine, Optimity 2020 COVID-19 Vaccine Survey Finds. Dec 30, 2020 569
Growing brands and businesses: Data and analytics point the way. Dec 29, 2020 1129
Taiwan's MediaTek replaces Qualcomm as top smartphone chip supplier in Q3. Dec 27, 2020 513
Anti-Gouging Laws, Shortages, and COVID-19: Insights from Consumer Searches. Chakraborti, Rik; Roberts, Gavin Dec 22, 2020 6266
Laser systems market faces expected 10% decline to $16bn. Dec 22, 2020 468
BIG DATA BY THE NUMBERS: Becoming Data-Driven With DataOps. Dec 22, 2020 664
Fast and slow cancellations and trader behavior. McInish, Thomas H.; Nikolsko-Rzhevska, Olena; Nikolsko-Rzhevskyy, Alex; Panovska, Irina Dec 22, 2020 13384
Over 8 in 10 in UAE rate their health as good or excellent. Dec 20, 2020 598
16 potential presidential bets for 2022 revealed by analysis. Dec 20, 2020 455
Survey reveals alienation of Kurdish youth in Turkey. MENEKSE TOKYAY Dec 20, 2020 918
Science for cure, but also, faith. Dec 20, 2020 1038
Samsung ranks 2nd in Indian smartphone market in October. Dec 18, 2020 305
Ipsos Pakistan releases Consumer Confidence Index Survey. Sohail Bhutto Dec 17, 2020 348
Businesses in Scotland: how to thrive in 2021; Bit late on the resolutions? Whether you make them in November, December or January, sticking to them remains the hard part. Dec 17, 2020 960
Survey backs calls to make stalking a crime in Malaysia, WAO hopes govt speeds up legislation. Dec 16, 2020 808
Midland firms are most motivated to grow. Dec 16, 2020 175
Finances amid the Pandemic. Dec 15, 2020 740
New Mastercard study reveals rapid shift toward digital payments in Saudi Arabia. Arab News Dec 14, 2020 975
Killi CEO Neil Sweeney discusses with Business Insider the new way it's paying users for their data. Dec 11, 2020 610
Hybrid electric vehicle market to hit $1.1 billion in 2027. Dec 11, 2020 470
BSP survey reveals improving consumer, business sentiments. Dec 11, 2020 581
Samsung Redefines Consumer Viewing Experience with Newest QLED 8K Q950TS. Dec 10, 2020 1016
Consumers adapt to 'Deep Covid' at Christmas time - EY study. Andrew Rosenbaum Dec 10, 2020 482
Customers give Globe high remarks on network improvements. Dec 10, 2020 1145
Tips on how to use your mobile data wisely. Dec 9, 2020 677
Killi allows consumers to control and cash in on use of their digital data. Dec 8, 2020 849
Investment in bottled fruit juice industry surges. Dec 7, 2020 979
Customers give Globe high remarks on network improvements. Dec 7, 2020 896
Shoppers start stockpiling for Brexit as a third fear price hikes. Ronan Hegarty Dec 5, 2020 358
Christmas gift lists slashed with Covid-19 hitting festive shopping sprees; Research shows shoppers plan to buy for an average of just five friends and family this year, down from eight previously. By, Brett Gibbons Dec 4, 2020 358
Burberry, IBM team up to improve product traceability. Dec 3, 2020 733
Floating power plant market to surpass $565bn by 2030. Dec 3, 2020 629
Pinoy consumers to adjust buying habits as low-key Christmas looms. Dec 3, 2020 534
Nielsen: Pandemic redrawing PH consumer habits as low-key Christmas looms. Dec 2, 2020 531
Branded: The Effects of LGBTQ+ Marketing on Consumer and Appetitive Reactions to Food. Ready, Emily J.; Smith, Patrick L.; Welsh, Leilani B. Goodmon Brianna C.; Pridgen, Miriam Report Dec 1, 2020 6409
Essentiality of Non-essential Purchases for Digitally Influenced, Bottom of Pyramid Customers. Rcza, Fariha; Amir, Huma Dec 1, 2020 9565
Africa Key Petroleum Wax Markets Anticipate More Growth. Oirere, Shem Dec 1, 2020 860
Coating Resins Market to Reach $52 Billion By 2027: Forencis Research. Dec 1, 2020 252
The Effects of Construal Level and Donation Magnitude: The Case of Cause-Related Marketing. Ing, Phang; Hsin-Yin, Lin; Tze-Yin, Lim Dec 1, 2020 8919
