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MarkSearch trademark research system form MicroPatent.

MarkSearch, a new system for researching U.S. trademarks, is now available on CD-ROM from MicroPatent of East Haven, Connecticut. MarkSearch enables companies applying for new trademarks to do initial research without incurring legal costs or online fees. It is also an excellent current awareness tool that can be used to track the competition or to quickly identify potential trademark infringements.

The SIX-CD-ROM MarkSearch set, available by subscription for $1,950/year, contains fully-searchable text and images of more than 1.5 million trademarks--every live trademark since the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (PTO) began registering them in 1884, plus all new and pending applications and also all dead (expired, withdrawn, or canceled) marks since 1984. Two of the discs are updated monthly with about 10,000 new trademark applications plus any changes to existing registrations.

"There are many ways that MarkSearch can be used to make virtually any business more competitive," said MicroPatent president Peter Tracy. "A quick look at MarkSearch can tell you whether the trademark you're hoping to register has already been taken. In minutes, you can eliminate work that takes weeks, slows down the process of bringing a new product to market, and costs thousands of dollars in legal fees.

"You can also do monthly searches to identify who has applied for trademarks that might infringe on your own," said Tracy. "Finally, by tracking new trademark applications in your industry you can get an advance look at what new products might be coming to market from your competitors."

MarkSearch utilizes DataWare's CD Answer software to offer users more than 40 searchable fields, including Word Mark, International and U.S. classes, Goods & Services, last reported owner, last reported assignment, and any proceedings of the U.S. PTO's Trademark Trial and Appeal Board. Full Boolean search capabilities--including AND, OR, and NOT connectors, wildcards, range and adjacency searching, and "nesting"--allow for very complex search strategies. Search strategies can even be saved for repeated use.

Users can also search MarkSearch for relevant trademarked images. The PTO's Design Search Code Manual is included as a browse index, allowing users to pick search code numbers or design terms in order to find marks with similar design patterns. Users can also search for images by text strings in the written descriptions of the graphic. Trademarked images can be viewed on the computer screen, printed, or even transferred to other applications for use in memos, plans, or presentations.

MarkSearch provides support for Pioneer's DRM 604X six-disc CD-ROM changer, eliminating the need to identify which disc has any given trademark. When used with the Pioneer changer, MarkSearch automatically goes to the appropriate disc for each trademark requested. MarkSearch can also be used on CD tower or a traditional single-disc CD-ROM drives. In the latter case, the software will automatically prompt users to insert the correct disc.

MarkSearch is available now from MicroPatent as a six-CD-ROM set at an annual subscription price of $1,950. MicroPatent also offers users Pioneer's DRM 604X six-disc CD-ROM changer for an additional one-time cost of $995. MarkSearch is available for Microsoft Windows, DOS, or Apple Macintosh users and is designed for use on both stand-alone workstations and networks.

For more information, contact, MicroPatent, East Haven, CT, 800/984-9800, Internet:
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Publication:Information Today
Date:Oct 1, 1995
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