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Market Profile: Biomagnetic Separation.

Biomagnetic purification of biomolecules and cells is finding increased applications in research and clinical labs due to its speed, simplicity and relatively low cost. Magnetic bead manufacturers have increased their presence by providing different particles, affinity mechanisms and processes. Applications in the nucleic acid realm include products for total mRNA isolation from cells, cDNA double stranded and single stranded DNA purification, and purification of tagged proteins and cell types.

Magnetic bead separations work due to an affinity group on the surface of the magnetic particle. A suspension of these particles is thoroughly mixed with a preparation of the target molecule or cell. After an incubation period, during which the target binds to the affinity ligand, a powerful magnet is used to immobilize the magnetic particles and their trapped analytes. The unbound material can be removed by aspiration and the bound material washed and detected. Several protocols incorporate methods to detach the trapped analyte from the bead.

The biomagnetic market can be segmented by aftermarket consumables and instrumentation. More vendors compete in the magnetic bead market, which has contributed to the number of biomagnetic applications. Instrumentation vendors number far fewer but will likely increase their presence due to magnetic beads enhanced purification capabilities. Leading instrument vendors include Roche Molecular Biochemicals, Beckman Coulter, Qiagen and Labsystems. Dynal currently leads the aftemarket bead business.
Column Graph: Magnetic Bead Separation Market ($m)
1999 3.6
2000 9.8
2001 18.5
2002 31

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Date:Dec 15, 2000
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