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Market Street expands.

Market Street expands

Market Street beer, brewed by Bohannon Brewing Co., Nashville, TN, was recently introduced in Bowling Green, KY restaurants, retail outlets, hotels and taverns.

"We are happy to make Bowling Green the first expansion area for our beer, especially since it is my hometown," said Lindsay Bohananon, president and owner, Bohanon Brewing Co.

Bohannon explained that positive consumer response in the Nashville area prompted expansion to the Bowling Green market sooner than originally scheduled.

"We had planned on at least a full year in the Nashville market before expanding," Bohannon said of his brewery, which has been in operation since early this year. "Our sales and volume is ahead of projections, and our production process is at the point where we can meet increasing demand."

The beer made its retail debut in June, 1989 and quickly became a leading seller in the super-premium category at Nashville restaurants, Bohannon said. In addition, Bohannon said that the brew's cold-filtration rather than pasteurization and the availability of both 12-oz. bottles and draught beer creates a strong draw to the locally-brewed beer.

PHOTO : AN EXPANDING MARKET STREET-Lindsay Bohannon, president, Bohannon Brewing Co.,announced

PHOTO : recently that his Market Street beer would expand its marketing area to include Bowling

PHOTO : Green, KY. Bohannon, shown here pouring the first glass of his beer, began brewing Market

PHOTO : Street in mid-June and continues to distribute the brew in Nashville, TN, thebrewery's

PHOTO : home.
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Title Annotation:beer brewed by Bohannon Brewing Co. introduced to Bowling Green, Kentucky
Publication:Modern Brewery Age
Date:Nov 6, 1989
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