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Market Profile: LL Extraction.

Liquid liquid extraction (LLE) is a classic sample treatment technique. LLE is a mass transfer operation in which a liquid feed solution is mixed with an immiscible solvent steam that extracts a desired component from the feed solution. Rather than rely on differences in component's boiling pionts, LLE relies on differences in the solute/solvent systems' chemical structure.

In recent years, LLE demand has decreased in the United States and Europe but has increased in Latin America and lesser developed regions where it provides a low cost method of liquid extraction. Demand is also down due to new competing technologies, such as new pressurized fluid extraction techniques and supercritical fluid extraction techniques.

The largest market for LLE is the agricultural/food & beverage industry, which makes up approximately 31% of the market. Independent testing labs are also a significant market. Foss Electric, the market leader, and Buchi are responsible for almost 60% of LLE sales.
Pie chart: 1998 LLE Vendor Share
Foss Electric 39%
Buchi 21%
OI Analytical 5%
C. Gerhardt 4%
Wheaton Science Prods. 2%
Other 29%

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