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Market is place for diversity; YourSay.

SO our Prime Minister says multiculturalism isn't working; well, amongst the people and friends he associates with, I don't suppose it is.

I suggest he takes a step into the real world, the world of the working man and woman. I am a part-time market trader, and proud of it. My suggestion to the Prime Minister, and to anyone of the same mind, would be to visit any market in this great country of ours.

That is where you will find multiculturalism and racial harmony at its best. The ethnic mix and the vibrancy of our markets is something to behold.

Should anyone doubt what I say, just take a stroll down to the markets in Digbeth. There you will find a welcoming, vibrant atmosphere like no other. It is the heartbeat of our city.

It makes you proud to be a Brummie. Give it a try, David, you may have to eat your words.

Ray Egan, Harborne The Prime Minister announces that multiculturalism is dead. And no more funding for radical organisations. When I read that the song Impossible Dream came to mind.

Politicians of certain parties thrive on advocating multiculturalism; councillors can pour millions of pounds in schemes that promote it. But in return they get what they treasure most - votes.

The biggest receiver of monies from the state is also the biggest waster - the equalities department.

With regards to grants to radical groups, don't forget they live in areas where they can organise votes, so once again local offi-cials are not going to stop their funding. Also, Prime Minister, you are trying to slay a monster.

Fred Copley, Hodge Hill


Right mix: Birmingham outdoor market is the place where multi-culturalism works best, says Ray Egan.
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Title Annotation:Sport
Publication:Birmingham Mail (England)
Date:Feb 16, 2011
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