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Mark Newby's St. Patrick coinage.


Mark Newby's St. Patrick coinage.

Coinage of the Americas Conference (16th: 2006: American Numismatic Society) Ed. by Oliver D. Hoover.

American Numismatic Society


333 pages



Proceedings of the Coinage of the Americas Conference; no.16


The conference focused on the copper coins brought to West Jersey by the Irish Quaker Mark Newby in 1682. They are part of an anonymous series known simply as the St. Patrick coinage for its depiction of Ireland's patron saint on the reverse. Six papers cover the denominations of the coinages, King David and King Charles II on the coins, old and new takes, the possible roles of the Earl of Ormond and French engineer Peter Blondeau in the production of the coins, coinage in the English colonies of North America to 1660, and Newby and his St. Patrick halfpence. An appendix describes the St. Patrick coins in the Society's collection. Distributed in North America by The David Brown Book Co.

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