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Market differentiation. (Letters).

CIMA has emerged as a proponent of the modern management accounting school of thought. CIMA accountants are not ordinary accountants and they provide services that are beyond traditional accountants. CIMA has been very successful in the UK and its members are clearly differentiated from other accountants. They must understand their strengths and target job environments which appreciate and require their support.

But CIMA UK should allocate more resources to marketing its product overseas, where it has less presence than the ACCA. I wonder whether firms in Singapore, for example, know the difference between CIMA accountants and other accountants.

I am confident that the CIMA product is of superior quality. It is the most expensive accounting qualification and, in Malaysia, for example, the pass rate is lower than for other professional accountancy exams.

But there are people who expect CIMA to raise its profile outside the UK at a faster pace. CIMA accountants are the cream of the accountancy sector and have spent considerable effort, time and money to gain this qualification. Naturally, we want employers to accept that it is a premier qualification.

As a CIMA member in Malaysia, I am concerned in case the qualification becomes too expensive or pass rates get too low. Many superior products from the UK do not gain significant market share outside the UK or Europe because of weak marketing. I do not wish to see that happen to CIMA in Malaysia.

The institute should pay attention to sustaining its global recognition. Being number one in the UK is not sufficient, CIMA must aim to be number one internationally.
Hwang Soon Hung ACMA MSCAC
CIMA Malaysia Division
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Author:Hung, Hwang Soon
Publication:Financial Management (UK)
Date:Jan 1, 2002
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