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Market Analysis and Valuation of Self-Storage Facilities.

by Richard R. Correll

(2003) Softcover, 75 pages, illus.

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Self-storage properties are found in rural, urban, and suburban areas throughout the United States, but many real estate professionals and market participants simply do not understand the dynamics of the self-storage market. This new text, Market Analysis and Valuation of Self-Storage Facilities, has been developed to describe the operation of this volatile market segment and to educate appraisers and others about the value of existing and proposed self-storage projects.

Market Analysis and Valuation of Self-Storage Facilities contains current industry information, real-world examples, and step-by-step instructions that can be applied immediately and are not available elsewhere. Some of the techniques demonstrated challenge existing assumptions and explore new ways to look at self-storage projects as businesses and as investments. Traditional methods of valuation are also applied and updated here to meet today's information-intensive market. Market Analysis and Valuation of Self-Storage Facilities provides readers with a reference text and a framework that establishes a new level of analytical sophistication for this asset class.
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Title Annotation:publications of the appraisal institute
Author:Correll, Richard R.
Publication:Appraisal Journal
Article Type:Book Review
Date:Oct 1, 2003
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