Exploring Science Communication Effectiveness in the U.S. Federal Government Research Process: A Case Study with the U.S. Livestock Producers' Antimicrobial Use Research. Abrams, Katie; Bonser, Chelsea; McCord, Amber Case study Dec 1, 2020 8374
Using Audience Segmentation to Determine Millennial Perceptions toward GM Foods. Burke, Katherine; Boman, Courtney D.; D'Angelo, Jeremy Dec 1, 2020 10895
Getting Ahead of the Curve: The Exercise as Medicine Movement: A reimagining of health offers brands a fresh opportunity to tailor product forms, messages, and multi-functional solutions for consumers. Sloan, A. Elizabeth; Hutt, Catherine Adams Dec 1, 2020 2771
Reclaimed rubber market to grow at 12% rate. Dec 1, 2020 372
The Effect of Attribution on Athlete Scandals: Consumer Responses Toward Scandalized Athletes and Endorsements. Kim, Daehwan; Ko, Yong Jae; Lee, Joon Sung; Sato, Shintaro Report Dec 1, 2020 8643
Exploring the Explicit and Implicit Appeal of Retro Sport Logos. Dwyer, Brendan; Scola, Zach; Drayer, Joris Report Dec 1, 2020 8511
The Most Widely Viewed YouTube Videos Associated with Alcohol Consumption. Wong, Linnette Report Dec 1, 2020 1717
Majority of MENA professionals upbeat about 2021. Nov 30, 2020 595
Tightening consumption to hurt rebound momentum. Nov 30, 2020 473
Why McDonald's supports local; the saturday essay. Nina Prichard Column Nov 28, 2020 519
Three out of four Malaysians in Ipsos survey want Putrajaya to invest big in infrastructure post Covid-19; priority for digital coverage and roads. Nov 26, 2020 409
realme grabs PH top 1 smartphone brand slot in just 2 years. Nov 26, 2020 545
Water Quality Sensor Market: COVID-19 Business Continuity Plan / Increasing Pollution to Boost Growth / Technavio. Nov 26, 2020 707
Union Bank survey finds US consumers willing to spend USD 20 more to support local businesses during the holidays. Nov 25, 2020 339
Union Bank survey finds US consumers willing to spend USD 20 more to support local businesses during the holidays. Nov 25, 2020 337
Pandemic lifts technology spending plans. Nov 24, 2020 829
Stage set for e-commerce boom in the region. REACH by Gulf News Nov 24, 2020 1127
Killi teams with enterprise data streaming company Narrative to deliver customer-approved personal data. Nov 24, 2020 450
10 media predictions for 2021. Zaira Lakhpatwala Nov 23, 2020 1020
UK WEEE waste recycling market to hit $200m: report. Nov 22, 2020 680
BSP conducts nationwide survey on consumer payments landscape. Nov 18, 2020 463
BSP, research firm to conduct nationwide survey on ways PH consumers pay. Nov 17, 2020 474
49pc parents want schools closed: report. Ikram Junaidi Nov 17, 2020 605
Almost half of Pakistanis blame federal govt for inflation. Nov 16, 2020 179
Samsung smartphones' domestic market share exceeds 70 percent for first time. Nov 15, 2020 200
Shopping will never be the same again. Nov 13, 2020 868
Mizuho to start selling consumer data. Nov 11, 2020 225
Mizuho to start selling consumer data. Nov 11, 2020 223
American Radio Listeners: Ready to Open Their Wallets. Nov 10, 2020 871
New study from TikTok shows shifts towards online shopping across Middle East audience. Zaira Lakhpatwala Nov 10, 2020 661
Statistics. Nov 9, 2020 1120
POUND NOTES. Nov 7, 2020 329
POUND NOTES. Nov 7, 2020 329
A Data Pact Bridges Horizon To iHeart. Nov 5, 2020 381
Behavioural shifts towards online shopping: Tik Tok. Nov 4, 2020 624
POUND NOTES. Nov 3, 2020 329
POUND NOTES. Nov 3, 2020 329
POUND NOTES. Nov 2, 2020 329
POUND NOTES. Nov 2, 2020 325
POUND NOTES. Nov 2, 2020 329
POUND NOTES. Nov 2, 2020 329
Global Printing Inks Market Worth $28 Billion by 2025: Persistence Market Research. Nov 1, 2020 266
