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Market expands for RTA fasteners.

Fastener manufacturers are locking into the growing RTA furniture markets.

Consumer acceptance of RTA furniture is increasing, according to RTA furniture fastener manufacturers interviewed by WOOD & WOOD PRODUCTS, because the RTA products are of much higher quality. They added that the RTA furniture market is far from peaking because new markets continue to open.

One growing market, according to Jim Knapp of Modular Systems Inc., is for RTA store fixtures. "RTA store fixtures allow for a store setup in a matter of days while reducing freight charges for shipping the fixtures," Knapp said. "RTA store fixtures also allow the larger store chains to negotiate the manufacturing of all their fixtures with one fabricator, without having to deal with local millworkers at each store location."

Another market that appears to be growing is the RTA kitchen cabinet industry. Karl-Heinz, product manager for Hafele America Co., said, "At the last Kitchen/Bath Industry Show, we certainly saw a trend toward the RTA kitchen. This doesn't necessarily mean that a kitchen cabinet has to be sent out flat in a box. The manufacturer has the option to produce a cabinet which can be sent out to be assembled by the end consumer or a contractor, or the same unit can be permanently assembled at the end of the production line." Kraft also added that the Spring High Point Furniture Market showed a big trend toward large RTA wall units.

RTA-type fasteners, such as can and other mechanical fasteners, inserts and other fastening hardware are popular because they are ideal for the flatline production requirements of RTA furniture. Offering excellent holding strength and ease in assembly, RTA fasteners also offer faster production advantages because RTA furniture doesn't require adhesives that can result in time-consuming drying times, clamps and clean ups.

Available equipment

The following is a list of some of the RTA furniture fasteners available. For more information, circle the corresponding number on the Reader's Service Card. Another valuable source of information for equipment, suppliers and services is the 1992 Red Book Buyer's Specification Guide.

Plastic locking dowel pins by Ashland Products are reported to lock wood joints together without the use of glue. The dowel pins are available in two engineering grades of nylon for specific strength requirements, along with three locking barb designs for exact wood type. Circle #235

Mod-Eez Fasteners from Modular Systems Inc. stay hidden and are constructed of spring steel to give just enough resistance to torsion stress but retain the integrity of the joint. The joint is easy to assemble and disassemble, according to the company. Circle #236

Hettich America offers a variety of connective fittings, including: the Direkta, a universal one-piece connector; Taxtex 15, a compact sturdy connector that is easy to assemble due to the inclined position of the cam, and the Taxtex 25, featuring interior and exterior indentations that guarantee dual security, according to the company. Circle #237

Ragan Hardwarehouse Inc. offers Twinfast, Phillips and Robertson square drive head screws for the furniture and related industries. Circle #238

The Jumbo fastener from Knapp USA Inc. has been designed to sustain heavy loads and is fastened with two screws. The company says the fastener needs a 12mm groove that can be prepared with a milling machine or other suitable machines. Circle #239

Stafast Products Inc. offers threaded inserts, knock-in inserts, cross dowels, decorative head bolts and screws for the RTA furniture industry. Circle #240

Rensen Products Co. offers self-tapping brass and steel wood inserts with assorted platings available. Circle #241

Liberty Hardware Mfg. Corp. offers KD bolts and inserts that can be used in particleboard, interior plywood, softwoods, hardboard and in butt joint fastening. Circle #242

Wood joining systems from Murakoshi are used not only for connectors, but also as elementary components. When drilled and screwed in, the pieces can be fitted with sufficient strength, the company says. Circle #243

A series of brass knife thread inserts for wood products, ideal for use in KD applications, are available from E-Z Lok. Machine screw sizes are available from 4-40 through 3/8-16. They can be installed with a screwdriver, bolt and nut, tapping head or automatic screwdriver with bit finder. Circle #244

The Recex wood screw from Pan American Screw is said to combine the many advantages of a square-recessed head with a cross-slot head. Its head will not ream out and it is easier to use for rapid assembly speeds and greater plant productivity, according to the company. Circle #245

Parker Metal Corp. offers course threaded power driver screws that are designed for outdoor projects with pressure-treated lumber, such as decks and fences. Featuring a golden galvanized finish which reportedly stands up to wet weather, these hardened course thread screws provide optimum holding power and do not require countersinking, according to the company. Circle #246

Coil-Scru screws from Quick Drive USA Inc. are Canadian made screws that feature square drive heads that require less effort to drive and are reported to be more resistant to cam-out. Screws are held together with a plastic strip and are ready to be fed into the company's self-feeding screw gun. Circle #247
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