Analyzing Library Communities: Dashboards are popular, in part, due to the newer models with their plug-and-play design that make them easier to set up and run. A tool that allows users to see quickly what's happening across an entity, dashboards still require that staff recognize what's important, identify trends, develop actionable insights, and translate all of that into actions that will assist the organization in achieving its goals. This is as true for libraries analyzing their communities to plan for the future as it is for other organizations. Keiser, Barbie E. Nov 1, 2020 2628
MARKET RESFARGFT--Promise or Problem? When Bidder Protests Impact YourOffice. Longo, Dennis P. Nov 1, 2020 2383
Cleaning Up in Home Care: The market for disinfectants, kitchen sprays, scrubs and other household cleansers is booming in 2020. Need a new ingredient for your formula? Turn to p. 79. Meisel, Melissa Nov 1, 2020 5201
The Effect of Nostalgia Proneness on Ad-Evoked Nostalgia, Brand Attitude and Purchase Intention. Ozhan, Seniz; Akkaya, Duygu Talih Report Nov 1, 2020 10298
4. Natural Gas. Nov 1, 2020 9280
Preferred Features in Mobile Health Applications for Kidney Transplant Recipients: A Qualitative Approach. O'Brien, Tara; Rosenthal, Anna Report Nov 1, 2020 5333
The Eucalyptus Firewood: Understanding Consumers' Behaviour and Motivations. Palmieri, Nadia; Suardi, Alessandro; Latterini, Francesco; Pari, Luigi Nov 1, 2020 6391
Employee Mistreatment Crises and Company Perceptions. Kim, Seoyeon; Austin, Lucinda L. Nov 1, 2020 9051
Industrial rubber market to grow 5.2%. Nov 1, 2020 581
HCM City real estate market tipped to bounce back next year. Oct 26, 2020 718
4% of Ghanaians polled say they will neither vote for NDC nor NPP. Oct 23, 2020 501
ASUS keeps focus on the Philippines. Oct 23, 2020 1248
CUTS Sensitises market women on waste reduction measures. Oct 22, 2020 610
Earthmoving equipment market to hit $91bn by 2026, says report. Oct 21, 2020 564
ITALIAN.. NO JOB; Prem managers think the axe is constantly hanging over them but they get loads more time in the hot-seat than their counterparts in other major European leagues. EXCLUSIVE BY JOHN CROSS Chief Football Writer @johncrossmirror Oct 21, 2020 743
Our market research on your favourites; city's best-loved stallholders remembered by echo readers. OLIVIA TOBIN ECHO Reporter olivia.tobin@liverpoolcom @oliviat_93 Oct 20, 2020 544
Premier League managers stay in jobs longer than rest of Europe's top five leagues; EXCLUSIVE: Top-flight bosses in England are more secure in their posts than in any of Europe's other top five leagues, a study has found. By, John Cross Oct 20, 2020 466
New survey shows Philippines among highest in online piracy in Southeast Asia. Oct 20, 2020 658
Gamuda Bhd sole Malaysian company to make it to Forbes' World's Best Employer 2020 list. Oct 18, 2020 232
New Survey Shows Philippines Among Highest in Online Piracy in Southeast Asia. Oct 17, 2020 388
US stocks end mixed as DJIA notches first daily gain in four sessions on strong US consumer dataAa. Oct 17, 2020 1176
NATPE, NAB Team For Analytics and Addressability Program. Oct 15, 2020 261
Sexual Harassment still a big problem in Thailand. Oct 14, 2020 491
Winners and losers of 'V-nomics'. Oct 14, 2020 761
Arts and culture brings PS700m to SW; report highlights sector's value to region's economy. WILLIAM TELFORD @wtelfordherald Oct 12, 2020 402
Shopping behaviours changed forever says survey. Oct 9, 2020 673
Malaysians staying home amid Covid-19: Over half less active physically but more upbeat than regional neighbours. Oct 8, 2020 706
THE coronavirus pandemic has led [...]. Oct 8, 2020 388
Old and young value trusted news; Journalism Matters is a campaign that highlights the vital role trusted news journalism plays in a democratic society. Oct 8, 2020 638
Acer Maintains Top Spot in PH Consumer and Gaming Market. Oct 7, 2020 638
Digestives safes surge as anxiety mounts over pandemic. Oct 5, 2020 563
Lower But Still Substantial Growth Foreseen. Oct 5, 2020 324

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